Wealthy Affiliate University Review

wealthy affiliaite review,wealthy affiliate memberI started my own online marketing course called Local Business Gold for small business owners, and for those eager to learn internet marketing
skills, or make money online.  I had been through the struggles most people face when it comes to finding out what really works online, who we can trust to deliver quality content, and determining whether the training I purchase is worth the money spent to get a return on the investment.

People are willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money to learn internet marketing skills because they know the internet can transform someone’s career and business if done properly.

I spent a lot of time, money and wasted effort on hyped programs guaranteed to make me millions overnight right?  🙂  I will continue to create useful tips for people wanting to learn how to market online, but I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of years now, and I wanted to share what they do, and how it can benefit you in your quest to earn an income on the internet.  In a nutshell Wealthy Affiliate is an online university for internet marketing training with a community of thousands of people, just like you, that are eager to get the skills they need to succeed online.

 The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Training Course Structure

It has organized training, 6 different “boot camps” staged to help you learn technical online marketing skills, free web hosting, premium wordpress themes, wordpress express installer, keyword search tools, and a forum of thousands of people wanting to learn internet marketing as well as experienced marketers that are willing to help you with questions as well.

The Step 1 Bootcamp has 7 modules, and completely free with no credit card needed as well.

I’ll explain more in a moment, though I want to first tell you who not to trust and why.  There is an online culture of “gurus” that speak of making fast money, businesses that run on auto-pilot, work one week and you’re rich.  You should obviously read between the lines and know that probably isn’t going to happen.  There are constant upsells in this culture with new product launches to their email list, and it’s my belief that very few of these internet marketing gurus have much real world experiences with the small business owner, or the new niche blogger that’s a Mom or Dad trying to earn extra income.  These programs are geared towards the Network Marketing industry, and that’s not my focus in my teachings.  I have to admit I fell for some of these scams in the past, but my goal is to help you avoid getting sucked into the “fast money” trap.

Making money online takes time, hard work and consistency building your brand.  It can and will happen with the proper strategies in place, but don’t believe the hype out there promising overnight success.  It rarely ever happens that way.

No Nonsense Online Marketing Training with Step by Step Tutorials

The Wealthy Affiliate has been out for a while now, but you don’t always hear of it because it’s not loaded with people that are full hype.  The ugly part of MLM and affiliate marketing training,wealthy affiliate reviewsNetwork Marketing is that the industry is loaded with hype, overpriced products and preys on people that are desperately seeking a way to earn extra income.   You won’t see flashy cars or houses or slick sales presenters in the Wealthy Affiliate,  because it’s designed to help traditional business owners as well as affiliate marketers earn money online.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is a complete step by step training course designed to help the new person get started with developing their brand online with an army of support from a community when/if you have questions.  It also has tremendous benefits to experienced marketers like myself, that understand the benefits of social engagement and community.

Key Benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate University Program

  • 6 In-Depth Bootcamp Internet Marketing Training Modules – This is what separates Wealthy Affiliate from all other training courses I’ve seen, and why I recommend their training program.  These course are straight-forward with screen shots, and simple to follow.  The library of training is literally endless.  Just search for your topic (video marketing, seo, blogging, WordPress, etc), and you’ll find what you’re looking for.  The free bootcamp course is enough to help new marketers get started blogging, but the premium membership is loaded with great content and a lot of useful tools.
  • Unlimited Hosting and Domains Under One Roof – The free starter package gives you your own sub-domain similar to Empower Network or Pure Leverage, but it’s free obviously.  If you’re serious however, you can use your own domain with a lot more options.  You also know that hosting isn’t free, and getting good hosting costs around $25 a month by itself for upgraded servers.  The Wealthy Affiliate hosting speeds are impressive, and that’s very important for SEO purposes.
  • WordPress Express Install – One Click and Done to Install WordPress, plus I offer free services for clients to help them with getting setup.
  • Keyword Search Tools with Scoring Metrics Built-In – Keyword tools can be a pain to use, but not this one. It shows number of searches, traffic, scores competition on keywords, article potential weight, PPC costs, and it’s a very useful tool for research I use all the time.
  • Multiple Theme Options and Plugins – Wealthy Affiliate has multiple premium themes to choose from from the dashboard that allow you complete flexibility to add plugins, and total customization.  Again, I offer premium themes and upgrades to clients if you need more options.
  • Link Tracking – Get useful statistics on your campaigns similar to Google Analytics, yet easier to understand.   Nice to have all this in one place
  • wealthy affiliate universityClassroom Certification Courses – Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise you quick cash, and encourages a thorough education process.  You go at your own pace, and it saves all your progress as you complete each course.
  • Best in Class Community Forum for Instant Support and Feedback – Ever get stuck in the middle of completing a task and you don’t know how to fix it?  Wealthy Affiliate has a live chat feature that allows you to interact with hundreds, if not thousands of people in their forum.  Ask your question, get an instant answer!  If not resolved you can get one on one support from customer service.
  • A Sensible Affiliate Program – For me, promoting Wealthy Affiliate makes a lot of sense.  I believe in it 100%, and know the trainings are solid as well as getting you plugged into a community of other marketers trying to accomplish the same thing.  If you know of anyone else looking to learn internet marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is, without a doubt, the best solution for them.  Wealthy Affiliate pays you for that referral so it’s a Win Win when you send someone else to check out their training.

Internet Marketing Course + Community

wealthy affiliate,best internet marketing training,online marketing courseWhat really sold me on the Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t just the training.  I loved that there were no fancy cars, hyped videos with cash and people saying look at me, look at me! 🙂  It was no nonsense practical training and the obvious support that a new marketer or even an experienced marketer would get if you needed help taking your project to the next level.  Any successful person would tell you that a mastermind or support group is an important piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle.

We need advisors, partners and mentors to bounce ideas off of and that is the #1 thing I see with Wealthy Affiliate that can help us all become more successful.  Plug into the forum, connect with other key leaders, share each others content to get more social link juice, and I guarantee you it will mean more traffic to your site.

Try the free trial today, and I can almost guarantee you you’ll see the same thing I saw.  This Internet Marketing Training University will most definitely be changing some lives online.  Best of luck to you in whatever you choose to pursue!



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