I think in todays economy we are all looking for ways to stand out ahead of our customers, find new ways to advertise our business, and it seems to get tougher all the time to do so.  I work mainly with small businesses, and individuals that don’t have large budgets to operate on, so they have to choose wisely to get the most bang for their proverbial buck!  So what are YOU doing to separate yourself from the rest of your competition??  I’ve got some marketing ideas for you, and they are either free, or cost very little.  So if you are looking to advertise on a shoestring budget, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s start from ground zero and take a look at our current client base.  Whether you are in insurance, landscaping, hair salon, real estate, financial planning, or any small business, your client base is THE most valuable asset you possess.  Ask yourself a question, Is it easier to sell, upgrade, or get referrals from an existing client, or go find a new one?  You know the answer and if you don’t have your clients saved in an organized database, then you are making a huge mistake.  I got involved in SendOutCards last year and recently heard about MyLifeshare a few months ago, and they both have great contact managers included, and unlike ACT, Salesforce.com etc. they help a small business have a “Call to action” that can help increase your sales.  I will have individual pages on both companies, but they are awesome tools to help you build any business, create better relationships, and market to your clients in a way most of your competition doesn’t do anymore.  Would you rather get an email, an E-Card (yuck) or a real printed greeting card in your mailbox as a way of being appreciated for your purchases? Greeting Cards are effective, and SendOutCards and MyLifeshare are the best way to send those out to your clients or prospects for an advertising campaign.  Check out my review on both companies on my website.