Welcome to my blog, I am glad you are here! My passion in life is to inspire and empower others to start believing in themselves, find “hope” again, or build on what successes they’ve already had to make their lives better.

I believe we are responsible for what we attract in our lives. “The Secret” teaches us that what we give out in life we will get back in return.  If I give out negative all the time, life stinks, I’m broke, people are bad…I will attract negative, mean and broke people into my life.  If I manifest good thoughts…My Life is Awesome, I’m financially Free, and surrounded by amazing people, I know I will bring amazing things into my life.  If you haven’t read the book, that’s a great place to start!

While visiting my blog you will get strategies for personal development, social media marketing, mindset and tips for smart and effective network marketing.  I also love helping people start their own business, teach them ways to market themselves, and hopefully get involved in mentoring them to be successful over time.

Society and our education system teaches us at an early age to “conform”, be normal, and have security.  Well I’d like to know the definition of security now in this economy!  I believe, no I’m positive, that it’s an absolutely mistake to not own a home based, or network marketing business if you are receiving a W2 from anyone simply for tax deduction purposes.  If your small business won’t allow you to deduct travel expenses for a wide variety of reasons, I think that’s a mistake as well.  If it’s my business opportunity, or the person next door,  you owe it to yourself to get the information and research tax benefits of a home based or network marketing business.

Shortly after my divorce a few years ago, I read a book called the “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss.  It talks about living a life that you design, not living the one most people live.  Travel where you want to, work when you want to, sleep when, you name it….do what YOU want to do!  For years I’ve been free of sorts…financially, time freedom, and have worked for myself for the last 20 years.  I had an “ah ha” moment in Vegas a couple of years ago while drinking a $20 Drink by the Pool at the MGM, out in the sun, towels brought to me, servers waiting on me on a Wednesday during the week and I thought “WOW…I wish everyone knew what this felt like!”  I consider myself very humble, so I truly mean that I wish everyone knew what it felt like not to have pressure, stay at home with your loved ones,  relax at the pool while most people are working, stay in a $250 a Night Room with all the amenities, and take in a conference while you vacation that helps you perform better in your career.  That day at the pool in Vegas would be a career defining moment for me…

Since that day I have made it my mission to help others follow their dreams, start their own businesses, help them brand themselves on a budget, and take the needed steps to break free from the things that hold them back.  It could be a job, an unhealthy relationship, poor health, etc but most people are just one small step away from being in the place they desire to be.  Success, Health, Happiness are all choices.  We CHOOSE to be happy, we CHOOSE to be Successful, and we make choices that pertain to our health.  No one forces you to smoke, not work out, be lazy, watch TV all the time, or hang out with negative people.  That decision is completely upon us!

Call me at 865.388.4000 or email me at [email protected] and I look forward to helping you grow your business, and living the life you’ve always imagined!

To Your Success,

Dean Ethridge