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I am a small business marketing consultant and local SEO services expert. I teach small business marketing tips, video marketing, search engine optimization tips and much more on multiple websites and on Youtube. Married, 6 Children...Busy! :)
  • I’m beginning to get the same sense about MLSP….ugh….. thanks for your thorough insight, brother!

    • Hey Chip and I agree totally. I’ve watched the same pattern develop over the years that build up trainers (their core of groupies if you will) and have them do webinars and sell product over and over. It’s getting tired brother. Thanks for the comment. I put a link about Zija to http://www.moringabucks.com just a couple of days ago on here 🙂 I need to interview you for Zija and post a review here. Let’s do it on video soon. Thanks buddy

    • One more thing Chip. If you want to plug people into the best training available today, as well as a way to get a lot more traffic by being part of a group, then go check out WealthyAffiliate.com It blew me away and that’s saying something. Unbelievable what all is in there for everyone including advanced marketers. You’ll be impressed I think but see what is possible for a new person to learn

  • Dean,

    Great article my friend. I’ve always been skeptical of Empower Network. My biggest concern is that EN teaches that anyone can blog. That’s just not true! You should read what people write on these blogs. As a 20 year educator, it’s sad to see what people write and display. Compelling research shows that a reader dismisses any piece of writing that contains three or more grammatical errors. Empower Network is attracting a lot of bloggers who sadly don’t have the writing skills to pull it off. In my opinion, EN doesn’t duplicate well. It takes years to teach someone how to write effectively. I would rather spend my time focusing on a business that duplicates more easily. Obviously not everyone succeeds in the home-based business arena because the world is full of people who have a microwave mentality. But this industry does work, and there are a lot of great companies. As professional network marketers, we have to do whatever we can to convey a culture of trust and transparency.

    Love what you are doing with this blog. Let’s catch up soon.

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    • Thank you Bill and I agree with you on all your points. EN is setting people up for colossal failure and stealing their money in the process. Not everyone has it, and it’s not as simple as a 3 step system as they like to talk about. I’m really going to try to make a difference on here, and help people in general build solid foundations for their business or help them choose wisely when starting one. Thanks for stopping by brother!

  • Darren

    If empower network is a scam, doesn’t work, has useless products and people are making no money, how come it has helped thousands(yep thousands ) of people earn thousands of dollars per month. It’s documented and verified btw. There are more success stories coming out of this company every month than anything in the history of online marketing.

    One other thing…I appreciate that you did stress that this was your opinion of EN, but I’m a bit curious as to why you bash a company that you are still an active affiliate with!

    It looks as though you started with EN during their beginnings(ground floor), couldn’t make it work for whatever reason and decided that since you failed with it, you decided to use the old tired”it’s a scam” routine. I wonder, will you do the same for this other company you are praising now if it doesn’t make you money?

    It’s a common thing with those who are not really doing as well as they want everyone to think, they write blog posts that trash other marketers trying to look like the “hero”

    Here’s a tip for newbies out there who want the real truth of online marketing.
    A real successful professional internet marketer who has your best intentions in mind, never will talk ill about other marketers in a public type forum, published blog, whatever. Pro’s never do that.
    Amateur, angry failures do this type of trash talking and ALWAYS will try to point you in the direction of what their true intentions are. They want you to buy from them. 😉

    Being a hypocrite is not cool….not at all.

    • Darren, First and foremost EN is a complete rip off and they brainwash people like you to buy all their products hoping to cash in from other gullible people to buy them. It’s a sad endless cycle and it’s rampant in the entire internet marketing space.

      I’d really like to challenge you to see how much you’re really making online selling real products or if you’ve ever been a true entrepreneur at anything other than taking advantage of people online. I sell real products and services in the real world and though it’s true I WAS an affiliate for Empower Network, I learned quickly what a joke their blogging platform is.

      The whole premise of the company isn’t allowed on Facebook or Youtube, and has been delisted from Google. Help me understand that oh ye of infinite internet marketing wisdom. Your blog by the way has an Alexa of 4.4 Million and you have 232 subscribers on Youtube. I have multiple pages and sites that generate sales everyday and dealers for, again, competitive goods and services in the technology space.

      They are priced BELOW the marketplace in general, and my entire goal is to help people with value added content. Your content, I’ve seen it, is based on hype and following other leaders of Empower Network and what they have taught you.

      Give some value to the marketplace, teach some true USABLE principles, show us your stats and how much traffic you’re getting instead of hyping inflated numbers. It’s ridiculous when people like you try to validate EN when you yourself haven’t built much of a presence online.

      I do appreciate the comment however, and it makes my point crystal clear for anyone that reads it. EN is not a valuable product offering, and the majority of people are losing money while paying a scant few over $300 a month. Is that financial freedom for over 98% of the affiliates?

      I think not. EN, just like most MLM companies, is a broken hyped up model based on breakage, and the absolute certainty that most have to lose money for a few to make it. It’s pathetic brother. Have a great week

  • Hello Dean,
    I did a search this evening for websites and blogs, because I’m having someone do a website for me and I’m looking for ideas.
    Your website for the Wealthy Affiliate came up; and I am so impressed with what I read on your website. It was so refreshing to find someone that is in the business and is not out to take advantage of someone just for the money.
    I was with Empower Network and I’m with MLSP now. I was also with Light Year and my cell phone is with Tempo Wireless.
    Would you please send me an e-mail to set up a time that we can talk.
    Shirley Hoke

    • Shirley, I was weeding through my comments tonight of about 1000 spam comments and just noticed this. So sorry. Hope all is well and if you’d still like to talk let me know. Thanks so much!