What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy-affiliate-university-reviewBefore I get into my Wealthy Affiliate University review let me briefly mention the struggles I went through when I first started to learn how to market online.  I didn’t know Wealthy Affiliate University existed back then, but I’ll try to explain in this review why Wealthy Affiliate University might be helpful to you whether you are a new online marketer or even a seasoned veteran online.

I tried to learn through Youtube videos,  bought numerous courses that promised me easy money,  and I never got anywhere really in my struggle to learn the process of online marketing.

Furthermore, I found that most of the online marketing courses online were geared towards the MLM industry which in itself is filled with hype and empty, overpriced promises.

It’s sad though it’s very true…people are literally grasping at straws to figure out a way to make extra income in anyway they can…

Wealthy Affiliate University Review – What Do I Know?

When I started out I mentioned I tried to learn from several courses, namely MLSP (My Lead System Pro) and Empower Network.  My Lead System Pro is maybe a tad bit better than Empower Network for training, but again, they prey on new marketers that really don’t know much about anything technical and their system is not very intuitive at all.  Empower Network is just a joke really, and I hope it gets shut down soon.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Empower Network is a total scam and you should run from it as fast as possible.

Both MLSP and Empower Network have extremely low value when it comes to actual internet marketing training you can utilize for a normal business.  It’s geared almost exclusively for the MLM industry and not towards true small business owners.

That’s where I come in…

I’ve been a small business owner that has marketed telecommunication products such as cell phones, accessories, small business phone systems and have worked as consultant for companies that are looking to lower telecom expenses for almost 20 years now.   I’ve learned how to market online for just about anything now through hard work first off, but by using simple disciplines that I’ve found that work for me that are rarely taught well.  I have over 1700 Youtube subscribers and over 20K visitors each month at various websites I operate.  I’ve built a team of over 2K people in Solavei mainly online.   I’ve got a decent handle on how to market products or myself on the internet.

However,  there is hardly any internet marketing training that caters to the small business person like the attorney, affiliate marketer in a niche, hair salon owner, restaurant owner, plumber or HVAC company for example.

It’s almost non-existent for a reason.

wealthy affiliate review,empower network is a scam,empower network sucksHype sells better than reality and that is what MLSP and Empower Network prey on.  Every webinar is an upsell.  Every program sold needs another add-on to make it better.  Every guru is edified by another guru to promote their programs to the sheep in the industry.  They sell the “Golden Ticket” that with them usually doesn’t exist.

The MLM industry is littered with broken dreams and empty promises and with internet marketing training the tales are very similar.  People want to believe in the “magic bullet” for making money online and the information industry is littered with predators willing to take people’s hard earned money in the hope they too can make money like the “gurus”.  It’s sad to watch…

Though it’s really not that difficult to do well marketing online or getting traffic and leads, there is hardly anyone dedicated to leading someone through the entire process.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review – What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

For starters, every new internet marketer needs 4 critical components to be successful.

  1. Training – They need the foundation, the fundamentals, of how to market their business online.
  2. Tools – There are certain tools that will help every online marketer be more successful without spending a fortune on gimmicks
  3. Services – You will need good web hosting, a blogging platform, keyword research tools, and other value added services for marketing online
  4. Support – Above everything mentioned, it’s invaluable to have support for your projects when you get stuck or need feedback or suggestions to go in the right direction

Wealthy Affiliate University truly offers all of the above for any business, at any level, and for a fraction of the cost of MLSP, Empower Network or some of the other rogue companies out there selling internet marketing training.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review – What Training Do they Offer?

Wealthy Affiliate University offers a step by step course platform that teaches everything a person could ask for an online marketing course geared towards the small business owner, or affiliate marketer.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you blog design, copywriting techniques, Pay per click advertising, local business marketing, how to do product reviews, where to find content, how to find matching affiliate programs for your niche, technical aspects of building a blog, social media management & marketing.  There are so many courses to take it’s simply incredible the amount of content available to a marketing professional.

wealthy affiliate university,wealthy affiliate member

Wealthy Affiliate University teaches the lawyer, the small dentist office, the hair salon, plumber, contractor, or affiliate marketer how to be successful.  It’s set up perfectly for anyone that wants to learn how to improve their online marketing presence.

What Kind of Tools & Services Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

  • Hosting and Free Websites with Premium Themes – Wealthy Affiliate offers quite a bit of free stuff even for the free membership, but the premium members get a lot of value for $47 a month or $359 annually.  The hosting Wealthy Affiliate provides is on great servers that are very fast, with redundancy and backup.  They give you a free Siterubix.com domain similar to what Empower Network charges $45 a month for, but with more functionality and they aren’t blocked from Youtube and Facebook or banned from Google for spamming.  (might be important to not be banned)
  • Free blogging tools inside the members area.  Wealthy Affiliate is built by the members for the members so there is no spamming allowed.  You will be terminated if you try to pitch your products inside the program which I LOVE!  It’s all about you being able to offer value, or getting help from within the community while drawing attention of other sharp people through blogging through Street Articles or the Wealthy Affiliate blog and training portal to provide value to other Wealthy Affiliate members.  You can offer trainings with Youtube or Vimeo videos to get more views on value added videos to help you rank your content.
  • Unlimited Keyword Research Tool – This is SO useful for anyone!  If you aren’t targeting traffic you can rank on, why waste your time getting buried on the 20th page ofwealthy affiliate university,wealthy affiliate,wealthy affiliate university review,learn how to make money online Google?  The Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool shows you how much competition there is, shows red, orange or green for article potential when you use Jaaxy, shows PPC potential, searches versus competition, and whether or not you should focus on those keywords.  This is invaluable and it’s unlimited for premium members.
  • Link-Tracking – Find out where your online marketing efforts are working versus where they are not.  Set up campaigns and track your results.  Included for premium members.
  • A Lucrative Affiliate Program – As Empower Network or MLSP proves, the information industry is booming, but with Wealthy Affiliate you actually have something you can be proud to sell.  It has a free trial (no credit card needed…ahhhh) that shows people what they are using before they have to purchase the additional features.  How refreshing!  The affiliate program is available to everyone whether or not they are a premium member so you can get paid from Wealthy Affiliate while you learn how to market online.  It converts very well and once someone fully understands the value of the Wealthy Affiliate program,  they will stick around over time.  It’s just a cool program that people really like and can be very profitable residual income.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review – What Kind of Support Do they Offer?

Of all the things I’ve mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate, the community and support is what separates them from anyone else online and it’s not even close.  Wealthy Affiliate is to MLSP and Empower Network for support as a 2014 Toyota Limited Tundra versus my old 1980 Toyota Tacoma with vinyl seats and no AC.

There is no comparison in the support they offer versus any other program available online.

MLSP and Empower Network have trouble ticket options that may or may not get answered. (I’m not kidding)  Submit your ticket, and “wink wink” we’ll get right back to ya!

wealthy affiliate university review,learn how to make money onlineHave a question about design?  Conception?  Keyword Strategy?  Technical Problems?  You Name It…You simply go to a live forum inside Wealthy Affiliate 24/7 and someone will be there to help you with any problems or questions you might have.  There are thousands of people all over the world that actively support the program and its members.

You help the community if possible and they help you without question.  That’s how online marketing and the give to receive philosophy works.

Need More Support?

Wealthy Affiliate offers one on one coaching for it’s premium members to get an intensive review of your project from some of the top marketers in the world!  Now that is really cool.  I charge $75 an hour for coaching and get it all the time.  It’s included with your membership along with a wealth of support from the community of other members.

Wealthy Affiliate University Review Conclusion – Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the Money?

Here’s the real skinny from someone that knows maybe what you don’t know.  I know I pay Bluehost around $40 a month for premium hosting and $12 a year for domains.  Now I love Bluehost, and they answer their phone everytime I call or I can get them on chat anytime but…

Wealthy Affiliate offers premium hosting on your own domains or a free siterubix domain, keyword research tools, multiple blogging platforms that are ready to set up in 30 seconds or less on WordPress, an audience platform for your valuable written content and videos, powerful back links with other skilled marketers in the community, one on one

wealthy affiliate review 2014
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coaching from the best marketers on the planet, 24/7 Community support on any subject matter, link tracking, an invaluable keyword tool with unlimited searches, and so much more.

Let’s not forget about the training on every subject for online marketing you can think of with outlines, videos, written tasks, to-do checklists, and certifications for completion to keep you on task.  It’s freakin awesome training and I’m telling you there isn’t anything else like it available online.

So Yeah..Wealthy Affiliate is totally worth $47 a month or $359 a year to be a premium member or simply try it for free before you purchase.

By comparison Empower Network charges $45 a month for a blog that you don’t own, $25 for video hosting you don’t own (think Youtube for free), $100 a month for the inner circle to hear 2-3 hour ramblings of nonsense, and the cheapest course (with very little value at all) is $500 and up.

MLSP is $149 for their Mastery Program but their courses are usually $299 and up to buy anything of real value.  You WILL get upsold from MLSP.  I guarantee it.

So with that said, I hope you see why I’m proud to write a Wealthy Affiliate University Review in hopes that you too will see the value in what they offer for you the serious entrepreneur that wants to finally get some good sound advice on how to market your business online.

Wealthy Affiliate University is just an awesome place to start…

Wishing you all the best!


Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

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