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Talk Fusion Affiliate Network, Talk fusion OpportunityI want you to take a moment, and pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.  If you’re anything like me, you have always had a goal to find a way to build a Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing Business online.  A business that creates a residual income with products you don’t have to sample, taste, touch, feel, or smell.

If you’ve followed what the Top Affiliate Marketers around the Globe have done, they have partnered with Web Hosting Companies, Pay Per Click Advertising,  through Google and Yahoo, Training Videos/Services, Video Submission Services, and Lead Generation Systems to name a few.

What all of these products have in common is exactly what I just mentioned…You don’t have to see and touch them to know about them.  They are technology based products and services, or systems that don’t have many moving parts other than for the companies that operate the Service Platforms.  Affiliate Marketers are brokers for those companies within their affiliate network, and they keep a portion of the profits for referring those services.

Another large component of Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing is within the Direct Selling Industry.  Network Marketers all over the world are posting information about their opportunities on every social network out there.  The challenge for the Network Marketer that tries to market their service online is that a Weight Loss Shake, a Candle, a Cream, Skincare Products, or Coffee has to be tasted, smelled, examined, and on trial for a period of time.  It’s tough to close a deal over the internet on a PRODUCT you can’t try first.

I’m a member of MLSP, and one of the things I’ve learned in the past year is that the “Old School” Network Marketing leaders don’t want people to resort to the internet for leads, and I somewhat agree with them for the above mentioned facts stated for Network Marketers. The biggest reason your upline doesn’t want you to build a network marketing business online, again with some merit, is it can be a distraction to the simple system they have in place.  It could be that home parties, product sampling, and opportunity meetings are their system to build the business.

However, for those that don’t have an extensive network, or don’t like going to home parties, calling friends and family, or traveling all over the country for opportunity meetings, there are many that are struggling to find “their way” online to build a profitable niche business.

What if there was a business that could pay you instantly (within 2 minutes), had no inventory, was based on Technology, and was in the Direct Selling industry?  We all know of people that have made their fortune through Network Marketing.  It’s a fact that Network Marketing is a proven way to distribute products, and its here to stay.  What if there was a hybrid Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing Program that Internet Marketers could start marketing on multiple sites that paid upfront commissions, bonuses, and residuals long term?

Well there is…let me introduce you to the Talk Fusion Global Affiliate Network. In addition to Talk Fusion being one of the top Network Marketing Opportunities Globally,  it can also be implemented as a great affiliate program because it offers 8 Video Communication Services that people are already using for their businesses and personal use.  Some of their competitors you already know, and they too offer affiliate programs.  Companies such as Aweber, Constant Contact, WebEx, Goto Meeting,  iContact, etc offer similar technologies to Talk Fusion, but you can get Video services such as Video Email Marketing, Video Conferencing, Video Submission software, Live Broadcasting and more for one low price of $35 monthly.

I am introducing an Affiliate Network within my own Talk Fusion Team to qualified participants based on an easy-to-follow system that will allow our Affiliate Network Team to receive qualified leads from 10-15 Different Sites that are already receiving traffic.  Our Affiliate Network will grow over time, and you have a limited time to claim your spot on our team for your particular region or Country.   We expect to have over 100 Leaders Internationally that will participate with our Affiliate Program within 6 Months.  However,  this is an Elite Affiliate Program that has several requirements to maintain your qualified Status so that you can be listed as our representative for Talk Fusion in your given area.

Think of it like this…We are creating a team that wants to localize the internet traffic where possible to an Affiliate Network throughout the world.  If someone in Dallas, TX, London, China, or Mexico wants to join Talk Fusion, we would like to connect to someone locally that is a reliable leader within our Affiliate Network that lives reasonably close, but also speaks their language.  We are also looking for people that speak and can write in German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Czech, English, Polish, and Hungarian.  Talk Fusion is available today as a business opportunity in over 200 Countries and these 8 Languages.  There are also Video Email templates from 15+ Languages, and the ability to translate the website into multiple languages instantly.  We are also looking for people familiar with Blogging, SEO, or the ability to learn the basics when it comes to writing articles and creating videos.  You will have a listing for the Region or Country that you live in, and your contact information will be listed accordingly along with a picture, Bio, and Video Testimonial when possible.

Again, this is not the average Affiliate Program where you post a link on a blog or website and get a commission to be listed as one of our partners.  There are some mandatory guidelines that are simple, and if done properly, will be extremely lucrative for all those involved in our Affiliate Program.

The Basic Guidelines are as Follows:

  1. They Must Believe in the Talk Fusion Services and Attend One of Our Webinars at  We don’t want someone “on the fence” about our opportunity, just those that see it for what it is…the best value in video communications in the world, along with the best global business opportunity.
  2. They Must Be a Bronze Qualified Distributor within 72 Hours.  Sponsor 2 people in 72 Hours, or have 10 People on your team evenly balanced (5 Right, 5 Left) within a 30 Day time-frame.  These are easy qualifications and non-negotiable as part of our Global Affiliate Network.
  3. You Must Join as an Executive or Higher Upfront, and Upgrade to the Elite Package within 90 Days.
  4. You Must Agree to Write An Article (with UNIQUE Content…not copied) on a Relative Topic to or Submit Video Content to the Site a Rolling Average of twice per month.  Direct Selling, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Testimonials, Success Stories, etc are examples of the type of content that we are looking for….Very simple to do
  5. You Must Agree to refrain from Cross-Selling your leads to another Network Marketing Opportunity.  This should go without saying, but I think you will find that your participation in our Affiliate Network will be extremely lucrative without having to resort to dishonest tactics.
  6. You must call your leads or email them back within 24 Hours of receiving their contact information.  2 Complaints and you will be removed from our Affiliate Program.
  7. You must Show Proof of Generating A Rolling Average of 15 Backlinks per Month or a Total of 100 Backlinks to to have a lifetime qualification.
TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More and that is our goal for creating this Affiliate Network of Talk Fusion Distributors around the world.  If you follow our simple plan of operation, the results from the Network Marketing compensation plan should allow for a healthy 6-Figure Income from our Affiliate Network within 9-12 Months.  Once you are an Affiliate we will send you the complete operational plan, but we encourage all of our affiliates to keep it simple.  Talk Fusion has a Simple 3 Step Plan:
  1. Invite People to Take A Look At Talk Fusion’s Service or Opportunity
  2. Have them Watch Our Live Webinars or Recorded Webinars
  3. Do a 3-Way Call with Someone in Your Upline to Answer Questions
The Talk Fusion program WITHOUT leads all over the world is very easy to duplicate, and there are a few key reasons why it’s ranked one of the Top 20 Home Based Businesses at 3rd Party Review Sites such as,, and More.  Our Affiliate Network will have a clear advantage using our Lead Generation System from our Affiliate Partners, but lets focus on what is already working and in place.
  1. Instant Pay – Make a Sale and you get paid within minutes, as does your entire Team when they cycle
  2. #1 Alexa Rating of all Direct Selling Companies Worldwide – It’s the Most Visited Website of All the Network Marketing Companies in the World
  3. Low Cost of Entry – You can join for $125, $250 or $750 and the Monthly Requirement is only $20-35 a Month (Very High Retention)
  4. Amazing Value – We are Priced Below Market for Similar Services. WebEx alone is $49 a month but you get 8 Total Video Communication Services
  5. Mercedes Car Program – One of the Most Attainable & Sustainable Car Programs in the Direct Selling Industry
  6. Global Business – Talk Fusion is available in over 200 Countries, and 100 of them don’t have distributors currently.  Huge Upside when you consider Talk Fusion makes templates for almost any language Internationally, and Translates our Product Video in 8 Languages currently. Global Cash Cards work Internationally
  7. Duplicatable System – Invite People to a Webinar with an Email or Phone Call, Watch The Webinar, 3-way call with your upline (Simple and No Inventory)
In Closing, an Affiliate Program is not the only way to build a successful Network Marketing Business but our Affiliate Network will have a decided advantage over any other team within Talk Fusion in my opinion.  We are building a Team Concept for connecting local distributors when possible, but also a complete educational system that will help you with your own Affiliate Marketing Website long term.  We encourage you to write about whatever you’d like on your own website…Personal Development, Martial Arts,  Insurance Business, Animal Interests, Real Estate, Personal Training, you name it! We will help you dominate your niche in your local market just by implementing the training you will learn, but you will also be able to capitalize on the massive Global Business Opportunity we have with our Talk Fusion Affiliate Network.
Talk Fusion Business Opportunity
Timing is everything, and taking action on a good opportunity is crucial when it comes to positioning yourself to be successful.  We are looking to effectively work with a team of 100-150 Representatives around the Globe to be part of this exclusive Affiliate Program.  Signing up for Talk Fusion is not a guarantee that you can participate in our Affiliate Network.  We have to make sure we have a vested partner in our Program…someone that shares our vision, loves Talk Fusions’ Services, and sees Talk Fusion for what it is…The #1 Global Home Based Business Opportunity/Affiliate Program in the World.

Our Affiliate Network Partners will get leads from all over the world, be positioned to be the Leader in their Particular Country, Region, or Native Language.  This Affiliate Program is not designed to sign up a bunch of people and forget them after the sale.  It was designed solely to help 100 or more hungry individuals find success on a Global Scale, work as a Global team, bridge the language barriers that exist in most Global Business Opportunities, Provide Leads to our Affiliate Network Team Members Daily to Build Successful Online Businesses, and provide amazing video communication services to thousands of people around the Globe.
Fill out the Form Below Completely and Someone From Our Team Will Get in Touch With You within 24 Hours:
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Talk Fusion Affiliate Network

Talk Fusion Affiliate Network

Talk Fusion Affiliate Network