What’s the difference between Blogs and Websites?

Set up Your Blog, Install WordPress, and start blogging today!Blogs are websites, but much more dynamic.  When people think of websites, they usually are thinking something that is “static”, or used just to display information.  Blogs however, allow Nancy to publish her own articles, pictures and videos, create conversations and manage everything easily from a simple dashboard.  Blogs can be built to do anything websites can do, AND the user can control everything themselves.  Even large companies are using WordPress for a that website-blog combination, keeping everything all under one roof.

What’s the big deal about WordPress?

Tens of thousands of people sign up for WordPress each day making it the world’s most popular blogging platform with over 40 million users. Over 260 million people worldwide visit WordPress blogs every month, bringing them over two billion page views. Not only is WordPress easy to use, but it offers thousands of free plugins to enhance your experience.  Here are a few reasons why WordPress rocks:

WordPress is Open Source

You do not have to pay licensing fees to use it for your business.  It is a free software that you can modify and use for all of your sites.  Being open source, thousands of developers freely build upon WordPress, which is why it has such a huge selection of themes and plugins.

WordPress is User Friendly

Going back and forth with a designer can get very frustrating for a non-tech savvy person who just wants to make a simple change to their site.  With an easy to use interface, WordPress lets you manage all your day-to-day website maintenance like updating the content on your site, adding pages, organizing the layout and installing plugins.  Assume you get stuck somewhere in the easy to use dashboard, fear not because you can always tap into the huge community, search plethora of support resources online or contact your web professional to throw you a lifesaver.

WordPress has Beautiful Themes

It is so easy to get the look you are ecstatic about with WordPress.  Since it is open source, you will find thousands of free themes online that you can just download and install on your blog with just a few clicks.  Let’s say you are looking for something more unique, venture on over to some of the premium theme sites and you can purchase a gorgeous theme usually for $20-70 depending on what you are looking for.  If you want a totally custom blog, that is when you contact your developer to build a custom theme.

WordPress has Outstanding Plugins

Almost anything you can imagine can be done with your WordPress blog.  Since it is open source, any developer can create a plugin that performs a certain function.  And for the most part, they are very simple to add on to your site.  You just download, install them to your blog and if they need any configuration, make the appropriate changes and you are off and running.

WordPress is Always Evolving

You won’t get left in the dust with an outdated website, as WordPress constantly is improving and adding features to their software and when they release them, you can update your site with just a few clicks.  Remember, again, since WordPress is an open source software it remains pretty advanced as the community is always creating the cutting edge tools to match the advancement of online technology.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

For those of you that don’t know, big brother Google is cracking down…AGAIN.  They are actually bumping websites from the first page that don’t show comments and recent activity.  This means if you don’t have the right type of site, you may never make the first page of Google.  And if you are not on the first page, you might as well forget it because 95 percent of all site traffic from search engines comes from page-one results. Google wants to see dynamic websites, or blogs ranking on the first page.

Can I Use It For Business?

WordPress is perfect for business owners of all types.  Our blogs are built specifically to help business owners and marketers get found on the Interwebs.  Not only do our blogs perform better in the search engines and help you build a list, but they are integrated to your social media sites for complete optimization.  Our customers come from many different professions including:

•    Entrepreneurs
•    Small Business Owners
•    Models, Actors, Musicians
•    Internet Marketers
•    Real Estate Agents & Brokers
•    Direct Sales Professionals
•    Independent Contractors

How do I get WordPress?

WordPress comes in two different flavors; the first is where you site is built, hosted and managed at WordPress.com and the second is a self-hosted software that you download from WordPress.org and install it on your hosting account.  Both are completely free, and have their pros and cons, but the difference between the two is simple.  Using WordPress.com, you are limited in the plugins and themes you can add to your blog and you abide by their terms of service.   WordPress.org gives you the free range to do whatever you want with your site since you are hosting it yourself.  One con is that you need to have a little bit of technical know how to do it all.

For those who still are not convinced, here is the getting started guide to build a WordPress blog on your own:

1.  Choose the right Domain Name
2.  Find the right Hosting Company
3.  Download and Install WordPress
4.  Search for the Perfect Theme
5.  Research and Install Plugins
6.  Learn how to use WordPress
7.  START BLOGGING!                      <<< Free Blog Factory starts you here
Our solution is the best of both worlds.  It builds the WordPress.org flavor on your hosting account automatically so you have nothing to setup like WordPress.com, but maintain the full control of WordPress.org.  See the difference?  So come on board and give us a test drive today!