If you are looking for a motivational, customer appreciation tool for your valued customers and distributors, look NO further!!  Imagine you just signed a new network marketing representative/customer in another state,  you want to a way to say thank you for doing business with me, but you know it takes time and effort to do so.  Now imagine you could logon to SendOutCards, design a Thank You card typed in YOUR “Handwriting”,  with your signature, a picture of you and your family,  AND send a box of brownies, gift card, or choose from hundreds of gifts, all mailed out by SendOutCards in less than a couple of minutes!! There simply is NOTHING else like it for customer appreciation and follow up!  Save Birthdays, Anniversary’s, send Custom Christmas Cards,  and Motivational Cards and Gifts…all with the click of a mouse! 

Send Out Cards is a system that allows you to send REAL Custom Physical Greeting Cards from the Internet. No more – “E Cards”!!! (They mean absolutely nothing and 85% never get opened)  They are the type of cards people use when they really wish to make a special tangible statement that you are important to me. These cards arrive by first class mail in an ENVELOPE with a STAMP. You can send hundreds or thousands of cards at the click of a mouse. Your customers can create custom cards with their picture and logo, They can also insert gifts with the cards. You could think of it as an autoresponder that sends Greeting Cards. It is a fantastic tool for so many people including Sales people, Attorneys, Realtors, Insurance agents, Dentists, Chiropractors, Churches, etc. Anyone who wants to be in front of people when they need their product or service and is ready to BUY.  You can also make referral commissions with Send Out Cards, a legitimate home based business.  What an opportunity!!

A customer that feels appreciated will continue to do business with you and a loved one will love back when they receive an unexpected gift. They will also refer others to you. SendOutCards can create campaigns that will automatically send out Thank You Cards, Appointment Reminders, Business Special Reminders, Birthday Cards, Holiday Cards, and Promotional Postcards.  We often have good intentions, but fail to follow through on them…

FACT: The number one NEED in our lives is the need to feel loved and appreciated.  People are more likely to remember you if you remember them and you make them feel important.

FACT: E-mails get deleted. Cards with Photos in them get saved and displayed.

FACT: Customers that know you appreciate them will pay more for your product or service AND they will remain loyal.

FACT: Customers will refer people to you when you stay top of mind when someone they know is looking for your particular service.

FACT: You can completely differentiate yourself from your competition by following a simple inexpensive plan that takes less than 5 minutes per day.

Import Contacts – Your customers will have the ability to quickly and easily import existing contacts from Microsoft Outlook™, Goldmine ™, Act™, or Excel

If you are a Send Out Cards distributor, you can earn commissions simply by sharing the service!

Personalization – You can setup a campaign for your business in just minutes. You can even personalize each piece to be delivered the day of its scheduled. You can make custom greeting cards and postcards made for your business; this lets their customer recognize them.

Example: Let’s say you are a doctors office. You decide that when someone calls to schedule an appointment from you, you will send a pre-scheduled campaign of cards to your new customers or a reminders of the appointment for existing patients. After the treatment you will send a Thank You Card, then a Birthday Card will be scheduled, A Holiday card will be scheduled and any followup appointments or a maintenance reminder postcard will be scheduled that promotes another visit. The system will automatically do this for you. Schedule it once up to years to come.

In addition, your customers can look up one of their customer’s name at any time, click on the card that is scheduled to go out, click on that card and customize your message to that customer at any time.

SendOutCards can enhance peoples effectiveness to reach friends, customers, and businesses. You will have:

·Over 15000+ cards to choose from and the ability to do custom cards.

·Customers can send a printed greeting card from their computer in less than 30 seconds

·They can make the wording, inside and out or choose from ready made selections

·They can choose a greeting card or a post card

·Your customers can have appointment reminder notices automatically sent out.

·There all the best categories to choose a card from: Newborn, Engagement, Wedding Announcements, Birthday and Much More.

·Your customers can upload a picture from their computer to their card or post card

·They can send a gift with any card, candy, gift cards, money, brownies, gift baskets and more.

·Customers can send greeting cards with their own personal handwriting

·Over 110,000 People/Businesses Are Currently Using the System!

·Customers can Import their contact list

·They can manage and host their subscriber list easily

·Your customers can setup mailings automatically or schedule them far in advance

·Your customers can review real-time reports: see who opens and who has been sent a greeting card or post card.

·You can get paid 8 different ways from your greeting card business if you choose to be a distributor…

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The 8 Ways to Get Paid in the Greeting Card Business

1) Send Out Cards Customer Direct Retail Profits

2) Send Out Cards PicturePlusTM and PicturePlusTM 2.0 Leadership Bonus (Paid Weekly)

3) Retail Profits from Retail and Preferred Customers (Paid Monthly)

4) Coaching Bonus from Wholesale Premium Package (Paid Weekly)

5) Leadership Bonuses and Commissions from Downline Sales (Paid Weekly)

6) Retail Package Commission (Paid Weekly)

7) 7 level Volume Bonus paid on Greeting Cards Sold (Volume) (Paid Monthly)

8) Leadership Volume Bonus paid on Greeting Cards Sold (Volume) (Paid Monthly)

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