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This is a great story on the fact that you should NEVER judge a book by its cover!! This homeless man in Columbus, Ohio would beg for money if you wanted to hear his
This is the most disturbing video I’ve seen in a long time about the state of our economy, the financial markets, and the job market outlook.  SERIOUSLY, I wish more people understood what is
Dean Ethridge speaking live in Salt Lake City at the 2010 SendOutCards National Convention…Making A Difference. Send Out Cards is not your “normal” mlm business opportunity…it’s just NOT! SendOutCards will send over 16 Million
Mauricio’s Restaurant in Cookeville, TN is THE place to go if you are you looking for a romantic environment, to impress clients, or host a private dinner party for special occasions.  I have eaten
Chip Eichelberger, Author and Fortune 500 Speaker, talks openly with Dean Ethridge, a SendOutCards distributor, about how he uses Send Out Cards to grow his business. Visit Chip’s website at to book him
You’ve Got Mail I fully intended to sit down this morning and write an article on likeability when my day was interrupted by the mailman. Up until that time, everything was perfect. The article
Business of the 21st Century In the book “The Business of the 21st Century“, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad) discusses 8 Wealth Building Assets you can achieve from ONE Home Based Business.  I reveal all
As some of you know, I went to Vegas 2 weeks ago to learn more about Network Marketing, and Internet Marketing, and how the two mesh to help people grow a substantial business online. 
The book “FISH” has 4 principles the we should all try to emulate!  Check out this video shot from Satellite Beach about how you can incorporate these fundamental ideas into your life.  Very simple
By Mike Dillard, Founder of Magnetic Sponsoring  This guy is amazing! I am fascinated by the world we live in today, America in particular… What was once the shining beacon of hope, leadership, and