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Setting up your Solavei WordPress theme is, in my opinion, a very importent component of your success in the Solavei Business Opportunity.  Never worked with WordPress?  Don’t know graphic design or how to upload pictures or videos to wordpress?  No worries!  This Solavei training tutorial for setting up your Solavei WordPress theme will walk you through every step of the blog set up process.

Why Use the Solavei WordPress Blog Theme?

Before we begin lets talk about a few reasons why you would want to use the Solavei wordpress theme in your business.

  1. Choose Your Own Domain Name –  No more etc which is hard for people to remember or get typed in.  I use for example which is simple to remember, but many older people don’t know how to type in the browser and they use google to search for it.  This domain will show up in the search results instantly which makes it easier for people to sign up.
  2. Easy to Get Local Traffic Instantly – Don’t know SEO or how to start blogging?  Focus on building your local market first and you will get traffic immediately.  Nationally is tougher because you will run into skilled marketers that know SEO.  But in local markets, there are very few cellphone dealers that do a good job of marketing their business online. Focus on local keywords in your local market or state.  For example, I like in Knoxville, TN so I would focus on blogging about cellphone stores in knoxville, cellphones in Knoxville, Solavei Knoxille, Solavei Tennessee etc when I’m writing my post.
  3. Better Closing Percentage when Presenting Solavei – The standard site is ok, but the Solavei wordpress theme has every tool you need when you send someone there to check out the Solavei opportunity.  You have all the videos in one place, and they are awesome tools.  You have an optin box for people to contact you, an enroll link for them to sign up, a picture, bio of you, a place to post articles or videos, or your phone number to contact you directly.  It has it all!
  4. Makes Your Business Look More Professional – The Solavei WordPress theme looks incredible within 5-10 minutes of work.  No design needed.  No email marketing tools needed, and its YOUR website, not a company cookie-cutter site people are used to seeing in most MLM’s.

Solavei Training – Solavei WordPress Theme Tutorial

Let’s get started with the Solavei WordPress tutorial!

First you need a hosting account and a domain.  I highly recommend Bluehost. It’s fine if you use GoDaddy or Hostgator, but those can be VERY cumbersome to use and I don’t support them on my end.  If you buy Bluehost from my link, I will help you install wordpress on your own site, as well as give you 30 minutes of consulting.  Again, it doesn’t matter to me where you host your domain.  just know upfront this can be very simple to do with that right hosting company. It can also be a major pain in the butt too with the wrong one.

Choosing a Domain for your Solavei wordpress theme is also very important.  Make sure to read the Solavei_Brand_Guidelines to make sure your site is compliant with Solavei.  Visit for tips on choosing a good domain.  If you’re brand new to blogging, try to think local for your state or city, and also try to include prepaid, cellphones, or prepaid phone etc in your domain.

Once you have chosen your domain, you are ready to install wordpress with your hosting company.  Don’t worry, if you are with Bluehost or a hosting company with simple scripts it will only take a few minutes.  Go ahead and download the Solavei WordPress Theme here so you can install it on your website.

Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial for the Solavei WordPress theme set up.

Now that you have your Solavei WordPress theme set up you are ready to start posting content.  Again, focus on local terms first until you build your content up or if you have a solid domain name you may have a chance to rank nationally.  It takes solavei wireless reviewtime, consistency, and a commitment to blogging a few times a month, or a few times a week for even more success.

For more wordpress training visit where you will find a free step by step guide to setting up a successful blog online.  Fortunately, Solavei takes all the hard work out of setting up a successful WordPress site and gives us a great looking, highly converting theme to use in our business!

If you like this tutorial, please like or share this article with others.  If you’re ready to get started with Solavei, contact us today or simply enroll at  Make it a great day!

Solavei Training

Solavei Training

Solavei Training