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Customer Appreciation Program for Sending Cards

Customer Appreciation,Handwritten Thank You Note,Thank You note of appreciation,Send Out Cards, Greeting CardsI’ve often said that people will forget what you have told them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  We are living in a time unlike any I’ve ever seen in that now moreso than ever, we have to work harder to not only gain a new customer, but to keep that same customer.  We have to find a way to stand out ahead of our competition, but how can we do it?  A solid Customer Appreciation program is one of the best ways to do just that.

There’s no doubt we all appreciate our customers, our families, and what they mean to us.  Sure we tell them thank for the business, I appreciate you, but will that be enough to let your customer know you REALLY care?  Maybe…maybe not?  “Showing” true gratitude is more than just saying thank you, sending an email, or calling them to thank them, though that is always a nice touch after the sale.  If you are in high-level sales, own a small business, or working in a  client/customer basis regularly, you need a solid customer appreciation program that won’t take all of your time.

A customer appreciation program that allows you to stand out over your competition, yet allows you to focus on sales and customer relationships at the same time.  I’m going to show you a Contact Mangement System that will help you improve your customer appreciation, and you can get started immediately using it for less than $10 a month.  Here is just a few examples of what the system will do:

  1. You will be able to Send “Handwritten” Thank You Notes within Seconds So You Won’t Forget (A Thank You Note with a Stamp) for around $1
  2. You will be able to Add a Gift or a Gift Card from a Major Retailer Along With Your Thank You Card…All From Your Computer
  3. It Will Remind You of All Your Clients Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions…and will send Greeting Cards Automatically
  4. Will Send Appointment Reminders Automatically Through the Mail without ever licking a stamp for postage
  5. You can print customer or family calendars with pictures, greeting cards with your own pictures and/or logo, Large-size Canvas Portrait Photos of Your Family or Special event with a Client, Photobooks of Vacations, Weddings, Whatever You’d Like
  6. Give you an excellent Contact Management System to Keep Track of Clients Emails, Phone Numbers, Birthdays, Notes about the Account, and You can Import All of Your Existing Contacts Easily in this Customer Appreciation System.
Lets Talk About this System in further detail so you can fully understand how it can benefit you in your business.

Thank You Note of Appreciation

A Handwritten Thank You Note of Appreciation has been used by almost every successful person you know, and yet they still stand the test of time.  They have always worked for customer appreciation and building relationships, and they still do.  We all have been through trainings where the speaker talks about the value of a Handwritten Note.  People still write them, but there are several reasons why they don’t on a consistent basis.

  1. It’s a Hassle and Takes too Much Time
  2. It’s Inconvenient to Write a Thank You Note (Where are the cards and stamps? I forgot where I put them, and I’ve got to mail them too)
  3. It’s Costly…Hallmark and American Greetings Charge as much as $3-5 a card which can get expensive.
Watch this brief video on this Greeting Card and Gift Sending System for a good example of What it Will Do:

SendOutCards allows you to design your greeting cards online, with your own photos, write a custom message to your client or loved one individually, or a standard message to send to multiple clients.  They then print, stuff, stamp, and mail out your greeting cards or thank you notes directly to your customer.  You even have the ability to type in your own “Handwriting”, as well as add your signature or multiple signatures to the greeting card or thank you note.  Send Out Cards scans your handwriting and your signature on a form, and uploads it to their customer appreciation system as a font you can type in.  So when I say “Handwritten Thank You Notes” that’s what I’m referring to.  It looks great printed, and it always leaves a good impression.  The card quality from Send Out Cards is extremely nice!  They send out millions of cards every year, and millions of gifts, so you can trust them to do a great job for you long term.

Customer Gifts

Send Out Cards also has the ability to send gifts along with your thank you note, so your customer will have a physical reminder in the mail that you send out cards, thank you cardsappreciate them, not just an email that your competitor may send.  Choose from hundreds of gifts in their online Catalog from Gift Baskets, Books, Chocolate Towers, Jewelry, Cookies, Brownies, and much more at a very reasonable cost to you.  They also have Gift Cards they will attach to the inside from Major Retailers such as Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Restaurant Gift Cards, Home Depot, and many more.  Now you can show customer appreciation like never before without ever leaving your office, or your home.  No more running to mail boxes, licking stamps, finding bent Thank You Notes stuffed in a drawer somewhere. 🙂  Send Out Cards makes showing Customer Appreciation easier than ever before, and you can even tell someone you love them easy with the system.

Customer and Prospect Follow Up/Referrals/Planting TOMATO Gardens (Top of Mind Awareness Through Others)

At this point all we have discussed is customer appreciation, and ideas to help you show better appreciation to your clients or tell someone that you care about them.  Have you ever considered the power of sending a “handwritten” thank you note after a presentation or after meeting a high-level contact?  send out cards, contact management softwareImagine that you are a Realtor, and someone you know or never met has discussed selling their home.  They’ve talked to 5 other Realtors, but you took One Minute (thats all it takes) to send them a Thank You Card for considering them for their Real Estate needs.  Do you think it might make a difference? How many of your competitors would do that? Not many I assure you.  Send Out Cards helps you close business, increase your sales, and get more referrals.

If you have 500 Contacts, and it’s time to send Christmas Cards, can you imagine how long that would take to send those Christmas Greeting Cards out?  Lots of companies will print Christmas Cards, Thank You Cards, Thanksgiving Cards, or Birthday cards, but only one that I know of will mail out 500 with the click of a mouse, include your recipients first name inside the card, their full name outside the card, and mail it out for you for around a $1 (62 Cents each at wholesale) for each Greeting Card.  Include your family photos, you can even attach videos (yes videos with a QR Code) inside the Greeting Cards.  It’s the only way to go if you’re looking for a solid customer appreciation and follow-up system, to go along with an amazing tool to show people they are cared for as well.

SHOWING your customers you appreciate them is so much more powerful than saying it, or emailing it. The reason is simple because your backing it up with action.  So you can get your own customer appreciation action system started today at www.appreciationwithcards.com.  There are a few ways to get started HERE, but there are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime. If you’re still skeptical, I’ve arranged for a Free Trial Account for you to try out the service for free.  You can send 3 Free Greeting Cards on me to try out this appreciation system at no charge, and no obligation.  No one will ever contact you from Send Out Cards, only I will know you tried it out.  Thanks for checking it out in advance, and call me if you would like me to walk you through the system anytime at 865.388.4000.

To Your Success,

Dean Ethridge

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