Top 10 Video Conferencing FAQ’s

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It’s no secret that today’s smart businesses are looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity, making the most of the resources they possess. In theory, video conferencing has always offered this promise.  Video conferencing has greatly enhanced conference call effectiveness, even reducing the need for travel when a video conference could take its place.  Unfortunately, video conferencing has fallen short on this promise for a while now due to a variety of reasons.  Some poor video quality has led to frustration — offering more distraction than enhanced communication.

While High Definition has fixed some of these problems, it hasn’t been accessible to any but those companies with superior infrastructure and large technology budgets.
Thankfully, times have changed.  Quality Video Conferencing is now not only accessible for small businesses to large corporations — it can be attained for what most people pay for a nice meal.  This means that for a minimal investment, any business can benefit from a stable clear video picture, quality audio, an interactive conference call with 15 Live Video/Audio Feeds and unlimited viewers ,  and even the ability to share multimedia presentations with ease.  The company I’m referring to also gives you 7 other products along with it such as Video Email, Live Broadcasting for Live Events, and Video Autoresponders, but we’re going to focus on Video Conferencing on this particular review.

Before you purchase a new video conferencing service, it helps to think through a few key points.  Below are the top 10 questions I’ve been asked by those doing their research on today’s video conferencing solutions.

1. How will we use video conferencing?

The applications for video conferencing are endless — especially since these days, 9 out of 10 people don’t work at corporate headquarters. Video conferencing is for those who are looking for a life-like solution that encourages natural interaction, or businesses that need to easily connect a PC or use a white board that everyone can see clearly. Some may be looking for one-on-one solutions whereas others may need to interact with a large group.  Talk Fusion Video Conferencing solutions are available for different needs, all which offer a crystal clear “in person” meeting that is reliable and simple to use.

2. How complicated is Talk Fusion Video Conferencing? And how does it fit with what we already have?

The good news is that Talk Fusion works on any desktop with a simple Webcam, you don’t need much bandwidth,  and you can purchase an HD Webcam to enhance the picture quality to use on larger screens for an office setting.  For around $50 at Sams Club using a Logitech 9000, you can begin using Talk Fusion’s Video Conferencing Service.  I’d also recommend getting a nice headset from Plantronics or Logitech from Best Buy or your local electronics store, but this is the only equipment you will need to buy.  Share Video Conferencing service is different than Skype in that it isn’t peer to peer, so a headset will allow for better for communication – especially if you have 1000 people on the conference call.

3. How much does Talk Fusion Video Conferencing cost?

Video conferencing systems can cost a tremendous amount of money  if you aren’t careful.  The major players such as WebEx and Goto Meeting charge a minimum of $49 a month for a small number of users, with one moderator all the way up to $499 a month for 1000 users.  They’re both good companies, but pale in comparison to the video applications of multiple user interaction, and the price.  Talk Fusion charges a $250 Set Up Fee that includes free training on the system, 8 Total Video Communication Products in addition to Video Conferencing, a Custom Branded template for your Video Email Marketing,  a secondary income stream for referrals,  and the ability to private label the conferencing and email for an additional fee.  The monthly service for Video Conferencing and all 8 Video Products is only $35 a month – That’s it.  It’s the best Video Conferencing Service Value in the marketplace.

4. Is Talk Fusion Video Conferencing worth the investment?

ROI is a big topic these days — and rightfully so. Be sure to determine the best way to prove the return on your video conferencing investment. Many companies find that they reduce travel to meetings, saving both valuable time and money on a regular basis, and increasing overall productivity.  Because Talk Fusion costs $35 a month, your return on investment is very easy to prove with our video communications services.  By adding video email,  email subscription forms to your website and to your overall marketing strategy,  you should see a return on investment the very first month.  Email Marketing has proven to give you the best ROI on your marketing dollar than anything else available.  On average, email marketing returns $43 per $1 spent so adding video to your branding is an added bonus to our Video Conferencing Service.

5. How Good is the quality of Talk Fusion Video Conferencing? And how do I know I’m getting the best?

Video conferencing equipment only works if people want to use it. Research has shown that if picture and sound quality isn’t there, frustration will lead to abandonment or the need for more travel to face-to-face meetings.  Peer to Peer Services such as Skype, and Google Hangouts are great for one to one or a few users,  but once you have the need to get multiple people on the call you will run into problems with quality.  Talk Fusion hosts 5 webinars a day with over 1000 people on each call.  For a sample of the quality, visit to see either a live event or a recorded version of the call quality.  Talk Fusion works with large corporations such as DHL, Applebee’s, Make a Wish Foundation, and has thousands of customers in over 100 Countries Worldwide.  It works very well for the money…period…

6. Is it difficult to set up the videoconferencing equipment? How hard is Talk Fusion to use?

Implementing a new technology system and learning how to use it is rarely easy. And in many cases, video conferencing is no exception.   However, Talk Fusion is almost a plug-and-play solution.  When it comes to hosting your first video conference, the task shouldn’t be any more complex than making a phone call to your distributor to walk you through it, or you can simply watch the Video Conference tutorials that are readily available to you online in the system.  Talk Fusion makes it simple to start hosting webinars and you can be a pro within 30 minutes to an hour of training.

7. Are there additional benefits or features that come with Talk Fusions Video Conferencing?

Whether connecting to your own team or another company, one great benefit of video conferencing is the ability to share presentations and multimedia instantly with colleagues across the world. Multimedia sharing is a separate high-quality stream and does not take the place of a participant, so everyone can view every file with ease. File sharing happens in HD, and is simple to do.   The video and audio quality is very impressive.  You can also use a whiteboard to draw diagrams and examples, change layouts on the fly to maximize the presentation screen or allow chat or other video/audio conversations to go on simultaneously.  Talk Fusion allows for a lot of flexibility on their Video Conferencing Service, and it’s simple to use.

8. How many different people can be on one Video Conference Call?

Unlimited.  Remember that you can have 15 Live Video/Audio Feeds from different people that can speak live on the call for full interaction, but you can have 10,000 people on the Video Conference for the same $35 a month.  Do Your Homework – This is an incredible value in the industry. Most services charge for adding participants, and especially live video/audio feeds, but Talk Fusion is just one simple price for unlimited users.  No Gotchas!

9. Who in my company could benefit from Video Conferencing?

Anyone whose role requires in-person meetings and effective communication could see real value in video conferencing. The benefits grow for those who share presentations, or draw concepts on a white board for feedback. Reducing travel, increasing productivity, saving time and money and “going green” are just a few of the benefits our clients realize through the use of video conferencing.  Executives and their teams, professors and their students, medical practitioners and their patients, and service providers and their clients have already been benefiting from video communications for years. Video is now truly for anyone, anywhere, and quality has
never been better.

10. How do I get started with Talk Fusion?

If you think your organization could benefit from better communication, we at Talk Fusion believe you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.
Evaluate our entire variety of Video Communication products and solutions that could suit your needs HERE. And when you are ready for a demo that will
change the way you view video communications, call me.  I look forward to speaking with you soon

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