blog design tips,wordpress design tipsBlog Design is really important in so many ways to the success of your blog or website.  I made this page specifically to give you a resource of the components of a blog to begin mastering, and also to check them off once you have completed them.  The first thing you want to do is set up your custom header, or you can use a logo of your company if you’d like as well.  On this page you will find videos of the top plugins, how to write posts and pages for a blog, how to insert pictures and videos, and this first video will give you a strategy of what the design of your site should accomplish. Your blog design has about .7 seconds to capture someones attention and keep them there on your site for longer to find out more.  Your blog design should also answer 3 important questions very quickly.

  1. Where Am I?  What is your brand? What do you do?  Try to quickly answer this somewhere on the header or logo
  2. What Do You Want me to Do?  Make one predominant link or button to send them to, not multiple.  Your content will bring people back if it’s good, but your goal here is to drive them to a sales page, or to capture their email address if possible.   Capturing an email address allows you to follow-up later with more content.  Make your offer a good one to encourage them to give you a good one.
  3. Why Should I do it with you?  Build credibility with written testimonials, videos, and your previous accomplishments on your about me page.  If your product is compelling that will help too, but you want to establish trust quickly on your site.  You also want to try to appeal to your audience and genre of prospect.  Fonts and design will vary based on age range of prospect, types of products being sold, etc.
Free WordPress Editors GuideI would suggest bookmarking this page to come back to often and store it under Blog Design, or WordPress Design. Here is a free copy of a WordPress-Editiors-Guide that you will want to save and possibly print if you are a visual learner.  It has almost everything you need to know as far as steps for WordPress blog functions.

Here’s Video 1 for an Overall Blog Design Strategy:

Here is Part 2 of WordPress Blog Design for Creating your own custom header, inserting plugins and widgets for your wordpress blog.

Download these Plugins ASAP as they are very important to the success of your blog, as well as the overall design of your wordpress blog.  This wordpress tutorial video will teach you how to search for, install, and activate the 10 best WordPress plugins that I like for 2012.  There are thousands to choose from, and just remember, if you’re looking to do something constructive for your blog as far as design goes, a good WordPress plugin probably exists for your application.

Watch this Video for Learning How to Write Posts and Pages in WordPress:

What is a Widget for WordPress?  Widgets are crucial for your blog design, especially in your sidebar.  Watch the following Video for How to Use Widgets:

WordPress Blog Design Tutorial – How to Put Pictures and Videos into your WordPress Blog Post or Page:

Congratulations on getting familiar with WordPress and Blog Design and moving on to the next step in our Journey to a Million Series! See You on the next video!  Feel free to leave a comment or share this with your community if you think it adds value.  Make it a great day!