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20 Free Videos for Complete Blog Set Up and WordPress Installation

How to Blog for Free,Free Blog,Blog Set up,Wordpress Installation,Free Blog FactoryIf you’re anything like me, I was a big “Dummy” about a year ago when I finally decided to take action and see what this whole internet marketing thing, and blogging was all about.  Truth be known, I went to a Internet Marketing Convention in Vegas in August 2010 called “No Excuses Summit” and didn’t even know what a blog was!!  Well, if that’s you, you’ve come to the right place.  Even if you have some experience, and looking for a few more tips and training on blogging,  I think either way you’re really enjoy what I have put together for you.  After hours and hours of “wasted” time, (not really)  I educated myself with the help of a few of my friends in the industry and I think I’ve finally “cracked the code”!! I’m REALLY excited to introduce to you my version of “WordPress 101…Blogging for Dummies”.

I will have 20 How-to WordPress Blog Tutorial Videos that will answer questions ranging from What is a Blog? Can I make money? Do I need to Know Web Design? to actually demonstrating, with screen shots, of how to blog for free and start getting traffic to your website immediately if you will follow the training that I teach in the free blog training videos.  The biggest problem you will face when you are learning how to blog is knowing the little details that will make a huge difference in your traffic, leads, and conversions to sales.  There are training manuals out there, some blogging videos, but I never really felt like the author was “speaking to me”.

I’m pretty tech savvy, but the whole process drove me crazy trying to figure out how to blog for free on my own research, and trial and error.  That said, these blog training videos will save you a lot of wasted time trying to do what I did.  My hope is that you can benefit from them no matter what your skill level is.  Blogging at it’s simplest can be just like a word processor once you have your blog set up.  It’s also super easy to make a pretty design with a blog that looks great with even free wordpress themes right out of the box.  The challenge is how to design a nice looking site, make it user friendly for navigation, and ultimately how to drive traffic to your blog and start making money online.  I’m going to do my absolute very best to give you the basic training necessary to do the following when setting up your own free blog site:

  1. Set Up Your Own Blog and Teach You How to Blog for Free from the Best Place to Set Up a Blog
  2. How to Choose a Domain (A New One or Expired One and Why?)
  3. Choose the Proper Theme for Your Market Niche, and Which WordPress Themes are Easy to Work With (Custom Header & Background)
  4. What are some of The Best Themes Available and Where to Find Them (You get 70 for Free with My Preferred Source)
  5. Tips on How to Design Your Page for Aesthetics, Conversions, Page Views, and Time on Site (It Matters to Google)
  6. How to Write Articles for Posts and Pages using the Dashboard for WordPress
  7. How to Insert Media, Video, and Pictures on your Blog to Make it More Attractive (you have .7 Seconds to make an impression)
  8. How to Optimize Your Blog Content for the Search Engines
  9. How to Measure and Track Your Results using Google Analytics, Alexa, and Hubspot
  10. What are Plugins? The Best Plugins? Why you need them for WordPress
  11. What are back links? What is Email Marketing? How do you distribute content through Social Media and Article Sites EASILY?
  12. How do you Market Your Site? How often should you blog? How long should posts be? Etc Etc Etc Etc
WordPress Tutorial Video 1…What is a Blog? Learn the Difference between a Blog and a Website. Is it hard to set up a blog?

WordPress Training Video 2…Why do I need a Blog?  If you own a small business, network marketing business, or simply want to share your life and personal experiences with the world, you need a blog!

WordPress Tutorial Video 3…What do I blog about?  Weight Loss, Travel, Skin Care, Real Estate, Music?  Choose your niche, and just “do it”.  You don’t have to be an expert writer, and you can also start a video blog as well.  Either way, you have to get started.  Getting started and taking daily action will pay huge dividends later.

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Free Blog Factory installs WordPress so you can learn how to Blog for FreeHave your eyes glazed over yet?? 🙂  It sounds like a lot, but once you have your blog set up and you begin learning how to blog for free, all of this information will start to make sense I Promise.  I want to keep this simple, so follow along with the training videos step by step.  My blog training videos are easy to follow, brief, easy to come back to and revisit with questions, and I want to open this page up to comments and suggestions from the people with more experience with blogging on WordPress.  Please leave a comment if you have a question!  Lastly if you’re are starting a blog and you use my company Free Blog Factory for the set up and installation of your blog, they offer a wealth of information inside their back office, live customer service support via phone (HUGE deal fyi) and email, as well as a complete library of additional training videos.  They also offer a great affiliate program to where they will pay you for giving away free blogs too, but more on that later.  Let’s continue with the Tutorial Videos on How to Blog for Free.

WordPress Tutorial Video 4…Can I make money with a blog? Yes, No…Maybe? There are several ways to make money with a Blog…find out here

WordPress Tutorial Video 5…How do I start a Blog? What is the Best way to Set Up a Blog? Install WordPress?

WordPress Tutorial Video 6 of 20 How to Choose a Domain Name   Where to go, How long to Register (At Least 2 years), Free Blog Factory has a search tool as well.  Check out this video for more information:

WordPress Tutorial Video 7 of 20 What is a Theme?  Which ones are the best themes? Make sure to include one with a custom header, and/or a custom background.  See the following video training for more information.

WordPress Tutorial Video 8 How do you Make your Blog Design Attractive? How do you make a free custom header? Custom Background? Images on Pages?

WordPress Tutorial Video 9  How do you put in Posts and Pages? Images?

WordPress Tutorial Video 10 What is Keyword Research? What is the Google Keyword Tool? How can it help me with my blog?

Free WordPress Tutorial Video 11 of 20 The Basics of SEO. What is Search Engine Optimization?

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No one holds your hand when you’re trying to learn how to build an online presence with a blog or a website, and I wanted to try to put together this training series for those of you starting out.  However, there are a couple of things that will make a huge difference in whether you want to have success online, and backlinks and Traffic Geyser go hand in hand.  This is the magic bullet I needed, and it will help you as well.  It’s made a world of difference, and I’m selling everyday from my site on autopilot.


Free WordPress Training Video 12 How do you put in Pictures and Videos into WordPress Posts and Pages? Step by Step Screenshot Instructions to help you insert images, and Youtube videos into your WordPress blog or website.

WordPress Training Video 13  What are Plugins? What are the best plugins for wordpress? How do I use Plugins for WordPress?

WordPress Training Video 14 Blogging for Dummies | What is a widget? How do I use widgets for a WordPress Blog?

WordPress Tutorial Video 15 What is Google Analytics? What is Website Grader? What is the Alexa Toolbar?  How do you keep “score” with your WordPress Blog, and your website traffic?

WordPress Training Video 16 What is a Backlink? Do Backlinks help with internet traffic? What’s the Best Place for Backlinks?

WordPress Tutorial Video 17/20 Blogging for Dummies Is Video better than text for SEO on a Blog? Should you start a video blog, or start a blog writing articles? Or Both?


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How to Blog for Free
How to Blog for Free
How to Blog for Free