Choosing a good domain from the beginning is one of the most important components of being successful online.  In short, a domain can make your life really easy or really difficult depending on what you’re goals are for your online presence.

In this video we will cover how to use the Google Keyword Tool to do research on keywords relevant to your business, and tie those into your domain name for your website.  Keyword Density is a key for good SEO, and getting traffic from the search engines.  Depending on what industry you’re in, you can get good traffic results online just by having a domain with a good keyword in the URL. We will discuss the importance of “keyword density” in just a moment.
Clear your mind during this process and start brainstorming about the industry you’re in.  Think about keywords or phrases people would use to find your site, and then use the keyword tool to find out how many searches your keywords have monthly.  Write them down on a list of some of the top keywords.  Look for low competition and phrases with 4-6K or more per month.
Take a close look at alternative keywords that show up in the research results, and then head over to your hosting provider of choice, or one of the two I recommend for WordPress hosting. The two best places I’ve found for hosting a WordPress blog are Host Gator, and Blue Host.
Blue Host is a really “clean” hosting provider with excellent customer support, but most importantly they can help you set up WordPress in just a couple of minutes…literally.  Host Gator is another great hosting provider that uses Simple Scripts for WordPress hosting.  People with zero technical skills can install WordPress in minutes, and if you are having troubles, both these companies have 24/7 live chat which is really nice!
So again, if you have a suspect or bad domain name today, now is the time to change that!  If you’re focused on your own personal brand, then find a variation of your own name.  I have seen examples such as “whois” or “the” in front of your name, or “online” at the end.  Commit to something you like, and start building it.
Now let’s talk about keyword density.  In this video I chose for the domain for the keyword “personal defense”.  The keyword density for this example is 94% of the original keyword.  If I’m working with weightloss, or personal trainer, real estate, etc. I want to focus on my reach in my given market.  Realtors can work locally with city names and homes, real estate being in the URL for example.  Weight Loss is really broad, so if you’re trying to compete globally you need a related keyword in your domain and blog extremely often if you hope to get consistent traffic. A personal trainer, landscaper, etc can target their local market as well and do very well quickly.
You want to break down your markets and keywords to smaller pieces of the pie, not the whole pie.  We will talk about SEO and “long tail keywords” later, but let’s go get that domain registered and your blog setup next.
Host Gator and Blue Host both have domain registration to research whether your domain you would like is available, but also with variations of the domain.  I used Market Samurai in this example, and it’s a great tool, but not 100% necessary at this point.  Enter your ideas for a good domain, keep trying alternatives, and write them down until you find the one you like.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but spending the extra few minutes on this research will pay big dividends long term.
Finally, after you’ve picked out your domain name you are ready to setup your blog.  Watch the following video for a quick tutorial on how to set up your WordPress Blog.  It’s simple with the two hosting providers I mentioned, and you’ll be finished for the moment.  If you already have a domain with GoDaddy, or another provider, contact their chat for help with setting up your blog.
Host Gator and Blue Host Both Have One-Click WordPress Installation – Watch Here for Host Gator Installation Version:
Congrats on finishing this critical step in establishing your online presence.  Stay tuned for the next Video where we will talk about the best themes for WordPress, design tips for your site, and how to maximize your conversions for getting leads online!  We will also start diving deep into the WordPress tutorials so I’m looking forward to getting started on the nuts and bolts of the series.  Take care and we’ll talk soon!
Dean Ethridge