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I thought it would be helpful to try and post some of the tools I use all the time that I’ve found to be extremely valuable to me in my online business.  These are completely free internet marketing tools for you to use anytime you’d like, and they are extremely helpful if you’re into internet marketing in any capacity.  Whether you’re a graphic designer, web developer, local SEO Expert, video marketer etc. these free internet marketing tools are the best I’ve found online.  I’d recommend bookmarking this page as I will continue to add programs I like to it as they come up, as well as explain how each of these tools can help you improve your efficiency or sales.  I use the free versions of almost all of these programs, but some of these I use for $2.99 a month or a $1 an image, so I hope you don’t mind if I include them in the list.  They’re all fantastic internet marketing tools that will help you immensely in your business.


  • – If you’re not using this program for Graphic Design for Social Media images, flyers, business cards, blog images, logos, or anything to do free graphic design software,free internet marketing toolswith images or PDF file creation you’re missing the boat.  This is, by far, the most versatile free graphic design software available in my opinion.  It’s incredible software, saves all your work, you can login with Facebook and it’s completely free.  They do have premium images or designs for $1, but well, it’s $1.  I’ve never purchased anything here, and it’s really helped me out a lot.  Go immediately and try it out.  You’ll love it
  • – Pic Monkey is another program that I absolutely love.  You can do so much with Pic Monkey with their free version, that I’ve never had to pay here either.  Their are premium options sure, but free design software,free marketing toolsyou can whiten teeth, put frames on graphics, text, change backgrounds, make circle crops instantly (super cool), put drop shadows on pictures, and do some amazing things with PicMonkey.  Canva and Picmonkey are two of the best blogging tools for graphic design, and simple to use.  You don’t even have to login at, and the graphic design capability is outstanding.
  • – The best way to reduce image file size, or compress images, for free that I’ve used.  I have several large sites and work with clients often so I’m very conscious about website speed for SEO purposes.  A problem so many sites have is having massive image files on their sites that won’t load quickly. logo If you’re site doesn’t load in 2-3 seconds, you’re costing yourself money.  As I’ve learned how to get better at marketing online, the first thing I do with a new graphic is go to Optimizilla to reduce my file sizes, every single time.  It’s totally free and you can upload multiple files at once, or one at a time.  Great software that reduces images by 50-90%, and still have great visual quality.  One tip I’ll give you is to rename your files afterwards using SEO best practices like this:  free-internet-marketing-tools using dashes between key words as Optimizilla puts a “min” extension on the end of a minimized file.
  • how to crop an image,crop backgrounds from – Disclaimer:  This one is $2.99 a month (not free) but I use this tool all the time for erasing backgrounds from images.  It’s helped me handle some extremely tedious files to get almost every pixel removed that was necessary to make a clean image.  I crop people out of pictures, backgrounds off JPEGs, PNG or anything really.  You can blow the images up to a huge size to crop exactly what you need out, hair, shadows, blurred backgrounds, and it’s the best tool I’ve used for this purpose.  It’s so cheap I don’t even think about it, and I can do 75 images (I think, it’s plenty) a month for 3 Bucks! No brainer to own this graphic design tool imo


  • Jaaxy Great keyword research tool!  When you’re just starting to learn how to market online, it’s critical to know what keywords you want to target free keyword tool, best keyword tool, google keyword tool,online marketing toolsfor your niche.  There is Google Adwords keyword research tool which most people use, but I never use it as the data is entirely too broad. If you want detailed numbers like I do as far as competition,  Jaaxy has a free
    trial with no credit card needed that will get you 30 free keywords when you are first getting started, but pay close attention to the detailed results unlike Google’s keyword research tool.  It gives competition, PPC charges, domain names available in the niche, article power (important to know if you have a chance in ranking), number of searches, rank potential and more.  Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool in my opinion if you really need to know your  statistics.  If you’re just starting out, this free marketing tool can be extremely valuable to you so you’ll know exactly where to aim with your content.  Furthermore, they will give you free keyword searches even as a free member to refer other people to the program.  I have more than I can ever use, and I don’t pay a penny for the service because of the referral program.
  • – Moz is the home for many serious internet marketers that really want to know how to grow their free marketing software,free local seo toolsbusiness, or to help their clients for SEO purposes.  They have several free tools that will help you whether you’re just getting started, or when doing pretty extensive research on a niche.  Open Explorer is one of those tools that shows back links for a site as well as anchor text.  Understanding anchor text for example is a critical piece of Search Engine Optimization, and Moz has a wealth of knowledge you can draw from to learn even the complex principles of SEO.  This site is considered the pinnacle of online data you can use to improve your online presence, and even their free tools are amazing.
  • Bright Local – Wanna know most of my secret SEO sauce? I am able to do what I do on Local SEO services due to the Bright Local research tool more bright local seo tools,best local seo tools,local seo servicesthan anything else I use.  They have so much training inside their agent portal, and they’ll let you try out their system for 30 Days to see if you like it.  If you understand Local SEO, even a little, you’ll be blown away at the suite of tools available to you.  Furthermore, the free training is worth it’s weight in gold on understanding Citations, Duplicate listings (Dupes), On-Page and Off-Page SEO, you can perform SEO check ups for clients, get review badges to increase reviews etc.  I use Bright Local for 90% of my local search engine optimization research, and for advanced business directory citations.  These guys do it all under one roof, and you’ll learn a ton going through their training for 30 days completely free.  I can’t stress how much valuable information is available inside their free internet marketing training portal, and their support is fantastic in my experience for agents.
  • PR Checker – One thing I do for clients, and myself, is to develop a back linking strategy to link to other top sites in the targeted niche or good sites in general that have a higher PR Ranking than the site I’m trying to rank.  In the wild west days of internet marketing, whoever got the most links back to their sites won the rankings game with Google.  Now days, Google is focused more than ever on quality of links not quantity and I see it as clear as day in the rankings results.  Use PR Checker as a quick test to see the quality of the site you’re thinking of linking to.   It’s just one of the best practices things I do unless I’m confident the site is solid.  You can also find out important data on your own sites as well, and work on areas you can improve.


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Free Blogging Tools with the Purchase of Hosting or Services

I’m redoing my entire website at the moment so bear with me on this one, but I’m going to be offering bonuses for customers that order services from my company or website.  For example, if you purchase hosting from Inmotion, Green Guys or Siteground from my affiliate link, I’m going to include Premium WordPress themes from AIT Themes, ($75 value), Premium Plugins like SEOPressor (I paid $99 for it) or WP Rocket Plugin ($39 Premium site caching plugin), free marketing tools, and all kinds of cool stuff.  I’m just getting my course all put together, the services available and it should be completely ready in the next couple of weeks.

If you need anything for your business or wanting to learn how to market online, let me know if you have any questions on the services and bonuses I provide.  Thanks so much

I’ll be adding more free internet marketing tools to this list, so stay tuned.  Remember to bookmark it so you’ll always have it to refer back to.  Thanks for checking it out!