As with any network marketing or MLM business, you need to utilize the company tools provided.  This page will service as a great resource in the future for ALL Send Out Cards Distributors.  Here you will find one click links to documents from, Send Out Cards amazing training site.  Of course you can visit, but I will try to make it easy for you to access the Send Out Cards Training Materials here as well.  These forms will be updated often and will include some things I have created for marketing as well to hand out to businesses, prospects, and to small and medium size groups.

SOC NewFlyer This is the New Send Out Cards One Page Handout for Business Building.  Email, Print, or handout, and let it do the work for you.  Very nicely designed and will help build your SendOutCards Business and answer questions many prospects have about the opportunity.

SendOutCards Daily8 Worksheet…What We DO! Want to know Exactly How to Build a Send Out Cards business?  Follow our simple, duplicate Daily 8 Plan to build a viable network marketing opportunity! This worksheet shows you how to score 40 Points a week, and your income will follow along with the activity!

46_daily8_spread Building a SendOutCards Business can be very simple if you just follow a simple plan of Sending Greeting Cards and Gifts, show others how to send Greeting Cards and Gifts, Expose the Business often, Follow-up, and sign up New Send Out Cards Entrepreneurs.  Click Here to see our simple, proven system to build a substantial Part-Time Income!

Send Out Cards Memory Jogger The Send Out Cards Memory Jogger is a great way to remind you of names of people you want to prospect for your new SendOutCards Business.  Making a list is the first, and most important step in starting a successful home based business.  This is who you will share your SendOutCards Opportunity with! Try to make a list of a 100 More Contacts!

45_scorecard This is the Daily 8 Scorecard that tracks your Daily activity which is vital in Growing Your SendOutCards Business.  Score 40 Points a week Sending Greeting Cards, Training New Card Senders, and Exposing the Business…watch what happens to your growth!