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If you’re here you’ve probably seen or heard something about Talk Fusion and may be interested in Joining Talk Fusion as a customer or distributor.  I put this Talk Fusion Review page together to answer the most frequently questions about the company so you can make an educated decision on whether to join Talk Fusion…or not.  In doing so, I have put together several videos that will show you exactly what products Talk Fusion offers, as well as explain how each one works.  Also in this Talk Fusion Review I also talk about the compensation plan, and why it is widely considered one of the best Global Business Opportunities available.

At the heart of Talk Fusion is that no matter if you’re looking to be a customer or distributor, they offer a great value for Video Communication Services.  For $35 a month you get an entire Suite of Video Services from one company, not multiple, that you can use to help you market your business.  If you are looking to make some part time income, or become financially free, both are possible with Talk Fusion.  For now, lets focus on the actual products, how Talk Fusion can help you or your company,  and break down the compensation plan at the end if you’re still interested.

Talk Fusion Video Products

I’ve broken down each product with a Video and Screenshot of how to use each one, but below are the 8 Video Services Talk Fusion offers today.  There are more applications in the works, and an iPhone App is already available, with the Droid soon to follow.  Talk Fusion will offer Video Newsletters in the very near future that are beautiful, and will definitely leave an impression.  Here are the 8 Talk Fusion Products offered currently for one low price:

  1. Video Email – Similar to Constant Contact, iContact, Mail Chimp and Others.  Typically starts at $15 and up depending on the Contacts
  2. Video Conferencing – WebEx and Goto Meeting are the key players here starting at $49 a month to host webinars
  3. Video Share – The ability to do quick Video Submission from Videos you create with a Webcam or Upload from a Computer. Nice feature I explain below
  4. Fusion Wall – Similar to Youtube, but you start with 20 Minute Capacity from day one compared to 10 minutes on Youtube
  5. E-Form Subscriptions – Similar to Aweber, Get Response, etc and gives you the ability to Capture Emails from Website Visitors
  6. Video Autoresponders – Again, in the same arena as email marketing, but with Video.  Great for sales follow-up and service calls
  7. Live Broadcasting – Churches, Musicians, Entertainers, Speakers, Event Planners can utilize this. A fraction of the competition costs
  8. Video Blog – No need to know HTML or Coding. Hosting, Ability to Upload Good Content on the Fly is All Included in the Package Price

Why Talk Fusion and Video Marketing? Check out These Stats

“32% of all internet traffic right now is on YouTube,  and 54% of all internet traffic is Video”  90% of All Internet Traffic by 2014 will be Video.

Talk Fusion is positioned to help any business or individual get started with Video Marketing.  You may not be thinking about Video Today, but if you can think forward enough now, you will be miles ahead of your competition in the future.  Bill Gates once said, “Find out where the masses are going, and try to get there first”.  Video Marketing is real, it’s the next big wave online,  and you can take advantage…right now.

Talk Fusion Review…FAQ with Video Explanations

What is Talk Fusion? We’ve Covered this above, but if you’re someone that likes videos instead of reading, check out this video.

Talk Fusion Review – Does Video Email Work? Is Video Email Marketing Effective?

Talk Fusion Review – How Much to Join Talk Fusion? How much does Talk Fusion Cost Monthly?

Talk Fusion Review Video 4 – How Do You Send a Video Email? Is is hard to send a video email with Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion Video Conferencing – Is Talk Fusion Video Conferencing Similiar to WebEx and Goto Meeting? How Many People Can Join a Talk Fusion Video Conference?

Talk Fusion Video Conferencing allows 15 Live Video and Audio Feeds for Member Participation, and allows unlimited participants…all for $35 a month.  This is best value for hosting webinars on the market.  I think you’ll like this demo of the Talk Fusion Video Conferencing Software.  Check it out!

What is Talk Fusion Video Share? Can you Submit Videos to Multiple Sites? Video Submission is critical to your Video Marketing Efforts.  Find out how you can submit videos to multiple video sites using Talk Fusion Video Share.

Talk Fusion E-Subscription Form – What can an email form do for your business?  Every website needs a way to capture emails via an email submission form in order to follow up with an email autoresponder if possible.  Capturing Emails, having a simple autoresponder with good content can turn prospects into customers on autopilot.  Check out how Talk Fusion’s Email Form Works Below:

Talk Fusion Video Autoresponder– An email autoresponder is great for customer follow up.  Add Video to the mix and you’re improved your open rate of emails by a large margin.  People like video…period.  It’s no fluke that Cisco predicts Video to account for 90% of all internet traffic by 2014.  A Video Autoresponder is a great way to personally brand your company, follow up with value-added content or sales material for your prospect  to review, and have a much higher percentage of conversions of prospects to customers. See step-by-step how Easy it is to Set Up Talk Fusion’s Video Autoresponder below:

Talk Fusion Compensation Plan – How do you make money with Talk Fusion? Are binary compensation plans good? Talk Fusion is the first company to pay INSTANTLY…yes instant pay via a debit card so you can go straight to the ATM to withdraw your money within 2 minutes of the sale.  They pay infinite levels and have other matching features that make it one of the best compensation plans for a home based business.  Talk Fusion is an International Business that operates in over 200 Countries, and growing rapidly.  Don’t wait…timing is everything and Video Marketing is for real.  Check out the Talk Fusion Compensation Plan below:

Talk Fusion Live Broadcasting – This Product is great for setting up live video streaming for Churches, Sports Teams, Entertainers, or for Special Events.  This video gives you step by step instructions on how to set up Live Video Streaming for your next event.

Well we hope this Talk Fusion Review has helped explain in greater detail exactly what the Talk Fusion products will do for you, as well as impress upon you how many different applications a business has when using the Talk Fusion Video Services.  If you’re ready to join, visit Talk Fusion and you can get started in just a few minutes.  You can also contact us today at 865.388.4000 or email [email protected] for more information!  Thanks for checking out this Talk Fusion Review and make it a great day!

Looking to Join Talk Fusion

Looking to Join Talk Fusion