Transferring Wireless Numbers to Solavei

Porting numbers to Solavei is a common concern for people looking to join Solavei.  Another concern they have if they are leaving Verizon or Sprint is losing visual voicemail.  What if you could transfer your number, avoid porting your number to Solavei, get visual voicemail and even the ability to get your voicemails typed to you or in a text to your phone?

First let’s consider the available options you have when porting your number to Solavei.

Members will have the ability to port their mobile number to Solavei in the Activation link. Members should be prepared with:

  • Mobile number
  • Account number from current carrier
  • Name on the account with current carrier
  • Password on the account with current carrier
  • Assuming all information is entered correctly, a ported number will be activated within 24 hours.

Consider Google Voice as a great alternative for Transferring your number to Solavei!

Google voice is absolutely a great option to porting your number to Solavei. 867-5309 could be one of the most iconic phone numbers of all time, but it’s not the only number that a lot of us remember by heart. Many of us have a phone number that we’ve shared with family, friends, and contacts over the years and are reluctant to let go. One of the most frequent requests we hear from people who use (or want to use) Google Voice is that they’d like to get all of Google Voice’s features without having to give up their long-time phone numbers. Today, we’re excited to announce that Number Porting is available for all existing Google Voice users. This means you can make the mobile number you’ve always used, or the one you are considering porting to Solavei, your Google Voice number, so it can ring any phone you want—or even your computer. To get started with Number Porting, log in to your Google Voice account, visit the Settings page and click on “Change / Port” next to your Google Voice number. If you’re considering porting your number to Solavei to change carriers, Porting your number to Google Voice as an option costs $20 and is usually completed within 24 hours. You may incur additional charges, including early termination fees, from your current wireless carrier. Contact your carrier to get more details about the charges applicable to you. After porting your number to Google Voice your mobile service plan will be cancelled from your current carrier, but available for use with Solavei.  There are a couple of steps that you’ll have to take to continue making and receiving calls on your Solavei phone. For more detailed instructions on how Number Porting works and to find tips for making the process as smooth as possible, visit the Google Voice Help Center. Number Porting is currently available for existing Google Voice users and will become available to new users within the next few weeks, and at this time, Google Voice is available in the U.S. only.

Benefits of Using Google Voice when Transferring Your Number to Solavei

Here are 5 more reasons to consider using Google Voice even if you are switching to Solavei Wireless Service:

1. Set up call forwarding to Your Solavei Phone

Solavei wireless customers can set up Google Voice to ring not just their Solavei mobile phone but any of your phones (landline or mobile) when calls come in. Additionally, you can set it up so that certain numbers ring only at specified times. For instance, you can make it so Google Voice only rings your office phone on weekdays, or create a custom no ring range. Google Voice users can add up to 6 phones.

2. Set up call screening using your Solavei Mobile Device

Remember the days of old-school answering machines where you could hear whoever was calling leave a message and then decide whether to pick up? Google Voice offers a similar, but more high-tech feature. By default, whenever you get a call via Google Voice the system will tell the caller that it’s contacting you. When you pick up the phone, GV will say who’s calling and give a menu of choices. You can answer, send to voicemail, or send to voicemail and listen in. If you listen in, you have the option of picking up at any time. This is seriously handy when you don’t recognize a number on caller ID or if family calls and you want to determine if they’re going to hassle you for that loan or just inform you that the Birthday party is at 10 on Saturday.

3. Forward voicemails and text messages to your Solavei Phone

In addition to seeing voicemails and text messages on your mobile phone in the Google Voice app, you can also ask the service to send them to you via e-mail or forward the texts to the SMS inbox for any mobile phone connected to the service. E-mailed voicemail notifications include the audio as a downloadable element (also available via the Google Voice page) and an automatic transcription. This is sometimes hilarious in its badness, but I find that I often don’t even need to listen to the voicemail because the transcription gives me the gist.

4. Create groups to better manage phone calls

Just as with GMail, Google Voice also has a list of contacts. In fact, it’s the same list. Within your contacts you can create Groups (Family, Co-Workers, Friends are there by default) which then allows you to get really detailed with how they can contact you. You can restrict the phones that ring when members of a group call, turn call screening on or off, and record a special voicemail greeting.

5. Make cheap international calls

Solavei customers can now take advantage of Google Voice’s low international calling rates, which includes 2 cents/minute to The UK, China, France and Mexico, among other countries. Check the full rate sheet here.  You can use your Solavei phone on wi-fi when traveling using the Google voice app, or use Solavei domestically when making outbound international calls as well.

Google voice is an EXCELLENT alternative when it comes to porting your mobile number to the Solavei wireless service without giving up features you are currently used to having.  Google voice will improve your features, not take away.  There are many more cool features to Google Voice for Solavei mobile phone users.

If you’re ready to join Solavei and port your number over to Solavei, give us a call at (865) 388-4000 or simply enroll online at and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have!