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Video Marketing is a broad topic that I focus on this particular site when it comes to all types of Video Service, Producing Videos, Video Submission, and utilizing Video with Social Media.  Their are also many options available with it comes to Video Communication Services.  I wanted to introduce you to the Talk Fusion Video Service consisting of 8 Cutting Edge Video Products that can enhance any business, and/or network marketing opportunity.  I will explain the Talk Fusion Video Service below, and I have included several videos at the bottom for you to Check out to see “Who’s Using Talk Fusion” (DHL, Make-A-Wish, Applebees), and how they use the services, and how much it is to join Talk Fusion as a customer or a distributor.  I will also show how you can benefit from the Talk Fusion Video Services in your business and make a nice referral income by simply using the services if you’re open to it.

The 8 Products are Video Email, Video Conferencing (Like WebEx or Goto Meeting), Video Auto Responders (GetResponse, Aweber,Constant Contact only way cooler!), E-Subscription Forms, Live Broadcasting (Churches, Bands, Live Events), Video Blog (WordPress, Blogger), Video Share, and Fusion Wall (Youtube).  Talk Fusion charges $35 a month for ALL of these services.

Goto Meeting and WebEx charge no less than $49 for their smallest webinar package for starters, Aweber charges no less than $19 a month for their Opt-In Email Forms, Churches, Entertainers, and Sports Teams typically pay at least $100 for Live Broadcasting (you can record these too), and Email Marketing Services like Constant Contact are typically at least $20 a month.  So for $35 Talk Fusion Video Services are an excellent value.

I was paying much more than that for similar individual services like Aweber for a contact manager and E-Subscription Form, WebEx for video conferencing, and Constant Contact for my email service, and I didn’t have the other products Talk Fusion offers.  I was paying around $200 a month for communication services before I decided to join Talk Fusion.   So for me, Talk Fusion Service simply made sense as a way to manage my contacts, and assist me in following up with prospects.

If you are blogging newbie, or a seasoned professional, I think Talk Fusion makes perfect sense to use as a primary contact manager as well as a first in class prospecting/follow-up tool. If you are looking for a legitimate home based business opportunity, Talk Fusion is a great opportunity for anyone, and I do mean anyone.

EVERYONE sends email and every business needs a better way to communicate, follow up, host webinars, have a way to reach their client base on a regular basis, and to stand out amongst their competition. Talk Fusion Video Communication Services do all of the above, AND there is a referral part time income attached to it!

A point to consider is when you are looking at a Network Marketing Opportunity, you need to ask yourself “What is my goal?” Most people can’t quit their job and go full time with any Network Marketing company. They aren’t designed to get rich quick unlike you may have been led to believe. I like network marketing companies personally where you don’t have to change what you’re doing (A Landscape guy now selling skin care or vitamins), but rather market products that will enhance the way they do business.   The Talk Fusion Business Opportunity is one that allows you to continue to work in your current occupation, increase your income there because its a more efficient way to conduct business, and build a very nice income on the side.

I started using Talk Fusion to market my primary business, but it has quickly become a very nice side income stream for me.  Its frustrating that some people in network marketing say they won’t use anything that will conflict with what they are already doing.  Talk Fusion can also “White Label” the product for you for an added fee if that is your concern.  I get the conflict of doing too much, but Talk Fusion is a very inexpensive solution as a contact manager and follow-up tool for prospects.  People will ask “How did you do that?” and “What service does that?” so be prepared.  Quite simply its one of the most viral network marketing products I’ve ever seen.  Isn’t that what we all want rather than chase people down to tell them all about our great products and services?  Wouldn’t it be nice if just simply by sending video emails for birthdays, Holidays, Customer Appreciation quickly, that people would come ask YOU how you did that?

There are 3 Ways to Get Started with Talk Fusion:

$125 Video Email Service and $20 a Month. Store contacts, and market to your list of prospects and clients

$250 Executive Package and $35 Monthly for all 8 Video Communication Products Talk Fusion offers.

$750 Elite Package, $35 a month, 3 Business Centers, White Label Ability, 500 Templates to choose from and much much more with all the packages.  See all the packages here Package_Pricing_2011

Get Started Today at and thanks for evaluating our services and business opportunity.  Check out some of the Talk Fusion Videos below, and please feel free to call me with any questions at 865.388.4000 or email me at [email protected]

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Talk Fusion Video