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How to Choose One of the Top MLM Companies

Top MLM CompaniesChoosing one of the Top MLM Companies is one of the first steps in creating a successful home based business.  Unfortunately, there are so many “Top MLM Companies” to choose from.  Not a week goes by that I don’t hear about the next great business opportunity, and to be honest it’s very difficult to stay focused and build a solid network marketing business from all the chatter that’s out there in the marketplace.  It’s also tough when you get involved with a company and you’re doing all you can do, but nothing is happening.  You can’t find customers, and you can’t find distributors.  So is it you or is it your company?  Honestly, it may be both but I’m going to give you some food for thought to find out if you’re with one of the Top MLM Companies or at least a solid long term opportunity to build.  I’ve made some colossal mistakes, but I’ve learned a lot in the process, and my hope is to help you avoid being with a dead opportunity and join one of the top MLM Companies.

Top MLM Companies – Are All MLM Companies Created Equal?

I started with my first real network marketing opportunity almost 3 years ago. I went full speed ahead recruiting everyone I know.  I won some awards, won a trip, got recognition…but the pay was dreadful!  The most I ever made was around $3K per month, and that is NOT financial freedom.  The more I looked at the leaders in the company, the more I realized that they were all A-Type personalities, and the top leaders were long-time network marketers which is typical, yet there was a void for the “average” person. A closer look also told me that only a handful of people were making 6-figure incomes after 4-5 years…that’s not good!  They were amazing speakers, recruiters, but I never saw the stay at home mothers, the teachers, the “average” Joe making money.

Hint 1 of Choosing one of the Top MLM CompaniesWho is Making Money?  If it’s all life-time network marketing professionals, or incredible leaders that were already wildly successful in the careers, it should be a huge red-flag.  Those leaders will tell you wait 3-5 years to be successful, it takes time, we’re about to hit momentum, etc.  This is a ginormous line of you-know-what in my opinion and if your goal is to make money, go elsewhere…it should be available much quicker than 3-5 years of decent effort.  However, I do see the appeal of building a smart part-time income where you love the product, and the money is secondary to your reason for building the business.   In this one particular company one of their top reps went to another opportunity, and in less than a year is making more in a month than she made in 2 years with the previous company. Hint 2 of Choosing One of the Top MLM Companies – Does the Product Have MASS Appeal, Some Uniqueness to It, but most importantly…Does it have a good “story”?  There are so many products being marketed in the Network Marketing Industry, and a wide variety of services as well.  Just down below I discuss the types of top MLM Companies and what we all should be looking for, but the one thing I have seen work the best is that the opening “Story” of the top MLM companies always has the ability to get a prospect to take a closer look at what you’re doing.
  • Success Stories – The stories of the top MLM Companies have widespread testimonials of people that are having success early with the company, and from a wide variety of people.  Again, life-time network marketers are almost always going to have overnight success and I for one don’t want to hear their story!  Show me the Mompreneur that made it with no background in the industry. Show me the average guy that found a duplicatable system that made his way to the top.  Now that’s a story I want to hear!  Spare me the story of a handful of people that have found success based on their previous occupation or history in the industry.  Zija, Rodan & Fields, Visalus, Gano Excel, and Talk Fusion and a few top MLM companies that I have noticed have great success story testimonials from “average” people.
  • Product Stories – The top MLM Companies also have widespread stories of people that have lost weight, changed lives by using the product, got off medications,  changes in their skin, dramatic before and after pictures of actual consumers, and/or have scientific proof that their product works. There’s just no denying that their product is a HOT one, the masses already use it regularly and consume it often, and there is overwhelming social proof surround the products impact on the consumer.  Rodan & Fields, Gano Excel, Organo Gold, SendOutCards, Team Beachbody, JuicePlus, Zija, Vemma, and Visalus are just a few companies that I know of that have great product stories.  They work for the masses, there are massive amounts of testimonials, so the social proof is already there for their distributors.
  • Experience Stories – Top MLM Companies often have great testimonials of the experiences along the journey of building their MLM.  These stories can be shared easily through Social Media.  What I’m referring to are trips, discount vacations, feel-good stories as part of the company, and personal development seminars which is a major benefit to joining top MLM companies.  Visalus has numerous events, and gives away a BMW every hour! World Ventures takes exotic trips with their reps, SendOutCards changes lives by sending random acts of kindness, and Rodan & Fields has quarterly incentives for the consultants to win trips and prizes.  All the top MLM companies understand the power of a live event and/or incentives to motivate their distributors.  Look closely at the “experience” when choosing from the top MLM companies, because it sure is a lot of fun when you’re spending time with quality people in the industry.
The Sheer Number of companies in the Direct Selling Industry makes it tough to determine what the top MLM companies are, and which one you should decide to join. First, understand that MLM is not a person or an industry. It’s a METHOD OF DISTRIBUTION where you are the captain of your ship. It’s a way for people to get paid in the deeper layers of a sales organization; and they should!  People that get involved in linear sales like cars, alarms or real estate will never see residual, passive income.  If your efforts create a chain reaction of sales, you should get a chain reaction of income.  Right? So, the justification for joining an MLM business has to come from a deep business common sense sheltered by prejudgment of the industry and how it really works. Second, you have to know how to divide the industry and find the best places to “play”. Let’s Break Down the Top MLM Companies in 4 Major Categories: 1.  The Old MLM Companies like Amway, Shaklee, Nu Skin, Avon, Herbalife, Morinda, Forever Living, Mary Kay etc. These companies have been around a long time and will be around forever. These MLM companies are very tough to grow now in my opinion. Many are bureaucratic, not progressive, and most have horrible compensation plans.  Compensation plans that depend on you constantly recruiting wide DO NOT WORK for the masses in the MLM Industry anymore!  Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!  If your comp plan doesn’t promote TEAM, helping your downline forever with overrides for both parties…Look elsewhere!  Binaries, and Hybrid-Binaries are the New Plans out there, and where people are having massive success. I’m looking for more than just earning a few thousands dollar a month and Unilevel Plans, though popular in the 90’s,  are VERY tough to build!  Breakaway Unilevels SUCK!  Does it make sense to leave your best partners behind to build another team?? Ugh again…The average person recruits 2.7 people into a MLM Company.  Use this fact to determine if you can be successful with your chosen opportunity.  Getting upline help, and being able to help keep your team motivated by throwing them a bone every now and then is HUGE! 97% of People quit Network Marketing because they never gained momentum or got burnt out trying to constantly recruit their  friends and family.  Visit my Empower Network page for a Blogging Education System that consistently brings new prospects to your opportunity, and run like hell from comp plans that just don’t work…IF you want to make money! 2. The “good” companies that despite their good products never made it big. Their recruiting pitch is we are “stable,” we’ve been around a “long time,” we have a “great product,” BUT there is something either in their product or compensation plan or management or marketing strategy that just doesn’t jive. They are stuck and can’t move forward. In reality they will never hit critical mass.  If you are to make a lot of money in MLM, the top MLM Companies can reach critical mass early on, not 15 years from now.  Look at the top MLM Companies sales figures and compare them to your company.  Are they growing in double digit numbers annually?  Is the market large enough to sustain massive upside growth?  Is their product consumed often?  Reasonable auto-ship in this economy?  Expensive for the average person to join? Is the payout based on recruiting All are important factors, but use your common sense to answer this one. 3. Companies owned by billionaires or people with a high degree of success in other industries. These are the MLM me-too, pretenders and wanna be’s. Many billionaires, Wall Street tycoons, commercial moguls and celebrities have tried to come in MLM. They think because they made  it big before they can can easily be on of the top MLM companies.  Its rarely ever happens! They don’t get it.  They do not have the right mentality for MLM, and they can’t relate to their distributors.  Success in corporate America doesn’t always translate to being one of the top MLM companies. You need the HEART for it, not just the money. If  I ever decide to get into the financial or real estate or TV industry, I would love to get advice  from someone like Donald Trump, but when it cames to MLM,  he wouldn’t even make it on my list. 4. Finally, there is my type of company.  I Like a company that is young, yet has everything in place to become the next icon in the industry. They have nailed the right product, comp plan, have good capital, great functions, ownership with an extensive MLM background, and the leadership  to understand human nature and care for people. But MAN, they are so hard to find!  I’ve made some mistakes, heard it was all my fault that I wasn’t growing, wasn’t doing enough, but why is it that the same person doing the exact same has DRAMATICALLY different results?  Please understand that it CAN be the company, and not YOU! So who do you listen to? The answer is YOU!  If the product is good, it will sell. Roll in a killer comp plan, great marketing and great leadership behind a good product and how can you fail? If this product is the hands of the right company, there’s no one that can stop you, but yourself. If you have energy and passion, you can succeed.  PASSION overcomes a lot of rejections!  When your Passion becomes your Purpose, SUCCESS is the ONLY option! Don’t get influenced by the naysayers, your negative friends or family, and focus on your “WHY”. It will cost you a fortune and your career in Network Marketing if you allow doubt and negativity to creep into your mind. You are the orchestrator of your own life decisions. This review of how to choose one of the top MLM Companies will only give you the right perspective without all the hyped-up crap you will read throughout the internet. My suggestion is to stick to this industry, choose the right company and chase wealth and freedom!  “Don’t Ask for things to be easier, ask that you become better” ~ Jim Rohn   Read something positive everyday, focus on the activity not the results, make new connections often without expecting anything in return, and try to make someones day…every day!  I wish you all the best! Dean Other Incoming Search Terms:
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Top MLM Companies

Top MLM Companies

Top MLM Companies

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