How do you make money with Solavei? Solavei Compensation Plan

Learn How to Earn with Solavei

How to get paid with Solavei? Get Paid to Share….

The Solavei Compensation Plan consists of 4 distinct components:

Fast Action Bonus (FAB)
Trio Pay
Path Pay
Path Bonus

1. Fast Action Bonus (FAB)

Is a 60-day incentive program that automatically starts upon enrollment.
Provides members with the ability to earn an immediate bonus up to $650 in the first 60 days.
The 60-day timeline runs from the date the Member joins Solavei and is referenced by a countdown clock in the Member Community. This clock will be clearly displayed for the 60 days and will countdown backwards in days, hours, and minutes.
Is only paid on Service Members and Social Members. FAB is not paid on Social Members without Service.
Is only paid on Trios that are signed up directly by you.
Solavei Compensation Plan Payment structure is as follows:

  • Pays $50 for 1st Trio
  • Pays an additional $100 for 2nd Trio
  • Pays an additional $200 for 3rd Trio
  • Pays an additional $300 for 4th Trio

Each of the four FAB Bonuses ($50, $100, $200, $300) will be paid within the semi-monthly Solavei Compensation Plan period earned. You do not have to wait until the 60-day timeframe ends!

There are two cut offs for this Bonus. The first one is midnight of the 15th day of the month to be paid on the 24th day of the month. The second one is the last day of the month to be paid on the 12th day of the following month.

2. Trio Pay

Pays $20 per month for Trios in one’s Personal Network.
Trio Pay is unlimited in the Solavei Compensation Plan and can be built continually. Members can continue to add Trios into perpetuity and earn money on them each month for as long as the Trio is not broken.
A Trio will cease to exist if one or more Members of the trio stop paying for mobile service. When this occurs, the $20 associated with that Trio would cease to be paid.
The Solavei Community will provide a view of your network and the status of its Members.

Horizontal Compression: Re-forms a trio if the Member has Members in their personal network not already assigned to a trio. For example: if someone has 4 Members they have brought in, thus getting paid for a Trio with one left over, and their Trio breaks (someone drops out), their 4th Member will automatically slot in and complete the Trio so there is no breakage in their pay. No additional actions are required from the Member, the system that Solavei has designed will compress automatically when a Trio breaks.

Vertical Compression: There is no vertical compression within the Solavei Compensation Plan. This means that if the sponsor becomes deactivated, their place in the network remains unfilled. The rest of the network remains unchanged.

Trio Pay is based on monthly service plan fees paid by Members with the earnings calculated and paid semi-monthly. Solavei Compensation Plan Trio Pay is earned after each Member of a trio completes their monthly mobile service anniversary, and pays the following month’s mobile service fee. Trio Pay earned between the 1st and 15th of the month is paid on the 24th Trio Pay earned between the 16th and the last day of the month is paid on the 12th of the following month.

What happens when a member does not pay for monthly service?
A grace period of five days will be available for Members who become suspended for non payment and then restore service by making a payment. If a Member makes a payment within the grace period, the Trio Pay will be earned as of the payment date. If a Member makes a payment outside the grace period, absent horizontal compression, the Sponsor will lose Trio Pay for that period and Trio Pay will begin again if all Members complete another monthly service anniversary.

Trio Pay only requires the completion of overlapping Anniversary Months of Service Members. No other activity is relevant for a Member to be paid.

Additional Trio Details:

A Trio is not created when one Member signs 2 Service Members and another Member signs 1. This does not create a Trio. A Trio is only created when one Member signs all 3 Service Members.
There is no time limit on when a Trio can be formed. E.g. Sign a Member today, another in 6 weeks, and another in 6 months. Once the final Service Member is signed to complete that Trio, the Trio will be paid from that point forward as long as it remains active.

Trios are formed automatically by the Solavei Compensation Plan System using predefined rules. There is no selection or election to be part of a particular Trio. For example, if a Member signs a new Service Member on May 20, June 2, June 7 and June 13, the Solavei Compensation Plan System will examine the first 3 Service Members signed to determine if the requirements to form a Trio have been met. If qualifications are met, the Trio is formed, but if not, the system will look at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Service Members to determine if the qualifications have been met.

3. Monthly Path Pay

· All Members in the Solavei Compensation Plan have the opportunity to earn Path Pay as they move up in Rank
· Rank is based on achieving progressively higher combinations of Personal Trios and Total Trios as reflected in the accompanying chart
· Path Pay ranges from $50 to $20,000 per month and is paid as long as the applicable numbers of Personal and Total Trios remain in place
· The number of Trios used to determine Rank is the number of Trios for which Trio Pay was earned in the prior calendar month.
· There are additional constraints that will also be considered in determining Rank
A Social Member cannot have more than 40% of the required total Trios come from any one individual within your network.
Being a Member in good standing (paid in full for all fees. i.e., $49 Membership Enrollment Fee)
Qualification for Path Pay is calculated as of the end of a calendar month and paid on the 12th of the following month.

4. Path Pay Bonuses & Ranks

A one-time Path Bonus is paid upon achieving the following Ranks:

Social Connector – $500
Social Networker – $2,000
Social Director – $5,000
Social Executive – $10,000
Social Executive 3 – $20,000

Path Bonus is earned and paid semi-monthly based on achieving the required numbers of Trios in the Solavei Compensation Plan period.

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