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  • Sadly, network marketing/MLM is nothing more than a microcosm of life. The vast majority of people operate in the 98 percent realm of mediocrity, which contributes to failure. That’s why most startups fail, and that’s why people fail. Sadly, many MLM companies like Solavei have given the industry a bad name because they prey on the desperation of people and their tendencies to travel down the path of least resistance–big money with little or no effort. When companies live off hype that typically over promises and under delivers, trust in the market place is corroded.

    I agree with most of your points, Dean, which makes me thankful that I chose the right company which meets your litmus test of a good company. Sorry things didn’t work out with Solavei, but I hope you will continue to be an advocate for those direct sales companies that actually provide real value in the marketplace, and at the same time, truly offer people a Plan B and way out of a lifetime of limiting beliefs and mediocrity. Take care!