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  • Robert Brown

    Requesting more information on Tempo Wireless.

    Thank You!

    Robert Brown
    (616) 437-6339

    • Fretz Punay

      Hello! It’s fretz. want to know more about your teimpo wireless..i can’t access any contact so i can join this kind of business..and i have some question too before i join. Thank you

  • Antoinette Cousins

    Can you or will you also share the cons about recruiting others to join Tempo. What happens if one of my 3 recruits drops out of the network? Do I get a bill for the month they drop out?

    • Hi Antoinette,

      WOW! Its been nearly 6 months since your posting, with not even one reply, so let me give it a shot!

      YES, you must get, and then maintain 3 ACTIVE Tempo Wireless Customers, who are paying the SAME wireless
      bill amount, as you, or HIGHER, in order for YOU to first QUALIFY FOR, and then keep your own wireless bill at, 100% FREE FOR LIFE, other than always paying for your OWN Local/State TAXES part of your bills!

      That’s why, even as a regular Customer, just as with Agents, if your ultimate goal is to always have 100% FREE wireless service, its BEST that you know, who YOU are referring as Tempo Wireless Customers, rather than just seeking to refer 3 total STRANGERS!

      That way, should either of the 3 run into some difficult financial times, after you have been EARNING 100%
      FREE wireless service for a while, it may be that you can offer them some FINANCIAL ADVICE, or SUPPORT,
      through a rough period, so THEY can KEEP ON PAYING their wireless bill!

      Doing that would be much EASIER to manage, if your 3 FREE wireless service qualifying referrals are RELATIVES,
      or close FRIENDS, who you would probably offer financial support to, anyway!

      The other strategy would be to offer them some ADVICE, and/or ASSISTANCE on how THEY can also earn their OWN 100% FREE wireless service, by them getting their OWN 3 FREE wireless service qualifying referrals!

      Doing that will make it IMPOSSIBLE for either one of them to DROP OUT, when they don’t even have a
      MONTHLY BILL for them to decide, they can no longer afford to KEEP PAYING, right?

      I can say all of that from a position of authority, because I started EARNING my own Tempo Wireless bill 100% FREE, just 2 months after I signed up as a Rookie Agent, way back in May of 2010, and all 3 of my original FREE wireless service qualifying referrals, are STILL active Tempo Wireless Customers!

      Just do the math @ a $59.99 MONTHLY SAVINGS for wireless services on the same UNLIMITED Sprint network
      here in Phoenix, where I live, to see that this LIFETIME SAVINGS opportunity is indeed FOR REAL!

      However, BIG WIRELESS know, this FREE wireless Concept is still, only going to forever be for the right
      people, and not for the MASSES, because even now, with over 30 Customers on the books, it still takes ME
      EFFORTS to keep on finding 3 NEW people who I can refer as regular Customers, as an INCOME EARNING

      It never ceases to amaze me, how finding more and more people who will easily “SEE” IT”, like I and
      many other did, and then “BELIEVE IT”, even after I’ve actually been receiving nearly 5 FULL YEARS of
      100% FREE wireless service, is not much different than a BRAND NEW Customer finding their own first
      3 qualifying referrals, when they are STILL just full of hope, while they are having to KEEP ON PAYING
      their monthly wireless bills!

      Perhaps, this more detailed info, also answered some of your OTHER questions! 🙂

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