My Top 10 Home Based Businesses for 2014

So what are the Top 10 Home Based Businesses for 2014 in the US today?  Well, it really depends on how you define “The Top 10 Home Based Businesses“.   There are manytop home based business ideas 2014 opinions out there and on this page I’m simply going to give you mine.  Please take note that I said the top 10 home based businesses not network marketing companies, because to me at least, there is a major difference!  I feel strongly that to make a substantial income, your home based business needs to be able to scale beyond just promoting an MLM.  Can you expand the products and services you offer to market online?  Can you market them locally with traditional offline methods?  Online or offline, my opinion is your services should be highly marketable using multiple methods to a wide range of people, not just friends and family.

person-brandI wrote a post recently about “What is Your Platform?” which basically means what is your brand? What do you stand for, or in short, what do you blog about?  The thought occurred to me that many people may not have a “platform” that they are excited about, and more than anything, they are searching for a simple way to make money online OR offline.  That said, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite companies that I think make excellent ways to earn extra income, or build a solid platform around them.  This is by no means an iron-clad list, but I will try to do complete reviews on all of them over time, and why I like them.

In most Network marketing companies in the US there is a terrible rate of failure for both the companies and their distributors who become involved.

You’ll often hear stats that 95% of all Network Marketers quit or fail within their first year of business, but I want to look beyond that in my list of my Top 10 Home Based Businesses.


Because even in real life people fail in business all the time.  They’re under-capitalized, have bad marketing plans, they’re lazy or their products are just down rightmlm-failure silly if we’re being honest.

The biggest challenge I take issue with in most network marketing companies are the value propositions prospects are faced with from the initial distributor kits.

In other words, “What Do You Actually Get for Your Money, and How Can it Help You in Your Personal and Business Life?”

In my opinion, the old model of MLM and dinosaur compensation plans from the old days are tired and people are even more tired of hearing about them!

My Top Ten Home Based Business List Consists of Companies I’ve seen that actually offer something of value on the front end, have excellent products that differ from the rest of the crowded Network Marketing space, and some of them can simply save you money on everyday consumable products, or help you market ANY business in addition to having a compensation plan attached to them.

I’ll admit up front that I’m not a health and wellness guy or even a product guy in general.  I’ve owned traditional businesses with highly marketable products for over 20 years now.  With that said,  I’m simply tired of seeing people get hurt investing money in hopeless opportunities or  products that will ultimately sit in their garage someday.

My Criteria for the Top Home Based Businesses for 2014 is based on mass appeal, affordability, viability of business,  being complimentary of what you already do, technologies that can help your business with some compensation for referrals, and scalability into a more traditional business venture.  Either way, these businesses listed won’t break the bank as they are all under $500 to start.

Finally, if you asked most people looking for a part-time income, they would tell you if they could make an extra $500-1000 per month part-time they would be ecstatic!  Each of these businesses on my list give anyone a legitimate chance at earning that and much more with effort.  One last thing to note is that I strongly feel with a strong online presence, which Wealthy Affiliate teaches better than anyone, I know you can have success in any of these businesses.

My Top 10 Home Based Businesses for 2014 that You Can Start Today

These are in No Certain Order, and The Best Home Based Business is the One You’re Most Passionate About.  Remember, when your passion becomes your purpose, success is the only option!

  1. Appreciation Marketing Consultant – Two friends of mine wrote a book called Appreciation Marketing several years ago that became an instant hit with it’s readers.  It’s about using a good follow up system to say “Thank You for Your Business. I appreciate you. I love you, etc”  The two best systems on the market for this are SendOutCards and Pixingo.  I use Sendoutcards personally for customer appreciation and have been an affiliate for years.  The key point here is I’ve made some side income promoting it’s benefits, as well as the benefit that comes from building my primary business using the system.  Other people have set up their own business helping companies send automated follow-ups to clients, and they charge a per card rate to design, enter contacts, and send out the correspondence for them.  Either way, this is a pretty cool business idea/service that can help in a variety of ways.
  2. Financial Advisor – We all want more income, more time, less debt and to work towards building up our retirement accounts.  Primerica is a company that helps individuals build a plan to reduce debt, and save money in retirement accounts.  I’ve had several friends do this part-time selling life insurance and investment products to people and they’ve done very well.  Primerica has been in business for decades, so their track record is solid.
  3. Become a Communications ConsultantThis is something that I have done for 20 years personally, so I’m admittedly biased here.  There are many att-windstream-charter-solavei-h20-birch-comcastcompanies like ACN or 5Linx that offer a wide range of communications services such as Satellite TV, Cell Phone Service, Security Systems or high speed internet that are marketable to consumers or businesses.  The problem with these companies is the commissions they pay to distributors is miniscule at best.  Sadly, they are built on dinosaur compensation plans, and most of the money goes to the upline, not the person that makes the sales.  ACN & 5Linx are also $500 to join, most commissions go to the upline and you get a a cookie-cutter website on their domain??  No thanks!  My partner and I have built a turnkey platform that helps motivated individuals follow a recipe to sell wireless phones, rate plans, satellite tv, business phone systems, high speed internet etc.  The commissions are substantial, and you get your own professional website on your own domain, SEO, affiliate products you pick and choose what you want to offer, and marketing content delivered to you 2-3 times a week to post to your site.  All lead capture, design, follow up systems, multiple residual incomes and support for less than $300 in a viable business.
  4. Start an Ebay Store or Sell on Amazon – Learn How to Dropship – If you own a small business and make unique items that you sell, or have access to wholesale pricing on highly sought-after products, Ebay and Amazon are great places to capitalize online.  No SEO needed, no content marketing.  Just focus on posting products and making your stores and products look good to your audience.  My friend learned some tips on doing this over at DS Domination for selling Christian gifts online.  DS Domination is only $20 for the training, and well worth learning to jump start your business on Ebay & Amazon.
  5. Open a Virtual Travel Agency – Obviously people are always looking to travel.  Becoming a travel agent isn’t difficult, and some network marketing companies offer travel as a service to market for their representatives.  World Ventures, My Fun Life and Wake Up Now are 3 companies to consider that offer travel as one of their services.  You can discounts on travel, learn the industry and convert it to a full time business online or traditional brick and mortar in the future.
  6. Nutrition Consultant/Fitness Trainer/Meal Planner – The health & wellness category for home based businesses is loaded with all kinds of vemmaopportunities.  This is an easy category to build a platform around, and I don’t understand why more fitness trainers & nutritionists don’t.  I would do Youtube videos for exercise, cooking tips, supplement reviews, dieting tips, and it’s wide open really.  For complimentary affiliate products to go with this niche,  Visalus, Zija, Vemma and Advocare are 4 companies that come to mind that are very popular in the US.  I don’t like Visalus products or the culture there personally, not even a little.  Advocare seems like they have great products, but on the expensive side.  People rave about Zija products, and the health benefits.  Vemma to me has an incredible line of products that are extremely marketable because of their branding, low auto-ship (Visalus doesn’t count sorry…yuck) and their packaging makes it easy to sample to clients.  I’m not a Vemma rep, but their branding, packaging, taste, and compensation plan on truly consumable products (not Visalus garage qualified) is second to none.  Healthy energy drinks for less than $3 in a can.  2 oz supplement shots for $2, 20G Protein drink in a can for less than $3.  No brainer here.  Consider incorporating meal planning, fitness training, and other supplements to build a really powerful brand around this ever growing niche.
  7. Become a Website Designer/Coach/SEO Expert –  Of all the things listed here, this one may be the most beneficial to learn.  But where do you start?  This is so much hype/junk/pure crap that is taught out there on the internet.  Seriously, and it makes me crazy.  Empower Network is a total scam folks.  Nothing to learn there other than hype and scam other people to buying over-priced products.  MLSP is built for the MLM business not for the traditional business owner with a platform and has tons of upsells.  The best place to learn all the nuances of affiliate marketing, video marketing, and a massive built-in forum for daily support is the Wealthy Affiliate.  They literally have everything you need to learn the skills to build your business, and help others build theirs.  Theybest-internet-marketing-training offer premium themes, unlimited support, unlimited domains, hosting, tips, and training modules that are easy to follow for only $47 a month.  It’s an incredible deal and a great affiliate program to boot.  No matter what platform you choose to do, start first and foremost by checking out Wealthy Affiliate.  Take the training you learn, the unlimited hosting and domains, and build a nice little business designing websites for small businesses.  It’s not a hard business to build if you’re simply willing to learn the basics, outsource the things you’re not good at, and put together plans for your clients to get results.
  8. Online Store/Niche Blog or Affiliate Marketing – Following up on what we discussed about becoming a web designer, outsourcer, internet consultant, why not use the training you learn over time to build your own profitable niche blog?  As you go through the process, you will be amazed at the skills you acquire that turn activity into sales.  You can truly dominate any locally with any product you choose if you will learn the skills to get traffic and convert that traffic to leads, then sales.  Think about what you enjoy doing the most, your platform etc, then build an educational site around that niche.  Put calls to action, make videos, and you will get sales with some effort.
  9. Skin Care ConsultantRodan + Fields, Mary Kay, Avon, Nerium, Nuskin are all popular skin care products.  If you’re a salon owner, hair stylist, massage therapist, or Esthetician or simply interested in improving peoples looks, selling skin care is a great niche to be in.  Rodan + Fields has awesome products, but forces an auto-ship which I don’t care for.  So does Nerium.  The goal is to not turn people off by promoting an MLM company (my experience only) first, seacret skin care,best skin care,best home based businessesbut focus on selling products that benefit people’s skin without having to spend so much money to join a company.  Too many of the skin care products out there are built on party plans, hotel meetings and high pressure to join.  I’m sorry, but I want no part of that ever again.  Seacret is one company I really like for several reasons.  It’s got a really low cost to join, the products are unique (Dead Sea), they did $1 Billion in sales in mall kiosks (Brand Recognition), packaging looks great, a sampling program for $5 (very rare) and get this…they have ZERO auto-ship!! Repeat…ZERO auto-ship.   Think about that…either the products work and people reorder them, or they don’t.  No pressure, and their retention is incredible.  That tells me one thing, people reorder because their products work, and they are 60% off retail pricing.  I’m not a representative here, but this is very refreshing to me as someone that is pretty burnt out on hyped up MLM companies and overpriced products.   If I had a salon or spa, you can bet I would be offering these products to my clients and giving out samples daily.  Pretty cool company and a great affiliate product to market part-time without badgering your friends!
  10. Green Energy Consultant – Viridian, Ambit and Ignite are 3 companies that come to mind that offer alternatives to consumers for energy.  The only problem is if your state is deregulated for energy competition.  Solar energy or “green energy” is hot right now, and Viridian is doing a great job in this spaceviridian, best home based businesses.  If you live in one of their markets, or have a passion for selling solar energy, Viridian is definitely worth checking out.  All the energy companies seem to be doing very well, and it’s highly regulated against slamming or the typical MLM hype.  I personally like Viridian because they have a solution to sell solar all over the country, and a zero tolerance for renegade marketers to tarnish their brand.  Green energy or environmental conservation is a great niche to build a business around.  Lots of topics, growth and upside potential for many years to come.

So that’s some of my favorite home based business ideas for building a platform around for 2014.  These are merely my opinions, and I welcome feedback from you on another company I may have overlooked.  Please leave a comment below and share it with someone you think might benefit from this article.  Have a happy, prosperous 2014!


Best Home Based Businesses 2014

Best Home Based Businesses 2014

Best Home Based Businesses 2014