Meet Dean Ethridge

Hey there, this is Dean Ethridge. You probably found this page because you are either in or considering the home business or network marketing profession. I help network marketers and small business get more leads, recruit more reps and earn more income in their companies and I’m happy to help you!

My Career

For almost 20 years, Dean Ethridge has committed his career to helping individuals achieve more in their personal and professional lives.  Dean’s first venture as an entrepreneur was a Restaurant/Sports Bar on a college campus in Middle Tennessee.  He later opened a retail wireless store that marketed Pagers, Satellite Dishes, and Cellular Phones in 1995. He has remained involved in the technology/telecom arena as a consultant for the past 18 years.

Dean has employeed hundreds of individuals in his businesses, and his passion to coach and mentor people to do more they otherwise thought possible.  He has been a consistent student of personal development and achieved numerous sales awards and personal accomplishments throughout his career.

Dean has dedicated his life to studying, empowering and equipping people for success around the world.   This has enabled him to create online systems, strategies, and programs that can be used and applied by anyone to increase measurable results in their personal and professional lives.

As a dynamic leader in the Direct Sales industry,  Dean has learned through trial and error what works to build a successful business either online, or offline and focuses on providing education to those that seek a better way of living.

As a leader with Solavei, the pioneers of the first social commerce business model,  Dean has put his many years of Leadership experience to work with a large team since the company’s launch in September 2012 in Bellevue, Washington.    Dean leads with those same principles, strategies, online systems and programs that have enabled him to help numerous individuals build their own business with a high degree of success.  His passion for training and equipping leaders with excellent tools and resources  is what makes him a valuable asset to his team and those seeking personal and financial change.

My Family

Although Dean’s list of professional accomplishments are plenty, his primary goal and focus is as a father, husband, and friend to those he knows.  He has a passion for the301565_10200659217353214_309914506_n Lord and hopes people can truly see Christ living in him.  Dean is married to his beautiful wife Christy, has 6 beautiful children between them and lives in Birmingham, AL.  Although Dean works very hard, his focus is to make a comfortable living for his family while staying in balance to enjoy his time with them.

Whether you have seen Dean on Youtube, watched one of his webinars, or have the opportunity to connect with him 1-on-1, you will have no doubt of his passion for helping others step into a life of lasting significance and true empowerment.

What I do Today 

My wife and I are working together to build a successful Solavei business with a large, growing team all over the country.  We also are building a second business called Itex that allows small businesses to trade or barter with one another for their products and services.   Both are residual based (I won’t do anything but residual platforms) and both are driven predominantly by referrals from other existing clients.

My passion is to help people make more money in their lives or outside their current profession, and I love helping small businesses make more sales and income by marketing smarter.

What’s Next?  How Can You Earn More Income?

Earning any type of income online or with a home business takes a lot of hard work, a lot of patience and a little bit of luck too. My goal is to inspire you to take a leap of faith in yourself, and “Crush It” like Gary Vaynerchuk.

I’ve put together a training program  (my labor of love if you will) that shows people how to market themselves online, and use the exact same system I use to get leads and sales online for my business.  It’s completely free, easy to follow, and will help anyone that follows the principles that I teach.  I also make videos and articles that give you tips and tools that help you market or prospect better as I run across ideas that work.

There is greatness inside every single person. Believe in yourself and know that you CAN be great and create an inspiring life no matter where you are!  I look forward to connecting with you in the future and helping you in whatever way I can.

To Your Success,