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solavei-testimonialsI joined Solavei Wireless on August 28, 2012. Solavei was in pre-launch and no one knew that much about the company.  However, I was paying Verizon around $400 per month for 5 phones for our family.  Just by switching to Solavei we lowered our cellphone bill to $230/month and saved over $2,000 per year.  We have 6 children so any amount of savings is great! 

I got excited about the potential of Solavei and shared it with a few people.

In 30 Days I eliminated my phone bill…

In 60 Days I was over a $1,000 per month in residual income, and I continue to share what this company is doing for people.  It’s changed our lives personally by saving first, and providing a solid income that is not predicated on distributor kits like most MLM companies.

I was totally burnt out on the typical MLM model of hype and inflated pricing on the same ole same ole.  What’s so refreshing about Solavei is it is built entirely on consumer consumption.

No Cost to Join Solavei- A Real Product & Service – No Distributor Kits – Best Value in the Marketplace

Solavei is changing lives daily.  Solavei is something everyone can do, and everyone can afford to do.

Save money on Products and Services you use everyday, and Get Paid Referrals by Sharing Solavei with Others.  It’s Just that Simple!

Here Stories from Real People Just Like You as They share their Solavei Testimonials:

Solavei Testimonial from Mike and Heather

Solavei Member Testimonial from Michael and Delight

Solavei Thousandaire Video

solavei-thousandaireEarning a $1000 is actually quite easy to do with Solavei.  In fact, Solavei’s mission is to create a million Thousandaire’s across the globe.  Solavei knows that if every family could earn an extra $1000 per month to their household income, it would dramatically change to way they live.

What would an extra $1000 per month do for you?

People from all walks of life are taking advantage of the Solavei Opportunity, and getting great results.  We have homeless people (literally) earning $1000 or more per month.  It’s all up to you to take action, and start sharing this amazing business and service.

Watch this great video from other Solavei Thousandaires that simply took action and got results:

solavei-compensation-planAs you can see,  Solavei was designed for the average person to get extraordinary results if they choose to take action.

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