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  • Hello Dean, I was just wondering is it possible for me to get a free version of this business listing tool, like yours that I can embed unto my site? Thanks.
    – Uzo ([email protected])

    • Yes you can. Click the link and somewhere on that page is where I got mine. Hope that helps and thank you for reaching out!

      • Which link? If it’s the iFrame Generator link just above the power listing image. That link doesn’t work. (it’s not clickable)

          • Thank you Dean but I fear you’ve misunderstood. Yes, this link works, yes I am able to create an account on 7th Space. However, I do not see this business online listing tool you have on your site there at 7th Space or are you paying Yext for it? Technically, even without the link you provided. I was able to use the iFrame on this site to copy and paste the listing software on my site. However, it still has your 360 branding and I can’t even customize the colors. I’m not sure how else to explain what I am asking for.