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  • As usual Dean has nailed it! I am recently new to MLM and have already ran into roadblocks that were leading me to failing. I am acutally in WorldVentures and absolutely love the company, product, and comp plan, but they are very hardcore on making your list and calling friends you may have not seen in years to “pitch” your amazing deal and to encourage you to travel hours for a “travel party”. Like Dean, I too have a family and kids and its very hard for me to find the time to host parties, travel, and spend hours away from home after working all day. Using the internet is by far THE way to make MLM work and to reach out not only to a few, but MILLIONS. I perfer not to hunt people down, alot of people are just not looking for what we MLM’ers are offering, I perfer for people who ARE looking for an opportunity to come to me for information about my product. MLM success is about duplication, BUT you have to find the right duplication that works best for you and your team. Best of luck in finding or continuing your MLM life!

    • Thanks Gary! I appreciate the comment, and keep working on what you’re doing. It will pay off in the end, and it will get easier over time. Proud of you for having the courage to step out and get started. Thats half the battle! Lets grab coffee soon brother!

  • Loved this post Dean! What I appreciate most is that you have a clear picture of what you can and can’t do! You have identified your niche and you’re are going after it! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Bill and you’ll notice I mentioned World Ventures. I’m not thru with this post yet, so will you send me a link on here for your site? I will include you on the article. Thanks

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  • Francisco Gonzalez

    Right on… excellent post I am looking forwards to your future posts and thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. I am not a marketing type of guy, nor have participated in any MLM. Although, I have considered it I think think that Ryan Wuerch (founder of Solavei) is really onto something someone should have really have put together before… Number one, who doesnt need a mobile phone nowadays? Number 2… it makes sense, why should n’t you get rewarded for being a advertiser? This really brings me back to some years ago when I had a conversation with a guy who would wear cloths that was always plain and simple… nothing wrong with that but what got my attention was when I noticed he was wearing a hat that did have some kind of patch of some sort, so I approached him and asked: So, I am curious about why you took off the patch on that sports hats of yours… anything wrong with the Yankees or the Cubs? No, it is not that… I just dont get it why I feel I have to wear something with a logo, patch, or anything that resembles advertisement for what ever I am wearing…

    I thought he really had a point… whichever his was, consumerism, advertisement with out getting paid perhaps?

    I am glad you included Solavei here, and take a wild guess why? Yea… I am going in… I only see win win situation there… I dont use make up so MK wont do it for me, herbalife and 4life … uhm… nah I pass… need more understanding about the nutritious type of stuff… tried it once and got me sick as hell.

    • Thank you Francisco! I agree with you on all of your points. I’m surprised no one has done this before as well. Solavei should really do well and get to momentum quickly once people realize the magnitude of their value proposition. So glad to be on board this early in the game. Should be fun!