talk fusion webinarsOver the last few years we have all seen that more and more, people are reluctant to leaving their homes to come to another “exciting opportunity meeting”!   If you have ever invited someone, you will know how frustrating, and downright disheartening that can be to be rejected by family members, as well as your best friends.  It’s the main reason that 95% of Network Marketers quit…they can’t take the rejection.

One of the best things I like about the Talk Fusion Business Opportunity, is that the business opportunity presentation is conducted 5 times a day at  by the Top Leaders from all over the world.  Talk Fusion hosts live webinars that show you all about the business opportunity, and how to get started with Talk Fusion. You can also watch a recorded broadcast anytime by visiting the same site.  Think about the duplication Globally when it comes to building an International Business.  Watch one of our webinars and you will see what I mean.  No meetings, no inventory, no selling…send a link to a live or recorded broadcast.

Our team also conducts live training every week for a variety of topics such as prospecting, sending video email, how to do a live webinar with Talk Fusion, how to set up video autoresponders, how to use social media effectively to market your business, and much more.   Sign up for our newsletter to get on the mailing list to receive our updates on times, new events, etc.

The Live Webinar schedule is all follows at

Monday-Friday at 10 Am  1, 4, 7, and 10 PM Eastern Time Zone

Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM  1, 4, and 7 PM Eastern Time Zone

Please email me at [email protected] to let me know what time you plan to attend, and feel free to call me at 865.388.4000 to make sure we get all your questions answered after watching the presentation.

It’s rare that a company has a duplicatable, work from home system set up like this to help you build your business.  I’ve often told people that there is no selling involved with Talk Fusion, and if you do it the way we train you, you should NEVER sell this opportunity or service.  We teach our distributors to send 5 invitations a day to invite some to a live webinar, and over 70% of the people that attend the webinars will sign up to use or market the Talk Fusion Video Services.  No more driving across town, flying all over the country, or leaving your family to go hear about the “next big thing”.  You can find out all you need to know right from your computer, and that’s what we teach you to do as well.

The live webinars take approx 30 minutes, and they include videos on the Talk Fusion Service, information on the Talk Fusion Compensation Plan, and the ways you can get started with Talk Fusion.  If you want to watch a rebroadcast of a previously recorded live webinar, you can visit this LINK and you can get an idea of what our video conferencing service looks and feels like.

I look forward to seeing you soon on our next webinar and feel free to contact me with questions.

Talk Fusion Live Webinars

Talk Fusion Live Webinars

Talk Fusion Live Webinars