Talk Fusion Video Tools – Scam or Global Business Opportunity?

Talk Fusion Review, Reviews of talk fusion,talk fusion reviews,talk fusion video services,video email,video conferencing,talk fusionSo who or what is Talk Fusion?  I “accidently” found Talk Fusion a few months ago, and at the time I was paying almost $200 a month for similar services such as Constant Contact for an Email Marketing Service, Aweber for an Email Subscriber Form Solution, Goto Meeting to conduct an occasional webinar, and Traffic Geyser to help me build my web traffic for my blog.  Someone approached me with Talk Fusion with 8 Video Communication Products for only $35 a month, and it did a nice job of replacing the above mentioned services I was paying for.  With that said,  I’d like to review the Talk Fusion services in detail so that you might understand how the video email, and the other services can help benefit you in your current business, or how the Talk Fusion Business Opportunity can change your life if you’re open to building a home based business. The global economy is changing the way people are thinking about work, income and making money. Many have been forced to stay at home, not by choice, but necessity. Looking for a way to create income and finding the right opportunity can be daunting and a little scary.
Talk Fusion offers a low cost home based business solution. The product is a digital video suite of tools for online communication that can be purchased in almost any country in the world. (We have Talk Fusion Distributors in over 100 Countries Now, and Talk Fusion is available in 200+ Countries)  No shipping is required and buyers get instant access to their video tool suite. The promise is a set of easy to use video marketing tools that require no technical knowledge to use. Talk Fusion offers a seamless global price point and compensation plan, no territories or sales limits. The even offer “Instant Pay” to a global cash card within minutes of a sale.

Sound too good to be true?

Let’s take a look at the company, the video tool suite products and how they are taking advantage of the rise in video and internet usage around the world. Can Talk Fusion really deliver the goods on a global scale as well as the promise of an income not based on just your local market? To find the answer we need look into the products.

The Video Tool Suite for the 21st Century

With limited time and the overwhelming amount of information each person is confronted with each day, people are reading less and watching more. More video! Cisco has stated that “By 2013, the sum of all forms of video (TV, VoD, Internet video, and P2P) will exceed 90 percent of global consumer IP traffic” People simply find it easier, more fun, and a better form of communication to view videos. We are hard wired to communicate visually. Some say that 90% of communication is non verbal. This “Body Language” gives us a lot of information that black and white text in an email or on a web site can’t. If businesses and individuals want to stand out, get found and get their message across then video is the format to do so. Talk Fusion offers a video tool suite that anyone can use to communicate directly with one or more people. These can be accessed by logging in to your online Video Communications Center. No software to install.

The Talk Fusion Video Tool Suite:

  1. Video Email
  2. Video Share (social media)
  3. Video Auto Responder
  4. eSubscription Form
  5. Video Conference (up to 15 people instantly)
  6. Video Broadcast (webinar with unlimited seats)
  7. Video Blog
  8. Fusion Wall (the next generation of video social media sites)

A Closer Look at Each Talk Fusion Video Service & Video Tool Suite

Talk Fusion Video Email
Talk Fusion Video Email is an email marketing service similar to Constant Contact, iContact, & Mail Chimp that helps you communicate with your prospects, send newsletters, do event invitations, new product announcements, training videos, or simply show customer appreciation one on one.  By using an email marketing service, you can make your emails stand out over your competition with the ability to not only include picture, but also incorporates video marketing with their simple-to-use video email. Talk Fusion offers over 500 pre-made templates. These let you send more than just a video, but also a personal, business or seasonal message. Send it directly to one person or a whole group with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can even customize and make your own with the “Build Your Own Template” Feature. Simply click on the colors and links to add your own color and images.   Templates available in multiple languages

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Create your video with a webcam, upload a video, grab one from your video library or use one of the Talk Fusion Pro videos. No limit on video storage or how often you can send out videos. Once your video(s) have been sent you will receive reports on who opened and viewed your email, if they forwarded it and even if they clicked on the link in the template to visit your website. Talk Fusion ensures the highest delivery rate possible with no attachment and by sending from a white listed email address that is listed with over 1.8 million ISPs around the world.
Talk Fusion Video Share
Traffic Geyser is a popular service many internet marketers and small businesses use to increase their traffic by creating “backlinks” to their site to improve their search engine ranking.  I used the Traffic Geyser software and it works great, but it is $97 a month for the membership.  Talk Fusion Video Share  lets you share videos to over 341 social media and video sharing sites. Of course, you have to have logins and memberships to as many of these as you want to share on… Share with or without the Talk Fusion graphic template, have it open in a new window and even play automatically or not.  Talk Fusion Video Share is a GREAT tool and you can’t beat the price over the competition such as Content Buzz and Traffic Geyser.
Talk Fusion Video Auto-Responder
Before Talk Fusion I was using Aweber to capture my emails from my readers, save them in a contact list, and automatically send them informational emails about my product offering, specials, and new articles posted.  Talk Fusion Video Auto-Responder can automatically send a series of video emails to one or more people on a schedule. For example, if you want to capture someones email to build your prospect list from your website, you can automatically tell Talk Fusion Video Autoresponder to send them your intro video on day one on what to expect, then follow up with a series of videos on day 2, 3, etc afterwards.  The list is saved in your email contact list, and you can periodically send follow-ups to your database.  Customize each video email with the template you want. You can let this tool work for you 24/7/365
Talk Fusion eSubscription Form Similar to the Video Auto Responder, eSubscription is a form to capture valuable email information from your website’s visitors. It’s easy to create a form you can place on any website. Visitors can join your mailing list. This form can be tied to a Video Auto-Responder video series.  You can change the color of the form, the description, font and more in the Talk Fusion Video Communication Center.  The subscriber will receive the series of emails in the order and timing you specify for the series based upon the time they join the list.
Talk Fusion Video Conferencing
Tired of poor quality video chats or limited conference where you can only have 2 or 3 people see each other? With all the talk of Google Hangouts, Facebook Chat, Oovoo, and many more, can you really depend on “chatting” when you need a business class video conferencing service?  Talk Fusion has solved this with their Video Conferencing tool. Schedule a video conference at a certain time and date, invite participants by email, or do a conference on the fly with up to 15 live video feeds that are visible AND can talk on the video conference at the same time!  Talk Fusion Video Conferencing allows unlimited participants, 15 audio and video feeds, desktop share, whiteboard drawing, content sharing, and more for only $35 a month.  Compare that to WebEx or Goto Meeting and you’ll see why I think Talk Fusion is the best value for video conferencing in the world.  Why travel and have all the expense when you can meet anytime of the day. Goto Meeting,WebEx,Goto Meeting vs Webex,talk fusion video conferencing,video conferencing,reviews for video conferencing services,talk fusion,comparisons for video conferencing,what is the best video conferencing service,best video conferencing service
Talk Fusion Live Video Broadcast
Are you a coach? A pastor, a preacher, or affiliated with a Church?  A speaker or music entertainer?  The possibilities are endless of what you can do with Talk Fusion Live Broadcasting!  You can livestream your football games, concerts, speaking engagements or presentations, sermons, etc all over the world, record the event to save it for viewing later, and archive your meetings on any website.  We store all the video, unlimited storage, for the same $35 a month! Hold a meeting, hold a presentation, share your business, teach, train and motivate all for the fraction of the cost of WebEx or GoToMeeting. For no additional cost you get this included in your video tool suite. Webinars are the way business and training is being done today. It saves money, time and travel expense. With unlimited seats for attendees you can’t find a better deal. If you are doing a webinar with 1000 people the afore mentioned webinar services cost $499 / month. Talk Fusion includes this for less than 1/20th the cost.
Talk Fusion Video Blog
Why write what you want to say or share when you can have a video do it for you. You get your own video blog to share your thought or business to the world.  Vlog’s are becoming more and more popular with the emergence of video marketing.  Video Marketing allows people to see YOU, your emotions, your passion about your company and product, and Talk Fusion Video Blog is part of the same $35 a month package.
Talk Fusion Wall
Similar to Youtube, Talk Fusion Wall allows you to post videos, add tags, and share them to any website with an embed code with their own link.  Fusion Wall however allows you 20 Minutes of record time immediately, so if you’re looking for a longer recording time than YouTube, Fusion Wall is a good solution. The next generation of video sharing and social media sites. Get found and get the word out about your business or simply share your thought with the world.

Back to Answering the Question: Is Talk Fusion a Scam or Legit?

Talk Fusion owns their own servers and develops their own technology in house. They have spent millions of dollars over a period of 4+ years to develop the current video tool suite. Over 60,000 businesses and individuals use the Talk Fusion video tools around the world. With 1000′s more joining every month. There award winning graphics and video departments build their promotional videos as well as expand the template library. They even offer a custom branded template for purchasers of the Executive Pack. For those who are interested in more than just using the video tool suite, there is the ability to share them with others and be paid Instantly*. Instant Pay is a first in the direct sale and referral marketing industry.

How Do I Make Money in Talk Fusion?

The Talk Fusion video tool suite is distributed by Independent Associates. There is no additional cost to be an Associate vs a Customer so it just makes sense to become one. What often happens to users of these video tools is others will ask you how they can get them too. Talk Fusion pays you for the purchases of the video tool suite made by people and businesses you refer. Anywhere in the world**

But Isn’t That A Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid Distribution Networks or Network Marketing has been a legitimate way to distribute products for over 60 years. Associates are not paid to recruit by Talk Fusion. All commissions are earned on the sale of the video tool suite product. Talk Fusion uses a Binary Compensation Plan and is therefore not based on levels. Talk Fusion is not a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company. Team sales volume can be accumulated by qualified Associates from anywhere, regardless of the depth of your team or where in the world the sale happens. Building a distribution network increases sales of the product and repeat customer purchases and this is what generates the incomes earned. Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA) in the US and the Direct Selling Education Institute of Dubai (DSEI).

Getting Ahead of the Curve

It is often cited in business literature that you want to find a trend before it reaches it’s peak and provide a solution to the issue(s). The issue for many is the lack of knowledge or technical expertise about online video. The trend is clearly stated by Cisco… Talk Fusion is squarely positioned with it’s innovative video tool suite to solve the issues and be at the leading edge of the video trend! Taking advantage of this is easy. Join Talk Fusion, use the tools, share it with others. With so many people needing additional income and/or a replacement income, this new online product, instant pay and global trend is just the ticket you may be looking for. All you need is a computer, web cam or video camera, an internet connection and the desire to tap into this growth curve. To find out more information Click Here or Contact Us about this easy to use video tool suite.

*pay is paid with in 4 to 10 minutes of an earned commission onto a global cash card. It may take a week or two to receive this card depending on where you live in the world. From that point forward you will have access to funds via a cash machine or by doing a back transfer from the global cash card login area for your card. * Some countries are not available due to the Patriot Act laws and no allowing the payment of monies to these countries or individuals who reside there. See the list of available countries HERE

The Talk Fusion Video Tool Suite