Solavei Wireless Overview

solavei-wirelessSolavei is a New Social Commerce company that is setting records not only in the Direct Selling Industry, but in the wireless industry as well as Corporate America.  Solavei will become a household name within the next 18 months. Today Solavei is the fastest growing wireless company in the world, and to date they’ve added 200K Members in less than 8 months time.  This makes Solavei the fast growing mobile service provider in history, and they didn’t spend one dime on advertising!

You see, that’s what Social Commerce does.  Mark Zuckerberg recently quoted that if he had to guess Social Commerce would be the next big thing.  Facebook is an example of a Social network that brings people together to form a community, interact with one another, and monetize by selling advertising.  LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter are other examples but we’ve seen these companies explode over the lastsolavei-marketplace few years.  We build the content, they keep all the money.  Make Sense?

Solavei does things a little differently.  Social Commerce is designed to make commerce less expensive on common goods and services people use everyday.  Solavei’s Social Commerce model brings a community together, like Facebook, that shares goods and services such as Mobile Phone Service or Shopping from Major Retailers such as Sam’s Club, Walmart, Sears, Home Depot, GNC, Starbucks etc and Solavei’s members share in the revenues generatedMake More Sense?  We think so too!

At Solavei we talk about doing 3 Simple things in our business.

  1. Get In – Join Solavei for Free, not $500 Like Most MLM Companies
  2. Get Social – Use the Free Websites and Marketing System to Share Solavei with Others
  3. Get Free – The First Start is to Get Free Mobile Phone Service which is Easy to Do

Solavei Compensation Plan

How Do you Get Paid on Solavei?  The Solavei Compensation is very simple, yet powerful for the averagesolavei-compensation-plan person.  The Solavei business model isn’t built on $500 Distributor kits, it’s built on real products that people use everyday, and designed to save money, not spend more! (How Refreshing!) Solavei is FREE to join, and you simply share the savings with others, and Solavei pays you a referral commission.  Download the Solavei Compensation Plan Here, and Watch This Brief Video Below to Learn More:

Join Solavei Today at or Visit to Take Our Free Tour about this exciting, life-changing opportunity!