The Problem with Video Marketing…How Do You Get Started?

When I started my online business venture about a year ago, the biggest problem I ran into is how to even get started.  I started like most people with a blog, writing articles, and doing some article marketing online to try and get traffic.  It worked to some degree, but I wasn’t getting the results I needed to sustain an income for myself, and 6 kids. The further I went along, I started to see that most of the successful online marketers were incorporating video into their marketing strategy and I immediately saw why they were successful.  Video Marketing is THE best way to personally brand yourself online. In fact, video marketing is the quickest way to get ranked in the search engines quickly, and video marketing can also help you get your articles ranked higher in the search engines as well.

Let me give you some statistics:

“32% of all internet traffic right now is on YouTube.” and “54% of internet traffic is Video

Now here’s the BIG ONE: “For every 1 keyword there are 4,600,000 articles competing for the 1st page of Google. For every 1 Keyword there are only 16,000 videos competing for the 1st page of Google.”

So if you want to rank fast and high in Google, do you want to an article and compete with 4.6 million or a video and only compete with 16 thousand?? Well that’s easy to answer.  The question that most people have is “How Do I Create A Great Video And Get Traffic?”

In this video marketing training series from myself and Jaleel Manns with High Velocity Global, we will take you from BEGINNING to END on concepts of Video Marketing.  You will learn how to create video, setup accounts on video channels, how to shoot videos and with what equipment,  and How To Submit videos with services like Magic Submitter, Traffic Geyser, and Tube Mogul.  This page will serve as an ongoing resource for you, and anyone you know who is looking to get started in Video Marketing.  So Bookmark it Now so you can come back and visit when you have questions.

You will learn:

  • How To Create Screen Capture Video
  • How To Set Up Accounts at the Best Video Sites
  • How To Get Your Content Published and Get It Ranked In Google
  • How To Broadcast Videos To Dozens Of Sites On Autopilot
  • How to Shoot Video with Simple Devices Such as a Digital Camera, a Handheld or a High End Video Camera
  • and much much more…

Enjoy the Series!

Video Marketing 101  What is Video Marketing?

Video 1/20 What is Video Marketing?  Video Marketing is the fastest growing form of online marketing. Online Video can improve your SEO and communicate the quality of your products and services better than any other media. The rules of advertising and marketing are changing fast. Marketing solutions should include internet video marketing as part of the marketing mix.

Video 3/20  What is Video Submission? Video Submission is a vital Component of your video marketing efforts.  Submitting your videos to video sites is a great way to get ranked in the search engines, and Google. Learn How to Submit Videos and Where to Submit Them.

Video Marketing 101 Video 4/20 What is the Best Way to do Video Submission?  Video Submission is critical for getting the most exposures for your video.  You can submit videos manually to the top video sites, or you can use some of the best video submission software platforms out there such as Traffic Geyser or Magic Submitter.  Make one description, one headline, one series of keywords, and include your backlink.  Click submit…and you’re done.  Worth the investment if you want to market your business with video.

Video Marketing 101 Video 5/20  What are the top video sites to submit to?  Are there video sites like youtube? Learn how to submit videos to the top sites on the internet.  Sites like Veoh, Vimeo, Viddler, Metacafe, iviewtube, gawk, and many others are all included in our video marketing strategy.  They should be in yours as well.