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change of directionThe Lesson of the Seasons

Hey Everyone!  Just a quick post today to let you know what I’ve been up to lately, and what direction I’m going to be headed in for 2014.   As you know life is always about the seasons and a couple of years ago I got remarried and because of that I moved out of state to Alabama.  Now I still have kids in TN, so every other weekend I travel back to TN on Thursday-Monday to stay with them.

I still have a place there, but when I moved to spend more time with my wife in Alabama, it kind of forced me to really start building a business online.   I’ve been in the telecom industry for a long time, but moving away from my network of friends and other dealers I worked with has been a challenge to say the least!

That said, what’s cool is I’ve developed a following in the wireless/telecom industry online and I’m now helping people become dealers throughout the country now on a regular basis.  I’ve made a pretty colossal shift of trying to “figure out” what I was going to do to really getting a handle on where I’m headed.

God certainly blessed me to understand technology more than most people.  Whether it’s blogging, building networks for companies, wireless phones, VoIP phone systems for business, etc, those things just come natural to me.  Like Kip in Napoleon Dynamite would say, “I love Technology” :)

The Ugly Part of the MLM Industry

I’ve got a lot better understanding of the home based business industry now, and realize there are some disturbing things going on that can be pretty damaging if you’re not aware of the intent of some pretty slick marketers out here.  Also, I’ve come to realize that much (certainly not all) of the MLM industry is based on pure hype or smoke and mirrors.

Hype sells better than traditional selling techniques, and unfortunately that’s the goal.  The old compensation plans are built for the old marketers.  $500 Distributor kits with no value proposition are going to be a thing of the past.  People are tired of the same old get rich quick sales pitches.  People are tired of being spammed on Facebook all day everyday.

Trust me it’s true, and I want no part of it!

What I’m Going to Be Focused on Now

I’ve built several new websites and partnered with a guy down in St Petersburg, FL to help dealers get established online and in offline retail stores to become cell phone dealers, and communications consultants B2B for Hosted PBX Phone Systems and High Speed Internet solutions.

I’ve done this kind of work for many years, and going to focus on marketing some of those products myself.  I market Solavei new career changeWireless heavily now in the Prepaid Cell Phone industry and love it.  Many people don’t know it, but Solavei is a direct selling company of sorts that actually pays better than any other carrier out there.   Solavei is also a free home business that is  inline with what I’m going to be doing here on this website, promoting legitimate home based businesses for the average person.

Many of the Solavei Reps complained recently about a Solavei Compensation Plan change, but what they don’t realize is they are still getting paid more than anyone that is paying for a retail store and employees from companies like Net 10, Boost, Simple Mobile, H2O and the like.   I’m pretty excited because dealers already know this, and they are adding Solavei to the product base and we’re starting to get traction all over the US.

We’re working on several websites, CellularPhonesEtc.com, SyncMobileSolutions.com, SyncMobileDealer.com, PrepaidPhoneOpportunity.com, TelecomAgentProgram.com and Several more as niche recruiting sites to help new dealers get started with their own business.  People that own retail grocery stores, tobacco stores, cell phone stores or simply someone that wants to market a virtual cell phone store are contacting us and we haven’t even really started marketing our program yet.  We’re rolling out a complete turnkey communications platform with websites ready to market on, affiliate programs with companies like Directv, Dish Network, Ring Central Phone Systems, Prepaid Cellular offerings, and people are loving it.

That’s pretty exciting!

Examples of the Bad in the Home Based Business Industry

I’ve had to figure out what this website was going to be about because I was sort of lost in my direction for the past year here as I started to see some of the bad things happening in the home based business industry.  Unfortunately I bought into a lot of the hype about making money online, and I found out a lot of it is smoke and mirrors designed to get you to buy more stuff.

empower-network-scamFor example, I wrote a blog post about Empower Network recently, and that company alone is something I can point to and say what they are doing is a travesty in the making money online space.  It’s criminal in my opinion to take people’s hard earned money and then not offer refunds once they realize the training products for $1000-3500 are absolutely worthless.

Empower Network has been banned on Facebook and Youtube, and deindexed on Google because they see something similar as well.  (Hint…that’s not a good thing)

There are still a lot of good opportunities out there, but I want to be an advocate of helping promote viable companies, marketing methods that really work, and do reviews on home based businesses that I think are viable for the average person.  I will be doing some changes to my design soon, the headings, the training program will finally be complete to just give you exactly what I’ve done to be successful.

No Hype, No Gimmicks, and 100% Free Content that you will find to be useful.

I’m going to be encourage you to build your own niche sites along with your opportunity instead of simply depending on your MLM to be your focal point.  YOU are your own brand, not your MLM company!  If you have all your eggs in the MLM basket, I feel like you could be setting yourself up for failure long term.  Your vision has to be broader than just an MLM company in my opinion.

What Should We Focus On?

It’s fine to have FOCUS – Focus One Course Until Successful.  I get that, but I would encourage you to learn some real marketing/social marketing skills that will be beneficial to you for years.  If you’re a trainer, pick up a good health and wellness company to promote to incorporate a direct selling company into your portfolio part-time.  If you’re a telecom agent, find a Solavei Wireless to incorporate with your offering.  If you’re a teacher, focus on helping other teachers earn a part-time living outside of that profession without spamming their friends.

My point is I believe that everyone should have a Plan B as unstable as this economy is.  I now know how easy it is to make $1-2K

make money online

This is the Best Training Program I’ve Ever Seen…

extra every month if people would simply go to work, be consistent in their marketing, and there is no reason anyone can’t do that.

Jim Rohn had a quote that always resonated with me that said “Work Full-time on your Job, Part-time on Your Fortune” He also said to “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”.  The underlying message is to be the best you that you can be, spend your time wisely instead of wasting it away on unproductive activity.

This is my focus for myself.  My wish for you in 2014 is that you discover your purpose in life, and do everything possible to make great things happen for you and your family.  Wishing you nothing but the best!


About Dean Ethridge

I am a small business marketing consultant and local SEO services expert. I teach small business marketing tips, video marketing, search engine optimization tips and much more on multiple websites and on Youtube. Married, 6 Children...Busy! :)

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    So happy for you and your future!!! Best of luck my friend!!