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Empower Network Review from a Former Member

empower-network-reviewsI wanted to talk to you today about a company called Empower Network, which you may or may not be familiar with.  The Empower Network Review will give you a detailed glimpse of whether it is worth purchasing their products or if their is an Empower Network Scam.

My blog has been taking a shift towards exposing my audience to the good and bad of the internet marketing and/or network marketing industry.   Sadly I bought into the hype from notorious bloggers and MLM companies and got a little lost over the past few years.

Done properly you can avoid the NFLB Club (No Friends Left Behind), but often times the MLM industry can destroy financial futures, and relationships if you don’t keep boundaries on the difference between a friend and a “Prospect”.

I used to be in Empower Network, and there is also a reason that I am now out of the Empower Network.  I will get to that later, but I wanted to open with the fact that I’m tired of the hype that companies promote.  I’ve had enough,  and want to help enlighten people to black and white numbers on the cold reality of what really happens in the “make money online” industry.  It starts right here, right now…

Empower Network Review – Empower Network in the Beginning

When I started with Empower Network it was literally brand new, as was I as a marketer, no one had heard of it, and I saw someempower-network-digital-products opportunity there.  What I saw early on is a way for the brand new marketer to get started blogging with no experience, and that seemed pretty cool to me.  They had 4 products at launch I believe, the $25 Blog, The “Inner Circle” for $100 a month, and the Costa Rica Intensive training for $500 one time.  It may have been there at launch, but not shortly after they added the 15K Formula for $1000 one time.

A lot has changed for Empower Network and for myself personally since then, and I want to share my insight with you in this Empower Network review.  I’m sorry to say that I got caught in the whole MLM/Internet Marketing dream and I too believed that I could benefit from the Empower Network opportunity when I initially joined.

I still believe in building an internet business, and being successful with some direct selling opportunities, but I’ve learned a lot in the past few years that have my eyes wide open to scams online.   I’ve lost some friends, some serious income over the years chasing “the dream”, but there is a lesson to be learned from all of this and I’d like to share it with you.

I will explain why I can’t recommend Empower Network, and why I believe they are seriously hurting individuals and the training industry as a whole.    First though,  I want to talk to you about what’s good in Empower Network.

So What’s Good about the Empower Network? Anything?

empower network scamNot much actually if we’re going to talk about true “value”.  On the $25 package all you’re really going to get for training are some 2-3 hour audio rants from Dave and Dave, and some top EN Leaders about how to build the Empower Network, not a real business so to speak.  It’s complete fluff, and no value to that mess unless you have all day to listen to useless, rambling audios much to do about nothing.  Maybe the only benefit to being part of this, depending on your viewpoint, is that Dave & Dave really are amazing marketers and I respect what they have accomplished (financially, and with a massive presence) in their past.   They do teach you to blog every day and their message actually helped me early on to be more consistent.

The culture there is almost cult-like and in a weird way, maybe they are giving people “Hope” (albeit a dangerous pipe dream of the reality of what they are involved in.)  Make no mistake, these guys love themselves and their “kind” don’t think twice about taking money from people that don’t have it to lose.

What is the Empower Network Business Model?  Teach Marketing or Spam Empower Network?

Ask yourself, have you ever seen a business model to where two people get together and say “Let’s build a business that sells overpriced training, a self-replicated blog that our clients don’t own, (EN Does)  teach other people how to spam the internet & sell these “mystical, weird training tips” to other people, and charge a $19.95 “Merchant Fee” to further line our pockets.  Cool dude…that’s a great idea!”

So even the $25 blog is in actuality $45 (First Red Flag) because you have to pay for the $19.95 merchant fee to be part of Empower Network.    To Compare it’s value let me give you 3 better options than blogging on Empower Network:

  1. Pure Leverage gives you your own blog like Empower Network as a sub-domain, and a lot of nice marketing tools for $24.95 a month with less spamming going on from new marketers.  The problem here though, is like Empower Network, it’s not really your brand.  You can be de-indexed from Google as a result of other members spammy marketing.
  2. Bluehost, which I think is the best hosting service out there, gives you hosting on your own domain for $6 a month.  I have a free training course, and so do many other marketers, that teach you exactly how to build your own blog, get traffic etc.
  3. Wealthy Affiliate has a completely free Blogging Boot Camp course and a free blog similar to Empower Network and Purebest-internet-marketing-training Leverage.  They also have a premium membership for $47, that is a great value that includes hosting, but more importantly, a community of other affiliate marketers/bloggers that are available 24/7 to help you when you have problems.  They too have an affiliate program, though it will never be as lucrative as EN, you can sleep well at night telling people about it as it is pure value.

Empower Network Blog Platform – Who Owns the Blog?  Banned on Facebook and Youtube?

empower network banned on facebookEmpower Network will tell you that you are blogging on an authority blog with an Alexa rating near 300, and that is true to an extent.   What they won’t tell you is their domain is banned from Facebook and Youtube!!

Let me repeat, Empower Network links are banned from Facebook and Youtube!  (2nd Red Flag)

Empower Network being banned on the two largest Social Networks on the planet should be a red flag to you.  A huge one but if that’s not enough…

Empower Network Deindexed On Google?

empower network deindexed

Click to See Full Image!

I had heard this happened, but I had to find out for myself.  Google “Empower Network” (3rd Red Flag…Pattern Forming) and you

will see that the Empowernetwork.com site is nowhere to be found.  So all that hard work people put in blogging everyday to get rankings, black hat back links and other spammy SEO techniques they’ve used…It seems to be all for naught.

Introducing ENV2 or Empower Network version 2.   Empower Network changed blogging platforms to avoid the dreaded Google slap, but it’s kind of like a fly in a frogs mouth…is this the beginning of the end?  Here’s a complete review of Empower Network Version 2 which agrees with my findings as well.

Empower Network Review – 100% Commissions or 50%?

The Empower Network NEVER had 100% commissions (4th Flag…You’re Getting the Point by Now) and at first I thought it was kind of a cute play on words.  The statement empower-network-100-commissions100% commissions alone is factually 100% inaccurate.  It’s actually eeny, meeny, miney, moe.  You get commissions on the first sale, whoever has the qualifying product gets the next one and so on.  If the EN members built the authority of the Empower Network blog, guess who is number benefits the most from branding the domain Empower Network?  I can’t confirm this, but I’m pretty sure the founders are getting their fair share of sales direct hits and pass ups from the downline.

If your radar isn’t up yet, it should be.   In fairness, there are some decent training programs as you move up into the more expensive products, but again the value just isn’t there for what they charge.  The $1000 15K Formula, is their best product, and also their $3500 product, called the Masters Retreat is supposedly pretty decent. (I admit I haven’t seen it, but from other reviews from people that have it say it is way overpriced for what is actually delivered)

What is in the Empower Network “Inner Circle” $100/month product and is it worth buying?

2 Words…Ummm…NO!!  I did buy the $100, the Inner Circle membership as it’s called and it is absolutely worthless as well.  Here again it is merely some of the top producers talking about how much money they are making, everyone else that isn’t is a wussy, and network marketing tiny, weenie checks are for losers.  They are 1 to 3 hours long,  but there is not a whole lot of content in there as far as lessons and learning go.  Zero value whatsoever for this.  Zero…

Is the Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive Training Worth $500?

Again…NO Way!  This training is really, really lame, and dated as can be.   So if you’re following me so far, people have to pay $1000 or $3500 to get any decent content from Empower Network.  This is precisely why I have a problem with these guys.

Is the 15K Formula or Masters Retreat Worth $1000 and $3500 Respectively?

Ok, here is a reality check for us all.  Nothing in life is free.  Investing in yourself and personal development is always a good idea.  It takes time and some money too if you expect to become successful online.   You NEED to find good training to make money online I agree.  However, the problem is who can you trust to help you with the right information that you can apply in your business?  I’m not here telling you it’s me, but there is certainly a better way to spend your money on training.

Empower Networks’s training programs are extremely overpriced in my opinion, lack much value in actually teaching you “life beyond building and Empower Network business.”

The Lesson Here is Build YOUR BRAND and Sell Highly Marketable Products, Not theirs…

Empower Network and  the Parallels of Self-Absorption?

empower network review, david woodEver spent much time around someone with NPD?  Well I have…and there are some things that remind me of it going on here at EN.  Some things are better left unsaid, and I’m choosing to do that here.

If you’ve been watching this whole Empower Network thing evolve, I want you to look really closely at what’s happened over time.  Look at the leaders there and I’m not trying to single anyone out in particular, but to me at least, some of their leaders have gotten lost in their own persona since this thing started.   My viewpoint is not based on any individual with Empower Network as much as it is the culture that has developed there as time has gone on.  You either agree with them and their business model,  or you are ostracized as a non-believer or loser.

If someone feels comfortable taking $5K from people (that don’t have it to lose)  to go “All-In” or they are a “Wussy”, not serious, a weenie, etc then you maybe you should start connecting the dots to the real underlying problem with Empower Network.  

The training either has value or it doesn’t.  The return policy should protect you as a consumer, but the reality is there is a consistent pattern of Empower Network Complaints with the same consistent message.    Empathetic Much? Morally Sound?

The end always justifies the means.

The old saying goes “Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me.”  Though it’s true that a sucker is born everyday, and will buy into the Empower Network hype (David Wood proudly boasts that Hype sells better than sales techniques), it still doesn’t make it right to take advantage of people with masterful NLP language that appeals to their vulnerability.  These guys aren’t stupid.  No doubt about it.  There is a science to “mystically and magically” getting people to buy from you. :)

Empower Network Review – Income Disclosure & Income Claims

The income claims they boast of from the mountain tops don’t hold water in reality. (I got flags all over the place)  One thing that I can prove in the fallacy of their program is the reality of real incomes being made versus what is being hyped by the top leaders.  The facts are clear based on Empower Network’s own income disclosure statement that is a problem with what is being “sold” as truth to the dire reality of what is happening to the victims of the Empower Network scam.

If you look at the income disclosure statement you will see that 95% of all the reps in Empower Network make an average of less than $316 per month, and 83% make less than $126 per month (Remember they have paid more than this usually)!  Less than 2% make more than $28K a year, and that number is highly highly skewed by a high of $1,379,241 monthly (wonder who that is?).  Is this Financial Freedom?  Ugh…is this starting to make sense?

empower network review,empower network scam







My Biggest Issue with Empower Network and Other Online Scams

The most glaring, tangible problem you can put your finger on here is that Empower Network is teaching you to build Empower Network in cult-like atmosphere.  The affiliates there live in a bubble.  I know this post may bring controversy, and I really don’t care.  The leaders don’t teach affiliate marketing, SEO, design, value-based marketing, or anything that would work outside of promoting Empower Network.  While it’s true you have to be consistent to build a business online with value-added content, when someone lands on an Empower Network blog, you just lost all credibility.  That’s just my opinion.

empower-network-commission-pyramid-explanationIf you have to spend over $5000 to get all of the lessons and be all-in, and you have a 95% chance of making $316 or less per month with a program banned from Youtube and Facebook (They don’t do this for no valid reason), would you take those odds in Vegas?  

Empower Network uses one of the oldest tricks in the MLM book based on sheer hype.  They pick a couple of people, “Joe” or “Suzie” who were broke, rode a bicycle 50 miles in the snow to work, with one shoe,  had nothing, and now they are making $40K a month.  Thousands upon thousands of people cling to the sheer blind luck chance that those success stories could be them.   It’s really sad to see, and what’s even sadder is the victims hiding in the shadows of those same “successful” people placed on the hype pedestal.

Empower Network Review – Final Conclusion

build your own brandWhile some of you may agree with my Empower Network Review, I realize that some of you won’t.  This is merely my opinion, and my goal in the future is to try to help people make good decisions on joining legitimate companies, starting their own business or purchasing products that won’t cause them financial harm.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life in the past that I’m not proud of.  A lot of the financial ones have been centered around making money online when my personal situation changed a few years ago.  I fell prey to the hype too, joined programs that were more hype than substance, and lost some life long friendships focusing on my own agenda.  I’m committed to helping people avoid the same mistakes I made,  while staying in balance in their personal and professional lives.

People’s lives can be ruined left in the wrong hands of someone that only has personal gain in mind for their future.  There is a way to make a legitimate income online.  It’s just not going to be with Empower Network in my opinion.  I ran across a company wealthy affiliate vs empower networkrecently and fell in love with these guys.  Whether you want to take a look on my behalf or not is up to you, but I encourage you to check out their free boot camp training either way.  No credit card needed for a full access trial.  It’s the best value, by far, I’ve ever seen for someone looking to make money online.

I encourage you to build your own brand online with a legitimate company or affiliate programs, or market your own products/services.  Get some reasonable training from a support group that can help you along your journey.   Making a living online is hard work, and takes a lot of effort.  If you’re willing to learn, and put in that effort, I have no doubt whatsoever that you can make it.

Please leave your comments down below whether it be a success story or your own personal dealings with Empower Network.

Wishing you nothing but the best!


Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review