Send Out Cards Greeting Card Business Opportunity

Although I’m new to Network Marketing, I’m not new to recognizing a good business opportunity. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 17 years of my life, and build several successful businesses, and been exposed to all kinds of hair-brained schemes throughout the years…we all have.

Outside of desire, raw talent, and learned skill, it’s important to make a good decision on what company you finally decide on pursuing as a secondary income, or primary income over time. I know of many opportunities, but I’m going to give a few that I’m familiar with on my blog, and reasons why I like them. I mentioned in my previous page, “What Opportunity is Right for You” that it’s important to market something that is sustainable and will carry on beyond your warm market. If your upline is telling you that your warm market is all it takes to be successful in network marketing, he’s stretching the truth.  Many of the successful people in Network Marketing either had a huge warm market, or they kept building their warm market, or found alternate ways like the internet to market their business.

A good choice for the sales professional, someone that believes in promoting good will, or simply believes in the value of sending greeting cards and gifts, is a company called SendOutCards. I’m a SendOutCards distributor, and I promote it a variety of ways. The main reason I like it is because I KNOW it will help someones primary business if they will use it. An Insurance Agent, Realtor, Church or Non-Profit, Dentist, Financial Planner, Small Business, or any size business should be this system! Why?

We all have good intentions, but if we are being truthful with ourselves, we don’t send greeting cards and gifts as often as we should, and it makes a substantial difference in your income when you do. Not saying thank you does more harm than saying thank you does good! Send Out Cards is the only system of its kind (niche product) that will send custom greeting cards, typed in your handwriting, with your own pictures, prints them, puts them in an envelope with a real stamp, saves all your contacts names, addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, and you can choose from hundreds of gifts and gift cards along with your custom greeting card. You also have the ability to send campaigns that will make sending thank you Cards, Christmas Cards, appointment reminder postcards, simply with the click of a button. It inserts the name from the contact manager automatically, and you can mail one or 1,000 Greeting Cards with a stamp instantly!

The Send Out Cards Business Opportunity is growing around the world, and should continue to do so based on their leadership, and the fact they are constantly making upgrades and improvements to their system. They have done $150 Million in 5 years, will be in the $70-80 Million range this year, and with the expansion of the ability to send income and revenue generating gifts along with custom greeting cards, I see a lot of potential for growth for the company. They are constantly adding to their offering as well, have $5 Million worth of printers that can do photo albums, calendars, and other printable items. They will send close to 20 Million Greeting Cards this year, and almost a million gifts.The Send Out Cards Business Opportunity is currently available in 6 Countries, looking to expand, and the CEO Kody Bateman is a genuine man with a good heart, and a vested interest in his distributors.

Its a feel good company, and personally, its my way of giving back to others. If you believe in the laws of positive attraction, The Secret, or simply need a simple way to show customer appreciation, you should look at using the SendOutCards service. Just using the product will generate some referrals due to the packaging, custom pictures, and handwriting options. It’s also 70% off of normal retail pricing for Greeting Cards at Hallmark or American Greetings. If you are a driven, motivated individual that can follow a proven system, then you can achieve financial freedom with the SendOutCards home based business opportunity

Your options are simple: Be a customer of SendOutCards to build your current profession (it will), use it to generate a few referrals for a little bit of side income and get great tax advantages, or build a huge business with a tremendous upside for financialgain with Send Out Cards. The timing is good, the software just got infinitely better, the marketing materials are much improved, and the training is very good for duplicating your efforts. Thats the key in any network marketing company…duplication!

Visit and watch the marketing video in Step 1, Send a Card and a Gift for FREE in step 2, and review the options to get started in Step 3. I have professional scripts (for the serious builder) to help you build fast, immediately, and to a cold market as well and I really think its important to be able to build outside your warm market. Send Out Cards can be an instant “career” that can transform into something much more substantial long term IF you take it serious, and treat the opportunity with respect. For information on SendOutCards training and marketing information, Call me at 865.388.4000 or email me at [email protected]

Send Out Cards Business Opportunity

Send Out Cards Business Opportunity

Send Out Cards Business Opportunity