About Me

Hey there, this is Dean Ethridge. You probably found this page because you are either in or considering the home business or network marketing profession. I help network marketers and small business get more leads, recruit more reps and earn more income in their companies and I’m happy to help you!

My Journey Started…

In 2009,  I was tired.  Even though I was making great money, I was tired of working in the telecom world of chasing customers on a daily basis in an industry that is commodity-based.  Even though I owned my own business, my business owned me.  There were no referrals and at 40 years old I wanted a career change that allowed me to stop chasing people and benefit from a referral network.

In July 2009 someone introduced a network marketing company to me and I got excited.  I called people I knew and many joined my business, and a few people they 301565_10200659217353214_309914506_nknew joined too.  12 months later all the referrals and warm market dried up…

I was back to doing what I was doing in the telecom industry only now I was chasing my friends and family to do business with me.

The company I was promoting was based on hype and expensive distributor kits, and wasn’t producing the income that I needed to support my family.  After 18 months I joined another company only to experience the same thing.  All hype on a product with no mass appeal.  Then I joined another that called for a ton of travel to build my business which was against everything I believed in as a parent.  If I have to leave my family to make an income, am I really working for my family? Or for myself?

My Career Breakthrough

Even though I had done “ok” with network marketing companies, something was still missing.  I had read the books, listened to CD’s to learn all the skills I needed but I was still missing something that would allow me to make an income based on referrals from people I worked with or from advertising to where people would call me or contact me for more information.

I watched some of the successful people in the their companies and I started to notice a trend.

Many of the most successful people in home based businesses are people that are the most connected online through Social Media, or they embraced the concept of blogging and video marketing.

So in the Spring of 2011 I started pursuing a career in online marketing that would hopefully allow me to achieve my dreams of time-freedom as well as financial independence.  That too had a STEEP learning curve, and I discovered that many people online were making more money selling bogus products and training courses.

Four Things that Made the Biggest Difference

1. I married my soulmate Christy. She believed in me as I was sorting through a career change with limited results.  I would have been easy to go back to what I knew, but she helped me stay the course.  She is the rock of our family, and she makes my job infinitely easier.

2. I went to a No Excuses Summit in Vegas  in 2011 to learn the tricks of the trade online.  I learned from the best on what to do, and what not to do.

3. I learned…A Lot! I learned from my mistakes.  Both mistakes I made online early, as well as why some companies just won’t work for me (or anyone for that matter)  I read Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, The Go Giver, Beach Money, and many more books that would teach me what I needed to know and mold my disciplines in the process.

4. I found Solavei and their Social Commerce business model.  It’s in my field of expertise, free to join, based on customer acquisition, has digital products (no travel or meetings) and I’m one of the first to take advantage of their opportunity.  Solavei is changing our lives and poised to be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family.

What I do Today 

My wife and I are working together to build a successful Solavei business with a team all over the country.  We also are building a second business called Itex that allows small businesses to trade or barter with one another for their products and services.   Both are residual based (I won’t do anything but residual platforms) and they both are driven predominantly by referrals from other people.

My passion is to help people make more money in the lives or outside their current profession, and I love helping small businesses make more money by marketing smarter.

What’s Next?  How Can You Earn More Income? 

Earning any type of income online or with a home business takes a lot of hard work, a lot of patience and a little bit of luck too. My goal is to inspire you to take a leap of faith in yourself, and “Crush It” like Gary Vaynerchuk.

I’ve put together a training program  (my labor of love if you will) that shows people how to market themselves online, and use the exact same system I use to get leads and sales online for my business.  It’s completely free, easy to follow, and will help anyone that follows the principles that I teach.  I also make videos and articles that give you tips and tools that help you market or prospect better as I run across ideas that work.

There is greatness inside every single person. Believe in yourself and know that you CAN be great and create an inspiring life no matter where you are!  I look forward to connecting with you in the future and helping you in whatever way I can.

To Your Success,