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believe-mlm-movieBecome a Professional Marketer – MLM Prospecting Tips

I watched a movie the other night called “Believe” which was a hilarious spoof on MLM and how people approach the industry. Its laughable to see some of the characters and how they act about promoting their MLM companies. However, there is a lot of truth to the cheesy things we do to get more prospects for our network marketing companies.

So are people tired of network marketing or the way network marketers act?

I think maybe a little of both to be honest, but more in the way they are approached by unprofessional people about their latest and greatest supplement or lotion or potion. These days your product has to be incredibly unique, and well priced, to have any chance of surviving in the MLM industry.

More than that, the presentation tools should be first class and available to all the distributors for free or low cost to get duplication from an organization.

The old days of hype, overpriced products, and getting people to constant nightly meetings are all but over in my opinion. People are just really tired of being pitched at Church, Funerals LOL, on Social Media, and everywhere they go someone is trying to get them into their deal!

So where does that leave us if we want to approach people about an opportunity, but maybe now more importantly, a unique product proposition that will get their attention?

Value vs Hype – Focus on the Prospects Needs, Not Commission $$

Now more than ever, WIIFM (What’s In It for Me?) should be what we think about when talking to people about prospecting them for our MLM opportunity.

  • Does that product/service have mass appeal?
  • Can the product save them money on what they currently use?
  • Can they get instant results by using the product or service?
  • Is there an expensive autoship that rules out the masses staying on the program?

These are all things you HAVE to consider now when choosing a good MLM company.

MLM Prospecting Tips – How Do You Use Social Media and Facebook?

Now that said, how do we approach people to take a look at our opportunity?

Do we blast Facebook everyday pitching our products and services? Do we call our friends and family and wear them outnetwork-marketing-sucks on the phone every chance we get?

Some of my MLM Prospecting tips are to use the 90/10 Rule for Social Media. 90% of the time post things about your family, your life, good quotes and occasionally you can promote your business if you want to be more effective on attracting people to take a look at what you’re doing in business.

Use the 4 E’s when using Social Media and MLM

  1. Empower – Leave heart-felt comments and likes on OTHER peoples pages.
  2. Enlighten – Raise General awareness about a current topic or mission
  3. Entertain – Leave Funny Quotes, or Inspirational Quotes when possible
  4. Educate – If You have knowledge of a certain area or find something that will add value to someone’s day, leave those kinds of posts on your Social Media sites.

MLM Prospecting to Friends and Family – Don’t Burn Your Warm Market

When prospecting to friends and family, keep it lite! Don’t push them. Take it away by saying I ran across something pretty cool the other day, and I wanted to send you some information on it. Do you mind if I bring you some product or send you some information by email to take a look at it? It’s ok to tell me no and I’ll never bring it up again. Leave it there…and keep a friend.

Pushing your friends and family will turn people off against you forever. I know because sadly I got caught up in the whole routine. It IS devastating if you don’t get a handle on it now.   Don’t believe all the hype you hear with most overpriced MLM Companies, and certainly don’t engage in it.   Keep the expectations believable and try not to borrow the one story in a million people use to over-hype the opportunity.

Approach people professionally and you can build a nice solid business.  Otherwise, you will absolutely turn them off!

What I’ve Learned about MLM Prospecting, and Where I’m Going

mlm-hypeI’ve learned some hard, valuable lessons surround MLM Hype, chasing friends and family to join my deals, and sadly I’ve burned a lot of bridges I’m now having to repair in doing so.  Please don’t make that mistake.  Choose your business wisely.  If your product or service doesn’t pass the Walmart test or Retail Shopping Test (It’s competitively priced and will realistically sell), don’t do it!

If You have to rely on an entire downline to make your living, I absolutely don’t recommend it.  It’s a disheartening feeling trying to rally the troops only to get zero duplication and burning bridges along the way.  I’ve found a service for example, and a compensation plan, that doesn’t rely solely on what my downline does in order for me to make a nice living.  Hallelujah!!! I can market it B2B or B2C.  Either way, I’m just selling a value added service that saves people money.  It’s very refreshing, and I’ll never again buy into the MLM hype game.  I hope you don’t either!

No Matter how good you think your products are, so many people are tired of the same ole pitch, same ole meetings, and they just don’t want to get involved.  Focus on value based companies, mass appeal products/services, and FIRST CLASS marketing materials that will do the heavy lifting for your marketing efforts.  Now more than ever, being a professional in the MLM industry will make you, or sadly, expose you…

I wish you all the best.  Have a great week!


MLM Prospecting Tips vs MLM Hype

MLM Prospecting Tips vs MLM Hype

MLM Prospecting Tips vs MLM Hype