I am a small business marketing consultant and local SEO services expert. I teach small business marketing tips, video marketing, search engine optimization tips and much more on multiple websites and on Youtube. Married, 6 Children...Busy! :)
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  • John Cowburn

    Hi Dean,

    Have you looked at or used Content Buzz?

    I am looking for something for video submission and backlinking the videos only.

    Which do you think is best for this?

    I understand that Tube Mogul have a new app called One Load which now allows commerical uploading and is priced the same as Magic submitter?


    • I like Magic Submitter more than anything now. Its one software you can buy that will get results, and is great for your toolbox. That and Tribe Pro for the same thing. Check those out and let me know what you think. Magic Submitter has a free trial too. Its the best in my opinion. Thanks for stopping by John

    • I’ve used all three services and like Dean says, Magic Submitter is the best by far. It beats TG in price and quality. Content Buzz is just plain awful, and terribly glitchy. The only thing you need to be aware of with Magic Submitter is there are multiple upsells after signup, for example, there is a bypass captcha service that they highly recommend if you want your automated blog comment efforts and things like that to make it through captcha blockers. These services typically allow you to buy bypass tokens in bulk, on a monthly basis. If you use some of those upsell services (which I recommend, you’re looking to be more around the $80/mo range or so.
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      • I agree with you Jason and Magic Submitter is a great software for backlinks and Video SEO. I use it for clients all the time

  • John Cowburn

    Hi Deane

    Thanks for the reply. Just found another one which I think is impressive, its – now called Movvit used to be called Startcut, Have a look and let me know what you think.


    • It looks great John, do you know about the syndication? What do you think about “fake” views if you will?

  • John Cowburn

    What did you mean ” Do you know about the syndication” and ” What do you think about “Fake Views” if you will?”
    I don’t understand?

  • Great article Dean, I switched to Magic Submitter well over a year ago and haven’t looked back. Have you used it to rank YouTube videos (i.e. make a video link the money site link)? So much you can do with it. I’d be interested in chatting with you since we’re both SEO types (I do it for a living actually) and networking as well. Great job with the blog!
    Jason Lee recently posted..Network Marketing SEO Mastery Using 7 Simple TipsMy Profile

    • Jason I am SOO sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was weeding through about a 1000 spam comments (even use Akismet) and just noticed yours. Would love to chat sometime about SEO and a project I’m doing. Check out my local business directory listing site at when you can. I appreciate the comment