Zeek Rewards Affiliate Program

Zeek Rewards offers one of the best affiliate programs in the global marketplace today.  In fact, Zeek Rewards website has reached traffic levels that have positioned in as one of the top 200 most visited websites in the world according to Alexa.com.  As of today June 19, 2012 Zeek Rewards Alexa rating is 199!!  This makes Zeek Rewards more popular online than companies like Best Buy, CBS, NBC, Coke, Target (Walmart is 192 as of today) to give you an idea of how significant Alexa rankings are.  Zeek Rewards is a phenomenon in the affiliate marketing industry and worthy of taking notice if you’re in fact exploring your options for ways to make additional income.

Paul Burks, the CEO and founder of Zeek Rewards, put together a “task driven” company in that he wanted the “average person” to perform a task, and be rewarded for their efforts rather than traditional sales driven income models.  Paul came up with a way to reward people to place advertisements for Zeekler, the penny auction division of Zeek Rewards.  Zeekler competes with Quibids and Skoreit (owned by ESPN) in the penny auction industry.

I went to the Zeek Rewards Red Carpet event May 23rd, and one particular lady discussed on-stage the Zeek Rewards business being as easy as A, B, C.  A Zeek Rewards affiliate simply does 3 things, and she covered that very well.

  • A – Places a Classified Ad every single day to promote Zeekler, Zeek Rewards Penny Auction website that offers 90% savings over retail to winning bidders of brand name merchandise.
  • B – Purchases Bids to give away as samples for customers to try out the Zeekler auctions.  Penny Auctions are exciting to watch, can save money for winning bidders, and they are a lot of fun to play!  Zeek Rewards affiliates give away free bids to new prospective customers for Zeekler auctions versus playing Quibids or Skoreit (ESPN owns Skoreit).
  • C – Gather customers for Zeekler Penny Auctions –  Zeekler is just one division of Zeek Rewards, and all affiliates participate in a profit sharing model.  Zeek also has a Shopping Daisy app which allows savings from major websites, as well FSC that offers discounted merchandise online.  All these factors contribute to how a Zeek Rewards affiliate is rewarded in their business model.

I wanted to create a page, and some training that would show prospective Affiliate Marketers more about the Zeek Rewards affiliate program, as well as help current Zeek Rewards affiliates by answering some commonly asked questions.

First lets start off with where I would start when telling someone about the Zeek Rewards program.  I would login to your back office and/or check out www.yougetpaidtoadvertise.com and order the marketing videos they offer.  These videos are VERY well done, they include the Zeek Rewards Income Disclosure statement, and they meet compliance guidelines from Zeek Rewards.  They also add a duplicatable way to show the opportunity that anyone can do.  Here are the 3 things I do to show Zeek Rewards:

  1. The first thing I do is send a prospect to the newly created Dog Gone Truth Video.  This highlights the Zeek Rewards income disclosure statement which I love!  Instead of running from paltry income numbers, Zeek Rewards highlights them.  Pretty unique idea in our industry.
  2. The second thing I do is to send them to Zeek Rewards website, and if you’ve purchased the “yougetpaidtoadvertise” videos, these videos will display on your primary site.  My Zeek Rewards site is www.1deanethridge.zeekrewards.com.  You can see the video displayed and its EXCELLENT for your prospects to watch. (The video WILL NOT Display if you haven’t purchased the marketing videos)  There is also a second video of a 30 minute webinar that can be viewed if they still need more information.  Furthermore, there is a wealth of information on the Zeek Rewards website about the company, the compensation plan, and how the affiliate program works in general.  The Zeek Rewards sites work as effectively as any corporate site I’ve seen…use them.
  3. Lastly I would do a 3-way call with your upline with the prospect to answer any questions they may have if they do.  I would get their questions answered, address how to get started, and this will give you social proof of how the Zeek Rewards program works for different types of people.