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solavei faq,solavei.solavei phone equipmentI made this Solavei FAQ page to answer the many questions people.  Many people will join Solavei in the next year, and many people will investigate the business opportunity to see whether or not Solavei is a good fit for them.  Solavei is a technology based company that markets mobile devices and that alone brings many questions about the company, the phone equipment, the wireless coverage of T-Mobile and AT&T (Solavei service partners), as well as the compensation plan and more.

I’ve been in the telecommunication/wireless industry for almost 20 years now, and I’m excited about Solavei because of what I know about the technology, the timing, and the void that Solavei replaces in the wireless industry.  I decided to put together a Solavie FAQ page to answer some of the questions you may have about Solavei.  I’m sure it will evolve over time, but here are a few videos that address the Solavei FAQ‘s.  I hope you enjoy them and that you find them helpful.

Please leave a comment on my page if I can answer anything else, or if I answered your questions appropriately.  If you’re a Social member, feel free to share these Solavei FAQ videos and written answers to Solavei FAQ’s with members of your team as well.

Solavei FAQ – Solavei vs Other Wireless Companies

How does Solavei compare to other wireless companies such as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile?  What is the difference between CDMA vs GSM? Why did Solavei choose T-Mobile?  Solavei vs Lightyear Wireless or ACN for direct selling? We address these questions in the following video.

Solavei FAQ – Does Solavei Sell Phones? Can you use your Verizon phone on Solavei? Sprint? How do you join Solavei?

Solavei FAQ – Solavei and Contracts – Can You Join Solavei if you have a contract with Verizon or AT&T? 

Solavei FAQ – How do you Make Money with Solavei?  How lucrative is the Solavei Compensation Plan?

Solavei FAQ – Does Solavei Sell Phones? Where are the best places to buy phones?
Ebay has numerous unlocked AT&T or T-Mobile phones to choose from.  I would recommend getting a 4G phone with a Droid operating system to take full advantage of the Solavei unlimited Prepaid service.  You should be able to find a nice Droid phone for around $125 to $250, with new ones in the $200-300 range.  Craigslist is also an excellent way to find unlocked GSM (AT&T or T-Mobile) phones for a good deal.  There are also a number of cell phone repair stores popping up that fix phones, and resell them in their stores.  Google Cell Phone Repair Store and you should find plenty of options to choose from there.  This new business service is due to the growing popularity of prepaid phones.  Make sense?  I hope it does when it comes to joining Solavei.  There is a trend happening, and Solavei is capitalizing on it.

Solavei FAQ – How much is it to join Solavei? How much is the monthly service? Are there Monthly Autoships?

Solavei FAQ – Solavei vs Vitel Wireless?  Take a look at the upfront charges or monthly addon charges before you compare Solavei to Vitel.  Social commerce is different folks, and Solavei “gets it”.
Solavie FAQ – Solavei vs  Is Life Mobile better than Solavei for making money? Is it easier?
Someone told me the other day that Life Mobile was a better deal for the distributors than Solavei.  You only have to refer 3 etc.  This video is my response to that.  Feel free to share this if you are in Solavei. Pretty compelling video

Solavei FAQ – Need to Reach Solavei?  Solavei Customer Service Number, Solavei Pay Card Info

Solavei Customer Service  Phone Number   1 (866) SOLAVEI (765-2834)  600 am – 8 :00 pm PT  7 Days

Solavei FAQ – Online Member Support

Go to and search, browse or start a discussion to get help from other Solavei Members. View the most frequently viewed Documents and Questions.

Solavei FAQ – Solavei PayCard Information:  

 solavei faq888-913-0900 website: Pay Card

Solavei FAQ – Solavei International Long Distance:

Provided by Elite Telecom  website:  (1800# coming soon)

Solavei FAQ – Can you use an iPhone with Solavei?
YES…you can use iPhones with Solavei up to the iPhone 5. Solavei currently doesn’t work with the iPhone 5 due to the Nano chip which they don’t offer presently. Not to worry however, as I suspect T-Mobile and Solavei are fully aware of the iPhone’s fan base and it’s a simply network compatibility issue for 4G, not 2G data speeds.  Most iPhones in the US are 3G compatible anyway, and only recent models come with 4G.  My point is that many iPhone users connect to wi-fi to reduce their data charges already.  Use your iPhone with confidence today and realize that very soon T-Mobile and Solavei will have the 4G speed issue resolved in my humble opinion.

Solavei FAQ – How much is Solavie Prepaid Wireless? Are there Overage Fees with Solavei?
$49 a Month for Unlimited Prepaid Talk Text, and Data.  no Overage fees, no gotchas.  They don’t exist

Does Solavei have the Best Prepaid Wireless Plan? How do they compare with others? Boost, Virgin, Cricket, Straight Talk, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile
 Take a look at all the carriers, and you will find that Solavei hands down has the best Value in prepaid simply for the service alone, but when you addin the fact they pay for referrals, it gets a lot clearer.  Solavei is a great deal for the consumer.

Solavei FAQ – Can I port my current phone number to Solavei?

The ability to port a number (i.e. bring your own number) is available during the Enrollment process so the answer is yes. Members also have the option for Solavei to assign them a mobile number.  Do NOT turn your number or phone off from your current carrier until you go through activations with Solavei.  You will want to transfer your number at the time of activations, not after if you intend on converting your service to Solavei.


Tips & Tricks:

    • The PIN/Password is the information used to access your account when you call your provider. It is NOT the password used to log into your account online.
      • Common PINs/Passwords:
        • Last 4 of the SSN
        • 8 digit DOB (example 01311980)
      • Do not enter special characters or hyphens. Often times AT&T account numbers have a -00001 at the end, this is not needed when you port to Solavei.
      • If your mobile service is bundled with other services like landline, Internet etc., you may have a master account number and a mobile account number. Use the mobile account number to complete your port.
      • If your mobile number is with US Cellular you may be asked to provide additional information to complete your port.
Solavei FAQ – What if I’m still in a contract with another mobile service provider?
Two-year contracts with hefty ETFs (Early Termination Fees) are a hassle! Keep in mind that all Solavei service is contract-free, so once you switch, you’ll never have to worry about ETFs again. In the meantime, here are 3 strategies for dealing with the ETFs of other carriers when you switch to Solavei.

Solavei FAQ -Can I bring my iPhone to Solavei?

At our launch, the iPhone will be categorized as a “Usable Phone”. This means that if you have an unlocked GSM version of the iPhone, you’ll be able to put in a Solavei SIM card and get a quality voice and text experience, with data at 2G speeds. For info on iPhones, see

Solavei FAQ – Will Solavei offer iPhone 5 Nano-Sims?

At this time we will not support the new SIM Card for the iPhone 5. We do not recommend altering your Solavei SIM to fit the iPhone5 new, smaller design. Our technical and mobile teams are working to support the new SIM cards in the future.

Solavei FAQ – When will unlocked iPhone 5’s be available?

Apple has not announced a date for unlocked iPhone 5’s at this time. Please remember that Solavei will also need to have Nano SIM’s available for an unlocked iPhone 5 to work on our network.

Solavei FAQ – Will Solavei offer insurance for phones?

Unfortunately, we are not offering insurance at this time.  However, there are Phone insurance companies online that will insure your phone.  One I like is Keep in mind the savings you will have over Post-Paid contract pricing (ie Verizon, Sprint, etc) and if you save $500-1000 a year on service, it is very easy to justify buying a replacement phone from Ebay, Craigslist, or many cities now have Cell Phone Repair stores that keep phones in stock.  GSM phones (Sim card based) are readily available, and easily transferable once you have joined Solavei as a customer.

Solavei FAQ – Will there be data speed reduction (throttling) with Solavei service? Is there any overage charges for Solavei?

Data speed will only be reduced for the duration of the billing cycle when members exceed 4GB of data. You can still use data, at a lower speed, and will NOT be charged overage! This clarification has been added to

Solavei FAQ – Will there be retail locations to purchase Solavei SIM cards?

During our first phase of launch, the Solavei Team will be focused on empowering personal connections. We have submitted the desire to have retail, kiosks and packages of SIM cards purchased to the Solavei Marketing and Product teams. After our nationwide launch we will be able to provide additional details on the capabilities for Retail locations. You can however utilize our Brand guidelines and submit materials through the Brand approval process:

Solavei FAQ – International Dialing pricing for voice and text: 

Not yet…but Coming soon!  Solavei wireless uses GSM Technology, and 73% of the World uses GSM (Verizon and Sprint don’t btw)  It’s possible that Solavei will expand Internationally within 12 months, though it is not certain.  However, if it does, imagine the possibilities…

Solavei FAQ

Solavei FAQ

Solavei FAQ