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  • Hey Dean – thanks for this great tip.
    Just started the download process off of KeepVid, but don’t see how to have the video saved directly into my YouTube channel. It’s wanting to save it to my desktop.

    Is there a way to download it directly to my Channel?
    Thanks much!!

    • Dean Ethridge

      hey Dave! What you can do is save it there and upload it from that location. I use arcsoft media which dos it directly for me. Hope that helps. If you have further questions let m know. Thanks Dean

  • Dave

    Thanks Dean. Yea, I too want to save the directly into you YouTube channel. I went to the arcsoft media site.
    Just wondering which of their products does that for you…allows you to save directly into your channel?
    Is is straight forward to do after I get their product?
    Any other tricks I should know?
    Thanks much! Dave

    • ethridge

      Hey Dave how is the Video Marketing going? I have a lot of new ideas for you if you’re interested. Thanks!