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  • Thank you for the review of both companies. I will say since your posting SendOutCards has changed their pricing and the wholesale package of $299 has been removed. We’ve now offered two monthly subscriptions – $9.80 for 6-10 cards per month at the retail side (depending on pictures as mentioned above) and $31 for 33 – 50 cards at the formerly wholesale price (again depending on pictures as mentioned above).

    Great review and comparison! Thanks for posting. SendOutCards does have awesome leadership in the MLM business. Some of the top name MLM people who have been in this industry for years are in our management team – along with some great networkers like Harvey McKay and Dr. Ivan Misner who support the SOC mission. The company has experienced tremendous growth in the past year alone.

    • Hi Maribeth and thanks for the comment. This is an older article, and I need to update my content for SOC. It’s COMPLETELY different now, and I too am excited about the changes. It’s affordable for everyone, and a lot easier to duplicate. I love the company, and getting great responses on the discounted pricing for Greeting Cards for consumers, as well as all the new features. Thanks again for the comment and I wish you all the best in building you Sendoutcards Business!

      • I was in SOC and am now in Pixingo. As you stated, this post is old. There are a LOT of awesome changes with Pixingo. I hope people will do their research to see the differences and quality, etc. It’s a matter of what THEY like best, too.

  • Nice comparison/review. At SendOutCards, alll accounts are free (for over a year, now) – customers pay only for points and postage! And there have been some AWESOME additions lately. I could go on and on. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

  • Hi There,
    I liked your article, but I think you sould research Pixingo again, it is now 2015 and lots of changes have been made.
    I would love to see a new article with the updates. The quaility is definately better and the pricing is very affordable. The studio is easy to work in and we now have over 11k (and growing) design elements in the studio. I’ve been with Pixingo for a year now and I love the company, the owners and customer service are all great! There are several differences between SOC and Pixingo now.

    Thank you,
    Sue Bennett