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Good WordPress ThemesGood WordPress Themes can make a big difference in your website’s overall performance.  A theme is basically a template that is pre-designed already, but they also offer a variety of options depending on the author.   Choosing a bad Wordpress theme can do more damage than good wordpress themes can do to produce results.  I wanted to give you a list of the Top WordPress Theme providers in the market that I have used, and encourage you to take your time and look through them before making a hasty decision on a theme you may not like down the road.
Depending on your business type, your personality, and genre of your audience you will want to choose a theme that does a good job of addressing these previously mentioned concerns.  Also, different authors of good WordPress themes offer simple interfaces that are easier to understand than some of the free WordPress themes.

In the video down below I address what your theme needs to try to accomplish from a branding standpoint.  Your site needs to immediately address 3 questions:
  • Where Am I?
  • What Do You Want Me to Do?
  • Why Should I do It With You?
Now we need to look for a good theme.  There are many free themes out there, and some of them are great,

Good WordPress Themes and Top Theme Providers

Theme4Press – Precisio Pro is the theme I use, and I get compliments all the time on how “clean” it is.  I use it for my wife’s site too, and it is extremely versatile.  It is a premium theme although it’s very affordable, but the options, and look and feel are amazing to me.  Check out their other themes at Theme4Press.com Woo Themes: The ultimate resource for premium looking WordPress themes.  Woo Themes are developed by web designers so they look nice, and convert well.  Very customizable and user friendly. Theme Forest – Theme Forest has one of the largest selections of themes available online from multiple authors.  It’s part of a group called Envato that has after-effects for sound files, video intros, landing pages, and graphics.  You can view the sound effects at Audio Jungle, and there’s just some REALLY cool stuff from these guys! Studio Press – Studio Press is one the top WordPress theme designers  in the world.  Their Genesis framework is one of the most popular options used by the best bloggers online.  The interfaces are very easy to use, and the support they give is better than the industry standard. Elegant Themes – Elegant Themes may be the best deal on Premium themes for WordPress.  Elegant themes offers 70 Premium themes for only a $39 one-time fee.  They also offer some of the best support in this particular space.  They have a good selection of great looking themes without question. wordpress themes

Good WordPress Themes

Good WordPress Themes


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