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Unlimited 4G Voice, Text, and Data for $49 is a great deal. But when you share Solavei™ with others and they join, you earn real money. That’s because we think a recommendation from you to your friends and family is the best marketing there is. Other service providers spend billions on traditional advertising trying to woo new customers, but we think that money is best spent rewarding you for bringing new people to Solavei. It makes a lot of sense. It’s Easy to Get Started with Solavei, and the company business model is based on real customers consuming services they already use, not expensive distributor fees.

No change in buying habits, No Inventory Requirements, No Expensive Autoship Requirements. Simply use a service that you, and everyone you know already uses everyday.  Welcome to Solavei and a new business model called Social Commerce.

Here’s All You Need to Do to Join Solavei

  1. Select Your Device and Plan – Choose from our Current Selection of Phones, or Use Your Own Phone from a List of Approved Devices compatible with the Solavei Network.  Their primary network provider is T-Mobile, and AT&T is our service partner throughout the US that services over 130 Million Customers.
  2. Become a Solavei Social Member – Check the coverage for your area, enroll with the Solavei Network Community, and start sharing the Solavei Wireless service with a convenient App on your wireless device.
  3. Share Solavei with Your Communities – Solavei’s Marketing Materials are world-class in design.  Simply share the message with your friends and family, on your Social networks, and enroll other new members.  No hard selling.  It’s really that simple
  4. Earn Money – By enrolling new members, Solavei pays you referral commissions based on “Trios”.  You have the ability to earn $20 for every 3 new members enrolled in your organization, so eliminating your phone bill is easy.  But it doesn’t stop there.
  5. Get Paid on Your Solavei Pay Card – Get Your Own Prepaid Visa and online bank account with Solavei.  Earn rewards for shopping with the Solavei affiliate program that actually pays its members to shop with name brand merchants.

Consider these facts about the current wireless industry…

 The average wireless customer in the US spends $71 a month, and the total revenue in for the US wireless industry is $166 Billion.  There are over 300 million cellular phones used in the US.  In fact, there are more phones active than there are people.  The market is saturated.  There is no loyalty with any of the “Big 4” Wireless companies T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T even though they spend $12.9 Billion annually in advertising.  The prepaid Cellular industry is booming, and data applications are in more demand than ever.
Learn More about the Solavei Opportunity Down Below, or Contact Us to Enroll Today or If You Would Like More Information

Solavei is a Revolution

 Solavei is going to change the way that companies and people conduct business.  The Social Commerce Model of Solavei takes advantage of the best advertising in the world…YOU!  Mark Zuckerburg stated, “If I had to guess social commerce is the next thing to blow up”.

Please Take a Moment to Watch The Solavei Business Overview Video

 The Solavei Compensation Plan is Powerful

 Solavei pays you 4 different ways, and the Compensation Plan has been designed specifically for even the novice in the home business industry.  For the experienced networker what the survey stated was their attraction to the UNLIMITED DEPTH at which the company pays overrides.  Solavei’s goal is to produce a Million “Thousandaires”, but Solavei also appeals to Networkers with large teams.  Customer Consumption means SOLID, substantial residual income potential long-term.

Learn More about the Solavei Compensation Plan Here
solavei business opportunity

The Solavei Vision and Marketplace

The Solavei Vision is one that is based on actual CONSUMPTION of products and services by actual customers, not distributors.  Pretty refreshing for the Direct Selling Industry.  By building a committed team of social members, Solavei has the ability to roll out new products and services with a model that is based on loyalty in a $166 Billion Wireless Industry that is void of any.  There are 330 Million+ cellular users in the US, and 140 Million AT&T and T-Mobile customers on GSM technology. (Most of them don’t have to change equipment…This is a Big Deal)  GSM also gives Solavei the ability to launch Globally in the future as 73% of the world uses GSM Technology for wireless.

The Solavei Leadership Team 

 At Solavei, Weurch has lined up an A-list team, including former executives from T-Mobile, AT&T and Motricity. Former U.S. Rep. Rick White is the company’s “head of legal and policy.” Advisors include former FCC chief of stafff, Eddie Lazarus; former T-Mobile chief operating officer, Sue Nokes; Amazon Kindle Vice President Dave Limp; former Coinstar CFO Brian Turner; News Corp. chief digital officer and former AOL CEO, Jon Miller; and John Rittenhouse, a Walmart and Target veteran now chief executive of Cavallino Capital.  They are poised to be the “Next Big Thing” in the Direct Selling Industry

The Timing with Solavei is NOW 

Solavei Launched Sept 21, 2012.  Millions of customers will join Solavei and become Social Members as a result. Those customers will tell a few, that tell a few, and the only question you have to ask yourself is how many people will you tell about Solavei?  How much of a $166 Billion Market would you like to own?  


solavei business opportunity

Join Our Successful, Dedicated Solavei Team!

 Join a Team that has been Successful at not only building a great Team, but a great life personally!  We are committed to helping others achieve success with proven methods of relationship marketing, as well as teach you SIMPLE online marketing strategies that actually work!

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solavei business opportunity

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