The key to being successful in Network Marketing or a Home Based Business is keeping prospecting the main priority in your business.  Without consistently bringing new people in your business, you will most likely fail, and ultimately quit…that’s just the facts.  Sooo, how do we prospect in our Network Marketing Business and attract the right people, (successful, driven, motivated professionals) find them consistently, go beyond our warm market of friends and family, and give ourselves the best chance of success in our Network Marketing Opportunity?  Here I will tell you a few of the things I recommend, and use personally.

Todd Falcone’s Insider Secrets to Network Marketing Home Study Course is THE best course for the money you can buy to show you how to effectively recruit professionals into your business.  You will never run out of leads as he shows you step by step how to recruit in network marketing, find professionals in your warm market, and cold market, and tells you exactly what to say.  I use his scripts and methods every day, and it works! Order it or inquire HERE!

Todd Falcone is a 20+ Year veteran in the Network Marketing and Home Based Business Industry, and has built multiple six-figure incomes with many multilevel marketing companies.  His key is prospecting everyday, and he is consistent in his message. He is now a network marketing business trainer, and I have gone through his A-Team Course and highly recommend it.  He shares the scripts he uses in the Little Black Book of Scripts. Don’t underestimate what he trains here…its POWERFUL, and very inexpensive.  I say and do exactly what he teaches and you should too.  It’s simple and duplicatable.  You can check it out HERE!

Todd Falcone, in my opinion, “Gets” Network Marketing more than any other so called Network Marketing Guru or Trainer in the industry.  Warm Market is only ONE way to build your business, and Todd loves to teach Cold Market Prospecting and it absolutely works!  He has a 3 Day training Course I have listened to and if you are SERIOUS about making money in this profession, I highly recommend his Network Marketing Mastery course. I use all three of his training courses and I don’t think there is a better way to learn this profession than through what he teaches.  He’s brash, and a straight shooter, but you will learn a TON from his training.

Todd Falcone has several products you can check out here, but I have personally bought the previous three mentioned.  Its allowed me to build my funnel, minimize rejection to friends and family, and find people that are ALREADY successful instead of chasing bottom feeders that are trying to come up with the sign up fee.  Folks…there is a reason they are broke!  You must look at your business as exactly that…Who would you want to partner with if you were opening a business tomorrow? That’s who you should try to partner with in your business!  You will be glad you did if you try his products out I assure you.

Mike Dillard…LOVE this guy!  He is the true pioneer of what we know as Attraction Marketing.  Almost every so called “guru” of Attraction Marketing and Network Marketing Trainers got their information or started using the principles founded by Mike Dillard.  Mike Dillard went from waiting tables to become a millionaire in less than 2 Years using a principle called Attraction Marketing.  His book Magnetic Sponsoring is a MUST if you want to separate yourself from your competitors. How would you like to attract people into your business instead of chasing them?  If you feel like you are, guess what, you are!  Mike Dillard teaches you to be the “Hunted” versus the “Hunter”.   If you follow what Magnetic Sponsoring teaches,  good things WILL happen if you embrace this book! Check it out HERE