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  • Great Article Dean!

  • Awesome article! I have tried Craigslist once before my way. After reading Dean’s article I simply changed up a little wording that he recommended and re-posted. This time I received 5 leads within 36 hours and I have another follow up tomorrow. There’s always a way to get someone’s attention that is looking for what you have to offer, you just have to know the right wording to use to lead them to ya.

    • Thanks Gary and thats a great testimonial. Whats important is that you TOOK ACTION! Thats awesome brother. Thanks so much for sharing that with me and glad it helped you

  • Monika

    Really good article. Thanks for sharing that info. I have been posting on craigslist lately a lot and I’m flagged 🙁 I posted my posts and your posts… still the same. different categories, different wording… Do you have another special technique for not flagging ads? Thanks

    • Hi Monika, I just keep it simple and post a couple a day and really try to keep the fluff out. I havent been flagged but I do tell what Im doing on the services I sell. I just post in 2 categories. Another thing to do is build a Google places page along w yelp which I will cover soon. You should sign up for my course. Theres a ton of info there that is free. Hope that helps

  • Monika

    Dean, you are fast. Thanks! I will look it up on that course. is it on this website?

    • Yes ma’am! 🙂 It is my Journey to a Million Course that is very comprehensive for people wanting to learn how to blog. Tell all your partners about it and you can share the links once you go through them. I’m excited about being able to give that knowledge away. Lets chat sometime about your goals. Thanks for the comment Monika