Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or Building a Small Business

,learn affiliate marketing,make money online, affiliate marketing,network marketingAfter a year of trying to build my network marketing business with the help of the internet,  I had one of those ah-ha moments after closely watching some of the bigger names in the internet marketing industry.  I also came to a stark realization that you can NOT simply write posts about your home based business, and expect people to be wowed by the products, and sign up to be a distributor.You have to offer more than just a business opportunity, you have to provide solutions to people’s everyday problems.

The Problem with Putting All Your Eggs in the Network Marketing Basket

Many of the experienced Leaders in Network Marketing, are still teaching the same tired techniques that worked in the 90’s.  Sorry but it’s just not true that you can’t build a business online, and the only way to build a business is through your warm market…friends and family.What if you don’t have 5000 people ready to follow you from your last network marketing company?  What if you have a passion for writing that hasn’t learn-affiliate-marketingbeen utilized?  What if you have a knowledge in your industry that will help others solve problems in their careers?The “old school” leaders usually have a following and an extensive network that allows them to build quickly, establish trust because of their past noted accomplishments, and gives them a huge advantage over many people in the industry.I’m here to tell you that people CAN build a business online with affiliate marketing, sponsor some people into a network marketing business, as well as explore their passions of helping others through education or inspiration.Bottom Line is This…Network Marketing is a Tough Business but if you learn new online marketing skills, you can achieve success at just about whatever business you decide to focus on.  That includes sponsoring more people in your Network Marketing business.

Where Do You Start to Make Money Online or Through Affiliate Marketing?

network marketing failurePeople here on my site, and others all over the world are looking for answers, looking for the truth about what REALLY works.  There is sooo much noise and static of information on internet marketing, and it’s really difficult to figure out what works in building a solid income online.The cool part of what I just said, is if you want to get leads for your network marketing opportunity, or small business,  there is a “hidden” income opportunity within the online community for those willing to learn the valuable lesson I’m about to share with you.There is an incredible opportunity to make “right now”  income showing others the proper tools they need to get their own online presence set up, or teaching skills that you possess that can help others out there in cyberspace.The reality is that most people don’t have the skills to speak in a room full of people, lead thousands of people to the promised land, and that’s ok too.There are other ways to make money part time than just building a network marketing business.So no matter what your personality type, how you look, talk, dress, or what social economic network you are in, you have just as good a chance to be successful online as anyone.Welcome to the world of Attraction Marketing…this is a huge global marketplace, and YOU have your own place in it!Attraction Marketing is a concept that is much talked about in the internet marketing circles in that we attract different types of people by who we are as attraction marketing,making money onlineindividuals, writing styles, backgrounds, etc.  With that said, I’m a 44 year old male with 6 kids, active lifestyle, interests in helping others with internet marketing, with an end goal of having a successful self-generating income online.I now write about Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Loyalty Programs, Blogging, Video Marketing or other forms of marketing that will help just about anyone earn more income online or offline in a small business.I’m a small business marketing consultant in Birmingham AL so my personal niche is SEO for Websites and Video here, and selling programs online that will help people be more successful on the internet.My wife is 29 years old and holding for a few years, and she writes about her passions, divorce issues, Religious Values, etc at  Her passions and skill set are completely different than mine.  She’s not at all technical, and doesn’t want to be.My point being people that view her site, and like its content, may not like what I am writing about or vice versa.Everyone has a niche, and you don’t have to be a professional to make money online.

Niche Blogging or Building a Small Business Website Can Absolutely Make Money

I’ve seen many, many people come from virtual obscurity that have developed very successful businesses both online and offline in the world of Network Marketing.niche-bloggingI’ve also seen many people start a blog about “anything” (home decor, cooking sandwiches, internet marketing, animal interests) that are making a tremendous amount of income through affiliate marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is basically a method of driving traffic to a website, and selling related items to your content in and around your website or blog.For example, I love helping small businesses grow or help people build home-based businesses online or offline.  There is a methodology to build both ways, and if we follow proven systems, your success is inevitable as long as you are marketing solid products or opportunities.In this article, I wanted to discuss internet marketing and how it really works.  I now know for a fact that you can get quality leads and contacts online if you set up a good blog, and/or produce good videos.

Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

However, you’ll need different tools and services to be as effective as you can be.  To give you an idea, here are a few of the top things that I write about, and an example of affiliate marketing links at work:
  1. bluehost-wordpress-hostingBlogging – People wanting to start an online business need a blog.  I recommend for hosting of a new blog, a current website, manage your domains, or use if you are an advanced blogger.  It’s simple to set up, and you can have your blog up in minutes!  As I write about blogging, I can share my link for those who are ready to get started.  I know BlueHost is awesome for web hosting, easy to set-up for blogs, and its a great tip for anyone interested in building online.   If I make a small affiliate commission for offering that advice, that’s great, but I’m not worried if I don’t.
  2. Link Building and Content Syndication – A common mistake people make is thinking they can start a blog and get instant traffic.  There is virtually NO chance to get traffic unless you have back links to your blog, and that your content is getting syndicated (likes and shares from social media sites).  I offer advice on that all the time, and I tell everyone about 2 companies that I love for content submission (video and articles) and content syndication.  Magic Submitter is what I use for content submission to over 2000 sites for backlinking, but Tribe Pro is THE #1 tip I can give a new person for instant traffic.  You can literally become a rock star within Tribe Pro within a few weeks if you work hard at networking.  Both these products are AWESOME, and I want everyone to know, but as a trainer you give away valuable information in order to gain followers.
  3. Wealthy Affiliate University – If you want an Affiliate Marketing Training Program that is set up in courses and perfectly structured, that’s Wealthy Affiliate.  This course is, with no hype, the best training and support program for learning affiliate marketing online.  Here’s the real deal,
    internet marketing training course

    Get a Free Trial Today. No Credit Card!

    there are scams all over the place trying to lure you into buying gimmicks for links, tricks, you name it…promising you rags to riches income.  If you don’t have a solid foundation of content, methodology on building sustainable traffic long-term, you have zero chance to make money online.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you blogging fundamentals, SEO principles, Video Marketing, Niche Building, Content Creation, back link strategies, Social Media strategies, you name it…All in a structured, learn as you go structured internet marketing training course.
Again, on all these affiliate products if I happen to make a commission that’s great, but I help every customer learn how to use those services too.  There is a big difference in writing just to sell versus writing to train and teach.

Affiliate Marketers Use Givers Gain Mentality

There is so much literal CRAP and information out there, it’s very difficult to know what works or who to trust.  givers-gainIn Attraction Marketing, give most of your best secrets away and it will serve you well.  If you’re passionate about a tip or service that will help someone, it will come across as genuine and it can become a win-win for everyone involved.  Your reader gets a great idea or service, and you may get a commission in the process.Finally, starting a blog to help build your Network Marketing business, affiliate marketing, or to build traffic for any small business, can pay huge dividends.  I’ve met some AMAZING people online that are now my friends as well as business partners.Be genuine, be yourself, and when you’re writing an article or making a video do so with a servant’s heart.  When you do that consistently (daily or weekly) you are on your way to building a very nice income with both affiliate products, and ultimately your Network Marketing opportunity.I wish you all the best!Dean

Learn Affiliate Marketing

How Does ITEX Barter Exchange Work for Small Businesses?

itex trade exchangeMy goal here on this blog and my other site, is to help small businesses get more exposure online, grow their cash business offline, and introduce them to alternative ways to produce revenue for their business.  One such way to generate revenue that is rarely discussed is through a Barter Exchange such as ITEX.

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Make Amazing Facebook Cover Graphics and Google Plus Covers for Free

Wanting to learn how to make Google Plus Cover Photos, Facebook Cover Photos, Social Media Graphics, or tips on how to make great looking graphics period…for free ? Canva Graphic Software is the best graphic software for beginners that I’ve ever seen!

Canva Free Graphic Software for Facebook Covers and More

You can make Social Media Graphics, Business Cards, Instagram Posts, Facebook Cover Photos, Google Plus Covers,

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Valpak Local Coupons vs Direct Mail Advertising

valpak local couponsThinking of using Valpak local coupons to advertise your local business? Valpak is “ok” for small businesses to advertise in but there are some better and more effective advertising in the form of direct mail.

Shared direct mail in particular is highly effective and each advertiser shares in the cost of the printing and postage instead of paying for it alone. Shared direct mail advertising also allows for some exclusivity in categories.

Shared Direct Mail Advertising Allows for Co-op on Printing and Postage

Valpak isn’t completely terrible but it’s certainly not the best place to spend your advertising dollar in most cases. Direct mail advertising on postcards allows your ad to be seen more often than with a sealed Valpak local coupon envelope.

Call us today at (205) 390-0005 in the Birmingham AL area for more information.

SEO Tips for Small Business Marketing

local seo marketing tipsDo you own a small business or maybe even a home business without a website?  If so, this article will definitely help you get more inbound calls and traffic to your business on a local level.  I’ve owned a small business for almost 20 years and about 6 months ago I decided to start helping small businesses with their marketing both online and offline.I started a marketing agency about 7 months ago that helps small businesses with their marketing efforts.  As part of my research on every first visit I run reports to check vital information that tell me how well they are established online.

What are The Most Important Things a Small Business Can to Improve Local SEO

The most critical online elements for local SEO (search engine optimization) are as follows:
  1. How Many Local Business Directories are they Listed On?
  2. Is their Google Plus page set up and verified?
  3. How many Google Plus reviews do they have?
  4. Is their Yelp page claimed and verified?
  5. How many Yelp reviews do they have?
  6. Are both the Google Plus reviews and Yelp reviews positive or do they need work?

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Virtual Tours & Video Commercials for Small Business (How I Differ)

video commercial for small business,virtual tours for a small business,small business marketing videoMaking a video commercial for a small business is easy enough in that there are many videographers in Birmingham AL I compete with or in your city.  Google even has a virtual tour department that films your business and posts it on your Google Plus page.The challenge, however, is whether or not that video will be seen or found online for laser targeted customers looking for your exact type of business.  This is where my new business, 360 Business Reviews, really shines.For example, pause this page, open a new tab,go to Google and type in the keyword “Open a Cell Phone Store”.  You’ll notice there are 200,000,000 million search results and that my video is Number 1!  It even has a picture of the video which stands out above all the other listings.Now imagine your business video commercial being on the front page of Google in your local market or even National market every time a customer was looking for your type of business.

How Do We Market a Youtube Video Commercial for a Small Business?

Well we can’t tell you everything, but we can tell you is that there is a science for getting noticed online.  If you’re coachable, we can definitely get you results and FAST!  No hype, no Games and we’ll do it for less than just about anyone.  Here’s a brief synopsis of what 360 Business Reviews directories-bundle1Does to help make sure your video production and local SEO is a successful project.

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Belly Digital Loyalty Program Review

Does Your Business Need More Business?

belly digital loyalty program,customer rewards programAs you may have experienced in your business, there are lots of options when it comes to advertising, but many of them are very expensive and largely ineffective in most cases. Print media is pretty much dead these days as the internet is where the eyes are going to find local businesses.

That said, there are also numerous companies touting that they build websites that get top Google rankings, make pretty websites, or have the best way for you to advertise online. I can tell you that most of those promises are mostly hype, and rarely does a web designer deliver on what they say they will do.

Determining what works for your business can be downright overwhelming!

If you own a retail store, of any kind, I recommend you look closely at what a digital loyalty program can do for your business.

What is a Digital Customer Loyalty Program?

Many retail businesses today are using punch cards to give their customers a reward for being a frequent shopper to some degree of success. A punch card, however, misses the mark for gathering critical data such as emails that allow you to follow upbelly customer rewards program with your customer after the sale. A punch card is cumbersome to carry and customers already have 15 in their wallet for different stores.

This is where the Belly Digital Loyalty Program can help you in your business.

Not only will Belly help you start your own customer loyalty program and track emails for your customers, it’s one of the best things you can do to get more Facebook “Likes” and Yelp Reviews that I’ve ever seen as a marketing consultant.

How Does Facebook and Yelp Help My Business?

The name of the game online is Social Media presence. The problem is that most small businesses don’t “get” how Social Media works, nor do they have the time to devote to it.

yelp-facebookEvery Facebook “Like” has up to 200 potential exposures for your business. A Yelp Review online is worth, literally, GOLD!

The Belly Digital Loyalty Program integrates with Facebook Automatically, asks your best customers to write Positive Yelp reviews for you and uses a “gamification” approach for attracting and keeping new clients.

The Belly digital loyalty program assigns you an account manager that will send two professionally written emails for you monthly to your customer base for new incentives, updates to your store, Christmas specials, new menu items…you name it!

You can track visits, reward redemptions, Likes, Age and Gender, track lost customers and you now have a way to get them back.
There’s more to Belly but by now you get the point.

Belly is a no-brainer if you own a business that gets regular customers.

We’re now offering a free video commercial for a small business that orders the Belly Digital Loyalty Program and we will Search Engine Optimize your video to rank very well in your local market for your business niche.

Visit if you’d like to get more details but you must order Belly from us in order to get the free video commercial for your small business and waiving the on-boarding upfront fee. Contact us today for more details at (205) 390-0005

Tempo Wireless Review – Lightyear Wireless Changes Name to Tempo Wireless

tempo wireless review,tempo wireless leadersLast weekend in Vegas Lightyear Wireless officially changed their name to operate as Tempo Wireless.  What’s different now?

A lot..

You’ll want to pay close attention to this Tempo Wireless review as it will explain why I feel Tempo Wireless is about to make some noise in the home based business industry and turn some heads in the mobile phone industry as well.

Tempo Wireless Review – Background and Ownership

Tempo Wireless was formally known as Lightyear Wireless based out of Louisville, KY.  They were acquired by Birch Communications, a large telecommunications company with multiple divisions, last year along with the telecom company Lightyear that sold VoIP and internet service products.

Lightyear began marketing telecommunication services in the late 1990’s and Lightyear Wireless formed around the year 2000.  Birch Communications formed in 1996 as a competitive local exchange carrier.  (CLEC)   They’ve serviced hundreds of thousands of customer across the US, acquired multiple telecom companies in the past few years, so I think that speaks to their credibility and viability in this volatile economy.

Tempo Wireless Review – Tempo Wireless Rates & Carriers

tempo wireless review,tempo wireless rate plans,best prepaid rate plansTempo Wireless offers a few telecommunication services such as T-Mobile prepaid wireless, Sprint CDMA Network Prepaid service as well as offer Verizon roaming on their Sprint product for only $20 extra. (rare for prepaid)  In some markets they will offer Verizon for those that simply want Verizon’s Nationwide network but only at 3G.

They offer the Lifeline free phone program offered by the US Government for those who qualify for it.  Tempo Wireless also has home phone service if you need a landline for kids or to use for home or business applications.

The Tempo Wireless Prepaid Rate Plans are as follows on the T-Mobile or Sprint Network (Choose Based on Coverage):

  • $59.99 Per Month for Unlimited Talk, Text & 4G LTE Data – NO Caps on High Speed (LTE is Blazing Fast. Use it All Month!) Includes all  Features and $5 Worth of International Calls Included  ($20 Monthly Add-on for Verizon Roaming on Sprint Network)
  • $39.99 for a Family Plan on lines 2-5 with Same Unlimited Plan (Best Deal Out There. Period)
  • $20 for 200 Minutes of Cellular Service, $34.99 for 700 Minutes, 700 Texts
  • Lifeline Mobile is Completely Free for Either 150 Minutes & Texts, or 250 Minutes w Free Phone (Must Qualify for Plan)
  • Tempo Wireless Connect is a Home Phone Service for $29.99 Monthly – Unlimited Calling Nation

Tempo Wireless Review – Phones and Incentivestempo wireless phones,blu phones

Tempo Wireless has the best prices on phones that I’ve seen in the marketplace.  I’ve been a dealer for 20 years and can tell you they sell Blu Phones for new users for less than I can buy them wholesale.  The Blu 5.0 Studio C is a 5″ Screen Smart Phone with decent specs that we sell for $180, and the Blu Studio 5.0 LTE that offers the faster speeds we sell for $260 . Tempo Wireless sells them for $99 and $170 respectively.

They also currently giving a free Blu Dash Jr Phone for all new customers on the T-Mobile Network which is great.

Tempo Wireless also offers Sprint Phones at great prices.  They give a free LG Viper (4″ Screen, HD Camera, Nice Phone) for all

Free Dash Jr Phone for New Customers

Free Dash Jr Phone for New Customers

new customers on the Sprint Network.  They sell the LG Optimus for $99 and the Galaxy S III Currently for $199 which are great deales on prepaid phones.

When you enroll with Tempo Wireless, you simply pay your first months bill and activation to get started as a customer or a representative.  The second month is free for all new customers currently which is a great deal.


Tempo Wireless Free Referral Program & Compensation Plan

The Tempo Wireless compensation plan is basically a uni-level plan for it’s representatives though you can place people in your

join tempo wireless,tempo wireless review

3 Referrals = Free Bill


network with full coding bonuses and residuals.

For customers, if they refer just 3 Customers at their current plan their service is completely free!

The Tempo Wireless Compensation Plan offers 3 Ways to Get Paid:

  1. Immediate Bonus Income on Customer Acquisition – Earn $13-25 Per New Customer (Overrides on Team)
  2. Monthly Residual Income – Up to 10% on Personal Customers, 1-4% on Entire Team Customers thru 8 Levels
  3. Leadership Incentives to Help Your Team – Help Your Team Grow and Get Paid for Rank Advancements

Whatever your financial goals are, Tempo Wireless has a simple, easy to follow compensation plan to help you earn the income to help you achieve those goals.

Without getting hurt in the process!  Save money on your cell phone bill with Tempo Wireless from day one.  Refer 3 people at your current rate plan or higher and your bill is now free.

Tempo Wireless Review – Conclusion

Tempo Wireless offers a completely free, no-risk income opportunity with no gotchas or gimmicks. The problem with most network marketing companies is that they charge you to join their program.

It’s a fact that 87% of all network marketing representatives that pay $300+ to join a network marketing company never make their money back.

Is an 87% failure rate really promoting financial freedom or hurting more people than they help?  If you’re tired of broken

tempo wireless review

Join Tempo Wireless – Click Here

promises, companies that change comp plans like the weather, or tired of paying too much for your mobile phone service, Tempo Wireless offers you the opportunity to get a great deal on your cell phone rates and make some extra income by referring a few people to them.

I’m putting together a Nationwide Directory for Prepaid Dealers that will help representatives get local leads and exposure nationally for gathering new customers and reps.  You can join Tempo Wireless for free at or contact me for more information.

“Paying to Play” in MLM is tired and broken.

I hope you gather from this Tempo Wireless Review that they clearly get that.  I’m more than happy to help you start saving or earning immediately.  Thanks for stopping by!

Be Blessed,



North American Power Review

A couple of weeks ago I made at trip to New York City to check out a company called North American Power, now called Thrive.  North American Power started several years ago taking advantage of energy deregulation.  Quietly they have become a leader in thenorth american power reviews energy deregulation sector, though they are offering more products now.

Quietly to the tune of doing $400 million in sales this year and not many people know about them. Yet…

I decided to write a North American Power Review based on facts about the industry and personal interviews with the North American Power leadership team.  This North American Power Review should outline whether joining North American Power is a good idea, or not.

North American Power Review – Products & Services

Until recently (coinciding with the Thrive brand change) North American Power offered four categories of products.  Electric, gas, solar and wind turbine power services.  What’s unique about North American Power is their focus on clean energy and commitment to a cleaner environment.

For example, their green electric and clean gas products are competitively priced alternatives for electric and gas customers in energy deregulated states.  The American Wind product, available Nationwide in all 50 states, offers everyone the ability to contribute to a cleaner environment as well as helping millions of people in Haiti.

north american power charities,missions to millions north american powerMissions to Millions was established to donate a dollar per customer to a variety of charities for children, or those in Haiti suffering from hunger and poor housing conditions for example. To date North American Power has donated over $1,000,000 to both local and national charities through Missions to Millions.

Thrive, the new brand of North American Power launching this month, brings a new line of services focused on Home Security, Home Automation, and Video Survelliance/Communications.  Vivint, Thrive’s brand partner for this product line, is the leader in Home Automation in the residential sector.

These services are designed to help protect your family with a monitored security system, video cameras to monitor activity from a mobile device and best in class home automation features.

Imagine being able to unlock doors remotely, turn off lights, monitor thermostat controls while you’re away, turn off the oven (appliances) or check on your babysitter as well. All from a user friendly app on your phone or remote computer!

That’s the power of The Vivint Home Automation solution offered by Thrive.

North American Power Review – Rates & 20 for Free Energy

North American Power has competitive rates for electric, gas and solar power solutions. They will vary by state but you can realizenorth-american-power-free-energy-program savings of 10-40% in some areas.

Either way, when you enroll as a customer of North American Power, they offer a completely free business opportunity along with it. No autoship fees or website fees whatsoever.  In fact, when you refer 20 customers to North American Power they will pay for your energy bill. It’s called 20 for free and very cool.

That’s pretty refreshing compared to the same ole “pay to play” MLM models.  It’s a social commerce model where you simply become a customer and North American Power will pay you for referrals.

North American Power Review – Compensation Plan

The North American Power compensation plan is a hybrid unilevel in that it pays on your personal production and gives you benefit in helping your team grow as well.  You only need to refer 5 customers to maximize the North American Power compensnorth american power review,north american power compensation planation plan and from there you can simply place customers under your level one representatives.  Having built large organizations before, this comp plan is beneficial for all levels of representatives and especially those that are personally sponsored by good recruiters.

A good compensation plan is one that encourages personal customer acquisition along with helping your team build their organizations as well.

There are upfront bonuses along the way as you build your organization until you get the long term goal of residual income. As you rank advance in North American Power they will pay you bonuses as follows:

  1. Manager – 3 Teams of 10 Customers = $500 Bonus (Do it In 30 Days = $500 Additional Bonus)
  2. Senior Manager – 3 Teams of 25 Customers = $500 Bonus (Within 60 Days = $500 Bonus)
  3. Director – 5 Teams of 25 Customers = $1500 Bonus (Within 90 Days = $1500 Additional Bonus)
  4. Senior Director – 3 Teams of 100 Customers = $2500 Bonus  (Within 120 Days = $2500 Added Bonus)

That’s a total of $10,000 in bonus potential if you meet the rank advance requirements within 4 months.  There are more opportunities to earn income but this is the basic North American Power Compensation Plan explained.

North American Power Review – How Much is it to Join North American Power?

Keep in mind that North American Power is completely free to join as a customer of Electric or Gas services the states they serve.  In other words, enroll as an electric or gas customer (possibly save money) and you’re a qualified representative of North American Power.  The other option to become a representative is to purchase American Wind or Vivint Home Automation services offered by North American Power.

AMERICAN WIND® is a monthly program that supports “green energy,” and includes an exclusive mobile savings app, with discounts and deals at hundreds of nationwide brands; plus an opportunity to earn income when you refer other customers. American Wind® is available in all 50 states.

Watch the Video
American Wind is only $20 monthly (Period), and Vivint is a leader in the Home Automation and Home Security industry.  Their residential home automation services are around $70 per month for an incredible suite of services designed to keep you safe, stay connected and save money on utility bills.  Vivint Home Automation services are controlled remotely by state of the art mobile applications that are just extremely cool!

North American Power Rewards Program – Go Green, Save Green & Earn Green

When you choose American Wind®, North American Power purchases and retires Green-e Energy® Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on your behalf. Each REC purchased by American Wind®offsets the average1 home’s monthly power consumption, and supports the production of clean, renewable energy through wind infrastructure..

FREE for all American Wind® customers, our exclusive Renewable Energy REwards program allows you to choose from over 300,000 discounts that you can use again and again on all of your favorite brands, available in all 50 states.REwards lets you easily save more than your American Wind® plan costs. How much can you save?

North American Power Review – Leadership Team & Staff

north american power leadership teamThe most impressive part of North American Power is definitely the leadership team and the expectations they have of their employees.  I met the co-founder Kerry Breitbart and this guy was amazing!

After being around other MLM leaders that are clearly self-centered ego maniacs in the past, Kerry could care less about what people think in my opinion which is very refreshing.  His focus is clearly on building a solid income opportunity for his representatives that doesn’t CHARGE upfront to take advantage of it.

The “pay to play” business model (paying $300-1000 to get started) is broken, and it won’t ever come back!  Kerry and the North American Power leadership team “get that” and they are committed to never charging for their opportunity.

Brad Tayles, the VP of Operations and John Costino, the VP of Sales and Training blew me away.  Brad Tayles was the founder of ACN, a large telecommunications MLM that is still in business today.  He and John built a multi-million dollar operation there but left for fundamental difference of opinions on charging for starting a business, breakaway pay legs among other things.

Brad and John understand the following truths about most MLM Companies and the MLM Industry in general:

  1. It’s a fact that 80-90% of MLM reps that pay $300 or more to join never make their money back
  2. The “Pay for Play” Model is Broken (Re-read truth #1) This is not Financial Freedom.
  3. The average MLM rep will sponsor 3 people.  That’s It!  Their comp plan allows for this simple fact
  4. The comp plan has to be consistent and rewarding. (I’ve been in a company that has cut my pay 4-5 times in the last 2 years and raised the price of entry $300 recently with no changes in value. Seriously)  There is protection in place for the reps that drastic changes will not happen to the compensation plan.
  5. The Barrier to Entry has to be affordable for everyone.  North American Power is either Free (if you’re a customer) or $20 per month.  Period

North American Power started in a 700 sq ft cubicle in 2009 taking advantage of energy deregulation with just a couple of people.  Now their office must be 30-40K sq ft with a couple hundred employees there.  I saw focus groups in private rooms, smiling employees on the phone with customers, gourmet coffees and healthy snacks in a cool lounge area.  Overall it looked like a very cool place to work!

North American Power Review – Conclusion

In short, I think North American Power is, without one shred of doubt, one of the most sensible home based business opportunities in America today.  I also believe they are just getting started and will be adding more to the opportunity in the very near future.

After meeting the owners, staff and the leadership team, I have no reservations saying that North American Power will be a giant in the industry for years to come.

Join North American Power for Free or $20 Per Month

Imagine earning a renewable income simply by referring customers, then earning even MORE from their referrals. Now you can, without high start-up costs. As a North American Power Independent Representative, North American Power pays you for every

Click to Learn More

Click to Learn More

month your referrals remain customers. You’ll also have 24/7 access to dozens of powerful training tools, a personal website and toll-free representative support.

As a result of my visit to North American Power, I joined as a representative to market their energy services effective immediately.  I have already sponsored 5 people so I’m no longer personally sponsoring more.  I don’t have to!

I’m helping my team members with their business now and that’s exciting!

If you’re looking for a legitimate home based business opportunity to be a part of, I encourage you to take a close look at North American Power.  I’m helping my team members with free leads and a nationwide directory of field leadership to connect people locally.  Visit for more information


Small Business Marketing Tips – Digital Loyalty Programs & Business Directory Reviews

spoton-customer-loyalty-programLast week I started off in Gatlinburg, TN for a conference and then traveled to New York City,  checking off one of my bucket list places I’ve always wanted to visit.  I had a great time, and I came away with some interesting conclusions and observations on my experience I wanted to share with you.

What I learned right away is that I’m glad I grew up in small town USA, not to say that I disapprove of anyone wanting to live in New York City.

I like simple. I like saying hello to strangers and getting a similar response in return. :)  I like my routine and pretty scenery like I have in the mountains of Tennessee close to me.


There are certainly some cool things about the city that never sleeps!

That said, I noticed small shops, independent restaurants, hot dog stands, nut stands, booths that sell purses and electronics and of course the office buildings all around me had small businesses competing for the dollars of the visiting consumers as well as the local clientele.

How Can a Small Business Get on “Main Street” Online?

My observation was this…

How does a small business, that isn’t in Times Square, getting millions of visitors a day or downtown Gatlinburg TN that gets 11 million visitors a year, get more traffic to THEIR retail locations without a captive audience?

To be frank, it’s really not that hard if you’re a small business owner open to new concepts and ideas that are working in today’s spoton digital loyalty program,google reviews,small business marketingeconomy  The social economy is here to stay and it’s fairly easy to capitalize on either just a few tweaks.

You can start by claiming your own Google Plus, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yahoo local and Bing local pages to start capturing reviews and get more online chatter about your business.

Reviews are critical to ranking online!  Yelp and Google plus are the best places to start the process.

It’s really this simple…get more reviews on your Google plus page for your business and you’ll outrank your competition.  It will also help to have more reviews on a Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yahoo and Bing local, but that’s part of the secret formula to rank on Google in your local market.  Period…

But what if you don’t know anyone that will help you write reviews for your business?

Give them something in return.

A Small Business Digital Loyalty Program Can Help You Rank Online

A free drink, free muffin, slice of pizza, hair clips, etc. Think of something you can “give so you can get” a powerful favor in return.  Google and other companies you shop with have mastered this concept and you can too. (More on this later)

Another thing you can do (which I think it’s crazy not to do) is to start a digital loyalty program.

Not a punch card…a digital, electronic, socially engaging loyalty program for less than a $100 a month.

What can a digital loyalty program or customer rewards program do for your business you ask?

For starters it will give your customers an incentive to come back to visit your business instead of someone elses. Give away a free sandwich for 10 visits, a free drink for 3 etc.  You can also offer incentives for new customers to try your business through over 2 million consumers already using said digital loyalty programs.

The most powerful thing, however, a digital loyalty program can do is to help you gather a database of your clients.

Think about Google for a moment. Why do they give free email accounts, free YouTube video hosting, free Google docs etc?

So they can sell you stuff!

A Digital Loyalty Program Can Change Your Business by Building Your List

So without spamming your customers constantly, imagine being able to send specials once a week or announce upcoming events in your loyalty program,customer rewards program

Do you see the value in capturing client data? Does following up after the sale, offering incentives for loyal customers or the ability to bring back lost customers make sense?

Of course it does and you can’t do that with a punchcard or a fish bowl that collects business cards to get email addresses. Keep in mind that emails have an open rate of less than 20%.

The Spoton customer rewards program for example will track your customers buying habits, give you a platform to offer credits for more Facebook likes,Yelp reviews, Google Plus reviews and a way to offer instant specials to your clients.

The Spoton digital loyalty program also offers push notifications that have open rates as much as 97% within 3 minutes.  This simply means your offer will most likely get seen.

Is a digital loyalty program expensive?

Spoton will send you a Samsung Galaxy tablet to put on your counter for less than $20 to try it risk free for 30 days along with 100 cards to give out to your customers. After the 30 day trial period, the Spoton digital loyalty program is only $70 monthly for a 6 month

spoton digital loyalty program trial

Order Spoton Today!

agreement and $60 for a 12 month agreement.

The Spoton Customer rewards program is a no-brainer for most retail locations.  There are advantages to a couple others, but call us today to determine which one makes the most sense for your business.

Punch cards are so 2011 folks…start your own loyalty program today with Spoton.

We can help you get started as well as help you get your local business listings claimed and search engine optimized with a video even if you order Spoton. (Limited time offer)

Call us today for a solid overall marketing plan for your business so you’ll get noticed like the guys in New York City and Gatlinburg…without having to move your business!

Be blessed,

Dean Ethridge
(205) 390-0005
[email protected]

6 Top Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small Business owners today face the reality that things they used to do for marketing don’t work anymore.  They have been forced to be more creative, especially when it comes to online marketing and offline marketing as well.  I’ve personally been a small business owner for over 20 years now, and I recently started a marketing company that helps small businesses get more business.I’m focusing on helping small businesses get video commercials made, submitting those videos and their website to local business directories and enrolling clients in ITEX which is a virtual currency exchange.  ITEX is the largest barter exchange in N America and I’m building a franchise here in the Birmingham AL area.

What I’m Focusing on for Small Businesses & Marketing

It’s been a lot of fun helping local small businesses in their locations!  My focus is in a few key areas: ITEX of course, customer loyalty programs for retail stores, Search Engine Optimization for local businesses and incorporating video commercials in their marketing strategy.The video below explains the t0p six small business marketing tips that I recommend for helping any business improve their presence online as well as with offline sales.

Top 6 Small Business Marketing Tips & Our Primary Marketing Services

  1. Work on Company Branding, Logo and Marketing Materials – Many small businesses today don’t have a good company logo with any thought behind it.  It’s actually very inexpensive to do and we do most logos for around $100.  Company branding is more than just a logo however, and marketing materials consist of things like flyers, business card layout, invoices and company jingles on your small business phone system even matters in our opinion.
  2. Get a Good Website Not an Ugly One – Small businesses usually miss the mark here.  If they don’t understand how important a website is in today’s economy, they probably won’t be in business very long.  Today’s consumer is social and relies on social sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Google Plus and more to get reviews on businesses before they go there.  That said, it’s very important to have a professional website that performs well when a client lands there.  We’ll design most websites for around $299-399 and we can also build a professional e-commerce website for selling online.
  3. Make a Small Business Video Commercial or Virtual Tour for Your Business – This seems like a complicated drawn out process but it’s actually quite simple.  We our professional video editors and will help you take your raw footage (even if you live out of state) and help you make a nice video commercial you can be proud of.  Google owns Youtube and WANTS to rank a website that has a video on it.  Don’t miss the critical component that most small businesses neglect doing.
  4. Submit Your Site to All the Local Directories – One of the best values out there is to use Yext to get this done and they give you power listings at over 50 locations.   It’s very important to use your video, logo and pictures when posting your listings, and we’ll help you get all the above accomplished.  You can also use UBL, or to get this done for less money.  However, the is very inexpensive advertising that can pay huge dividends when done properly.
  5. small business marketing ideasBuild Your Own Customer Loyalty Program – A customer rewards program is THE best way to improve sales in a retail location and fast.  Why?  Because you can follow up post sale and send specials or coupons to customers.  You can track habits, usage and send email marketing campaigns that will help you engage your audience when you need them.  Also, you can gain extremely valuable reviews on Yelp and get more facebook likes by having a digital loyalty program.  A punch card cannot do this for you!  Punt the punch card and get connected with either Spoton or Belly today!  It’s that important for your retail location.
  6. Join ITEX or a Barter Exchange Company in Your Local Market – What is ITEX?  ITEX is a 36 year old publicly traded tradingcompany that is a barter exchange for over 25K businesses in North America.  A barter exchange can help you get immediate business from new clients that wouldn’t know you existed without being a member.  The key thing to remember about Barter is that when it comes time to purchase goods and services from other businesses, you’re always buying at your wholesale price plus a small fee that ITEX charges to broker the transaction.  Call us today at (205) 390-0005 to sign up and sell nationally or locally for free.  We work with local restaurants for food for video commercials in most cases.
Our goal is to help each of our clients be more profitable.  We only work with a couple of companies in any given city in a certain niche in order to protect their results in working with us.  Search Engine Optimization is a science and we can help any company get more business online and offline.  We’ll guarantee it if you’ll follow our simple recipe for success.Call us today at (205) 390-0005 to find out how we can help your business today

Make Your Own Animated Video in Minutes for $6 a Month

how to make your own animated videos,animated whiteboard videos,animoto,video maker fx,videomaker fxEver wanted to make your own animated videos for a business or for personal use?  Animated videos are extremely popular today with internet marketers because they do a great job of telling a story to their audience, and they keep the viewers engaged longer than boring Powerpoint presentations.

Up until recently, animated videos were only created by professional videographers and they were $300 on the low end to make and up towards $1000 or more for longer ones.

They were expensive, hard to create and time consuming at that.

In this article and video I’m going to show you two software programs that will allow you to make your own animated videos in just a few minutes if you’d like, or spend an hour or so to make a professional presentation that will blow your prospects away.

Video Tutorial of Making Animated Videos with Animoto and VideoMaker FX

Making Animated Videos with VideoMaker FX Overview

As you can see in the video, making your own animated videos is a snap with either Video Maker FX or Animoto for a different purpose.  I love VideoMaker FX and think it’s the best video marketing software to ever hit the internet marketing scene.

You can purchase the VideoMaker FX video editing software for only $67 one time for a large library of pre-made templates, but I do recommend getting the monthly subscription for only $17 a month.  If you want to make videos for clients, VideoMaker FX is videomaker fx,animated video software,sketch video software,white board animated softwarejust incredible if you combine it with VideoProfit FX.

What VideoProfit FX does is searches your area or selection of local businesses, tells you who has good websites, social media engagement and IF they have a video on their website!  It’s a great way to get a glimpse of companies to call on depending on their strength of marketing your local marketplace.

Guess what?  Most small businesses don’t have videos on their websites and VideoMaker FX can open the door for people like us to help those small businesses get their own commercials on their websites.

Nothing converts like video does for selling or presenting online, and no software has ever done (so quickly) what VideoMaker FX has accomplished in just a short period of time.

Making Your Own Animated Videos with Animoto

Animoto is another great software that you can make your own animated videos with, but I think for a slightly different purpose.  I would say that Animoto is great for a collage video of pictures and short clips for more of a commercial or virtual tour for a business or real estate listing.

Animotoanimoto animated video,animated video software has over 2000 song selections in their audio library, a huge selection of templates to choose from for animated video slides, the ability to place text and logos for breaks throughout the video.

Animoto is very polished and clean for companies or individuals that want quick animated videos or slideshows to represent their life event, highlight features of their business for a commercial or to use for virtual tours for real estate as I mentioned earlier.

It’s a great software for professional video animation and the pricing is as follows:

  • Free for 30 second videos
  • $30 annually for 4-5 minute animated videos
  • $249 annually for the professional version with 2000 soundtracks or $39 a month
  • $499 for Professional version with resell rights to sell videos to businesses

Make Your Own Animated Whiteboard Videos – VideoMaker FX with Hand Drawn Whiteboard Images

One last add-on I can suggest for making your own animated videos is to use the Hand Drawn Whiteboard Images from Joel Comm. hand drawn whiteboard images,whiteboard animated videos He has put together a bundle of SVG files that you need to make whiteboard images that illustrate your point.  It’s $37 for a bundle of images that are great to incorporate in an animated video.

Making Animated Videos Conclusion

Making animated videos is actually quite fun if you have the right software.  VideoMaker FX has helped me tremendously because it helps me outline my videos slide by slide, and then I simply do the voice over on each slide at the end using Camtasia.  You can do it with their software, but I make mistakes sometimes so a video editor can help get the timing down on the slides.

Sometimes I do the same with Animoto, but both Animoto and VideoMaker FX are some of the best animated video software programs on the market today.  Using either one will definitely help you in your video marketing efforts.

If you know of some of other tips on video animation or have a comment please leave one down below.  Sharing is always appreciated as well.  Make it a fantastic day and I wish you all the best!

Be Blessed,

Dean Ethridge



Best Online Video Marketing Tools

online video marketingLooking for the best online video marketing tools?  I wanted to make a page that would help eliminate a tedious search for online video marketing tools to use on popular video hosting sites such as Youtube, Vimeo or Daily Motion that will help you get your video content noticed more often and convert more sales online.  Online video marketing is where all smart internet marketers are focusing their efforts to increase traffic, leads and of course drive sales by marketing with video.

They are using video today to increase their profits, and this article will show you exactly what they use to make cool, animated videos, get better audience retention, get more views, more subscribers, more traffic to their sites…you get the point.  If our goal is to make money online or inspire our audience, why create videos if they aren’t going to get the intended result?  Video marketing software and tools make the “slight edge” difference in getting your message effectively delivered.

Online video marketing has completely changed my business.  Though I’m not the best by any means,  I want to share with you the tools I’ve used to grow to over 2,000 Youtube subscribers, thousands of views per month, and to the point where I sell something everyday without ever speaking to the buyer.   When I started however, I was pretty awful at video editing as you can see in one of my first videos here.  Then I started using animation, calls to action, annotations, better descriptions and well…I just got better at it as I started using video tools as you can see on one of my newest videos here.

I have a lot of training for online video marketing that you can check out on this site, and I’m making more all the time so subscribe here to get the updates.  Let’s get started.

Best Online Video Marketing Tools – Best Cameras and Tripods to Use

You’re going to need a camera and tripod obviously to capture nice videos, and there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your budget.  My best advice is not to go crazy at first buying the most expensive camera you can afford, because it can be total overkill and a huge learning curve to figuring out how to use it.   Start small and once you figure out what your basic equipment may not have that you want, and then upgrade to what works best for you.  Here are some features to consider when choosing a good camera to use:

  • Resolution – 8 Megapixel or more for still pictures, and 720P or higher for HD Video.  1080P is optimum though 720 is stillfeatures of good cameras nice.
  • External Microphone Option – This is my best recommendation is find one that does have this option.  The ability to plug in a better quality mic makes a huge difference in the quality of your online marketing videos.  An extended mic option gives better range and can cut out excessive wind noise as well.
  • Memory – 16GB isn’t much when it comes to capturing HD video, so an optional SD card comes in handy.
  • Battery Life – Not a deal breaker, but having extra batteries can be a life saver.
  • Portability & Ruggedness – What is your application of your camera?  Travel a lot or around water?  Need action videos?  Waterproof cameras are helpful and I have one I use often.
  • Zoom Capability – Capturing a professional shoot is different than capturing a video training tutorial obviously, and zoom capability is critical.  If you’re doing more professional shoots, consult with someone at a camera shop or even Best Buy to get a feel for the type of camera that will work best.
  • Lighting – Do you need a flash or shoot often is dimly lit areas?

My camera suggestions for capturing video for online video marketing is as follows:

  1. Your SmartPhone- SmartPhones these days have better resolution today than a $1000 camera did 10 years ago.  However, I would suggest going with a smartphone that smart phone tripod,cell phone tripod,smart phone holder,online video marketing,video marketing toolshas at least 8 MP resolution or better.  The iPhones have that of course, and most new Android phones do as well.  I love my Google Nexus phone because it has lens blur, panorama picture taking ability, HD Video, Photo Sphere (360 Pics…very cool) and great for virtual tours for realtors.  You’ll need a cell phone tripod to hold your cell phone and they aren’t available in stores.  Check out the Neewer handheld tripod for $5.99 or the Duragadget Tripod with Extended Legs for $15 for two great options.
  2. Digital Camera- Like the smart phone you probably already own one of these.  Most tripods will work for these, but this is an inexpensive option to get started with online video marketing.  The mics aren’t great, but if a new camera isn’t in the budget this will work fine for HD video recording.
  3. Handheld  Cameras- There are many options here but a couple of key features to consider:  Make sure it has 5MP resolution minimum for still pictures, 1080p video capability is optimum but 720p is still good.  Microphone quality on handhelds is limited on these but the option for an extended microphone (wind noise, distance from camera, better sound quality) is a great feature worth considering.  Memory is critical when it comes to shooting video so make sure it has the option for an SD card of at least 16GB.  Battery life is another important feature to look at and whether or not you can purchase additional batteries.  I use the Kodak Zi8 because it has great features and an external mic, but Kodak Zi12 is newer, has an external mic option and takes better pictures.
  4. Action Cameras – The GoPro Camera has revolutionized the way we take videos.  People use them on skateboards, skiing, sky diving, scuba diving and they deliver amazing go pro video camera,online video marketing,video marketing toolsresults.  Another great option is a chest harness for your cell phone from Miveu.  Very cool and way less than a new GoPro camera.  I use the Kodak Zi3 personally, but the GE DV1 Waterproof Camera shoots 1080P and waterproof to 5 meters looks like a great option for $54.99.
  5. Camcorders – Camcorders are great if you’re doing a lot of personal tutorials or getting other people in the video because you can see yourself on the LCD screen.  Nothing like making a video and having your head cut off…Trust me!  I personally like Canon models because even their inexpensive cameras have extended microphone connections available.  Audio quality is a bigger deal than you think, so make sure you can use a good microphone in the future if not now.  One amazing option is the Canon VIXIA Mini X for $399 on Amazon. online video marketing camera,video marketing tools,best camcorders Amazing camera that is compact, stereo mic included with optional external, 12MP, fish eye lens for wide angle shots and easy to transport.  Another good entry level camera is the Canon R40 for $239.  It has 53X Zoom, external mic & headphone ports, 3.0 LCD Screen, 8GB internal memory and SD card storage.  You can spend thousands of dollars on cameras, but for my purposes a camera that shoots HD with an optional external mic works perfectly.

Online Video Marketing Tools – Best Microphones to Use with Video Recorders

I kept mentioning external mics earlier because I got to see personally what a huge difference they make.  External mics can be inexpensive such as a lapel, but if you’re doing podcasts or decent video shoots with multiple people it can really help the quality of the audio.  Flat monotone microphones just don’t sound the same as a decent mic you can buy for under a $100 for example.  One more sale or one more subscriber because you sounded a tad better is worth it in my opinion.

  1. Lapel Mics – You can get these in a wireless option or a long wired option like I use in the Audio Technica Lavalier Mic for around $30.  Sony makes a wireless unit as well that works for camcorders.  One great thing about lapel mics is the ability to use a wind reduction sponge over the microphone.  It really helps when you’re out in the yeti usb microphone,external mic for computerelements.  Check the reviews on Amazon to get exactly what you’re looking for depending on whether you need two mics, distance, stereo etc.
  2. USB External Microphones – These are great for Podcasts or when you’re on your computer doing screen shares.  I use the Yeti Microphone from Blue and it is absolutely amazing for around $100!  Blue makes other microphones such as the Snowball for around $40 but either of these are much better than the microphones in your computer.  They make a huge difference in sound quality.
  3. Shotgun External Microphones – Shotgun microphones offer you the ability to have a longer cord or a better range of audio because it focuses on the direction of the speaker.  The Rode VideoMic is the leader in this space in my opinion, but Audio Technica makes some good options as well.   Most inexpensive mics are omni-directional so they pick up all the noise around you which can diminish your audio quality.

Online Video Marketing Tools – Best Video Editing Software Programs

I wrote on article recently on the best video editing software programs available recently worth reading, but video editing is extremely important.  The problem though for amateur videographers like me is how easy are they to use?  If you’re anything like me, learning how to use a new software program can waste so much time you won’t feel like doing any editing if it’s too difficult.  All of the video editing programs I’m going to mention are super simple to use and will really help with your video marketing efforts.

  1. Animated Video Software – The number one animated video software (heck, it’s the most useful program I’ve ever used) is VideoMaker FX.  Go buy it now!  It’s that good andvideomaker fx,animated video software,sketch video software,white board animated software for $67 one time it’s ridiculous not to have it in your arsenal of online video marketing tools.  It’s super easy to use, has plenty of audio soundtracks available, you can enter shorter video clips in it, and it’s just the biggest no-brainer on this page of video marketing tools.  I also recommend Animoto for making quick videos with short clips, and still frame pictures with music backgrounds with text, intros and outros.  It’s great for Realtors or it you’re wanting to make a quick commercial for a business.  Easy Sketch Pro is nice for sketch videos, but the learning curve is much great than Video Maker FX.
  2. Video Editing or Screen Capture Software – I use Camtasia from TechSmith for my editing.  Since I purchased it for $299 I’m going to keep it, but it’s not really that great for the money.  Techsmith does have Jing which I use all the time for capturing screenshots and it’s free for video screenshares as well.  It’s not an editor, and you’re going to need one if you’re serious about online video marketing.  I’d recommend Pinnacle Studio 17,5 Video Software for $59-129 or Cyberlink Power Director 12 Video Editing Software is great for only $74.  For Mac Users iMovie is very nice from what I hear and Youtube has free software at though it’s very limited.  You’re going to make mistakes, and a video editor is an essential tool you’re going to need.  Consider whether you will use a green screen or need the croma key removal feature with your software.  Photoshop is nice obviously, but I’ve never found it easy to work with personally.

 Online Video Marketing Tools – Best Tripods or Camera Holders to Use

Believe it or not, tripods will make a big difference in your frustration level of shooting videos.  It’s a nightmare trying to get one travel or have it hold your camera the way it’s supposed to sometimes!  Make sure it’s decent quality (hint: don’t get one at Walmart) that has screw down settings or hinges that tighten down for proper height or angles securely.

  1. joby-gorilla-tripodPortable & Flexible Tripods – When you travel you obviously can’t carry around a 60″ tripod so you’ll need a smaller tripod you can pack away in a small place.  I have a Joby Gorilla Flexible tripod for $19 I use that I throw in my briefcase on trips I can pull out anytime.
  2. Folding or Retractable Tripods- I bought the Manfrotto Compact Tripod for around $49 and love it.  It’s great quality, compact and works perfectly.  There are larger ones available, but consider your needs and buy accordingly.  Get a decent one though.  You’ll be glad you passed on the Walmart brands.
  3. Monopods –  Sometimes you may need to walk around and you’re the only one there.  If so, the Dolica Monopod for $19 is great for extending your camera away from you steadyvid opteka,steadicam,smoothie cameraso you don’t cut your head off and it helps smooth out the video.
  4. SteadiCam Holders – These things are freakin cool!  Sometimes when you’re taking action videos or walking the videos can look so shaky it makes you nautious.  The Steadicam from Tiffen is a higher end version of a holder that counterbalances camera roll, but the Opteka SteadyVid EX works great too for only $50

Best Online Video Marketing Tools – Video Submission Software Sites

Submitting your videos to multiple sites, while extremely important, is also very time consuming.  Submitting to Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook, Veoh individually can take a lot of time and frankly you won’t do it.  Youtube is the king of video sites for sure, but the others get a lot of traffic too.  Video submission software can help distribute and syndicate your videos to multiple sites at one time, with one click.

  1. Traffic Geyser- Traffic Geyser has been the leader here for a long time and submits to around 20 video sites and creates back links to those videos which helps with ranking considerably.
  2. Magic SubmitterMagic Submitter is a very powerful program that submits to a approx 2,000 sites if you want it to, but be careful with doing that not to create spammy links.  You can rotate the links you use with Magic Submitter, but also use it to create somewhat “naturally” submitted back links within their video submission software.
  3. OneLoad -


Best Online Video Marketing Tools – Lighting, Green Screens & Miscellaneous Tools to Use

I would say lighting is one of the bigger issues I face when creating videos.  When I’m on my back porch or if there isn’t good lighting behind me I either get shadows in my video or you can’t see my face.  The other is being able to put images on the videos that tell a story or use backgrounds by using a green screen which can really make your videos pop.

  • green screen lighting kit,lighting for video camcordersLighting Kits – Again, depending on the professionalism you’re trying to achieve lighting plays a key issue.  Ephoto makes a Photography Studio kit with a green screen for around $189,  but you can find decent lighting options for home use for $50-60.  It will come in handy from time to time especially if you’re going to shoot small commercials for businesses as a consultant.  I use the Neewer rechargeable battery operated light that is awesome and portable to take wherever I go.
  • Green Screens- There are many options here, but having your green screen flat without wrinkles helps a lot.  If you need to carry one with you,  the FotoDiox Collapsible 5 x 7 green screen is pretty nice.  It has a frame that helps it from getting wrinkled which is hard to get out of the video.
  • Custom Thumbnails – This may not seem like a big deal, but ugly thumbnails will hurt your results on Youtube especially.  Ever seen one where it’s just a bad thumbnail and there’s no way you’d open it just because it looks bad?  A custom thumbnail can really help your views, especially if you put images inside the thumbnail that portray what your videoyoutube_thumbnail is about.  Check out TubeSlicer for custom thumbnails for $37 which is a great deal, and for $2.99 a month, for a simple way to remove backgrounds for even better effects.

I hope this list of online video marketing tools will help you in your planning of getting started using videos to market your business on Youtube, Vimeo or on your Social Media pages.  Video is powerful, and will increase your  conversions or sales by 200% or more over just plain text.  Having a Youtube video in your articles will increase your odds of getting on the front page of Google by as much as 53% as well.  Google Loves video and so does your audience.

Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions to add or if you enjoyed this article.  Share it with someone else you think might need help with online video marketing as well.  I appreciate you stopping by my site and I wish you all the best marketing your business successfully.  Make it a great day!

Be Blessed,

Dean Ethridge

What is the Best Website Builder for a Small Business?

best website builder for small business,small business marketing,small business marketing consultantToday we’re going to try to determine the best website builder for small business owners that they can use when establishing their online presence.  My Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp course is designed for those that own small businesses or even large ones that want to learn how to market their business more effectively.

That being said, we’re going to be discussing the best website builder for small business owners for certain types of businesses and budgets.  The best website builder for small business owners (if they’re doing some of the work themselves) is one that you can actually use and not get frustrated when doing so.

We’re going to compare a few free website builder options, content management systems (CMS or Blog Platforms), E-Commerce platforms that work well, and a hybrid of all the above if you want to take your web presence to another level.  I’m going to tell you the most popular platforms, and which of a handful I would even consider using.  A well designed site with quality content your visitors want to read will help you substantially with leads and conversions on your website.

What is the Most Popular Website Builder for Small Business & Affiliate Marketing?

wordpress-set-up-guideMost internet marketers online today, and many web development companies, use the WordPress content management system (blog platform).  Obviously WordPress can be used as a website builder for a small business or affiliate marketing purposes (I use it on most of my sites), but sometimes it is difficult to master for beginners if they don’t plan on updating the content on their website often.

For the purposes of establishing the best website builder for small business owners, I want to break down what those entrepreneurs are looking for in a website in several categories.

  1. Informational Website – I hear this all the time from small business owners is they want to post some information online for their customer base to get documents, learn about what they do, and provide basic contact information to reach them if they are interested in doing business with them.
  2. Affiliate or Niche Marketing – There are millions of bloggers and internet marketers promoting products of other people that get paid an affiliate commission for doing so.  I make a decent living doing the same by providing value-added content to my visitors.  Most of them use WordPress as well, but some use TypePad, Joomla or Blogger which I don’t really like.
  3. E-Commerce Websites – Companies today have realized that the old days of print advertising, radio, billboards and other media just don’t have the power of the internet and the worldwide exposure it can offer.  The line of “I just want an informational website” is pretty lame these days and savvy small business owners are investing their marketing dollars and efforts into building a profit generating E-Commerce website.  It works…big time, but there are so many marketing agencies that charge so much, and deliver so little, when it comes to building an effective E-Commerce site.
  4. Hybrid Small Business Websites – Small business owners are desperately searching for ways to “tell their story” and sell their products in an ultra-competitive economy.  They want to have good content, or information about their business, but they need a way to convert those visitors into prospects to market to, or customers that are ready to buy right now.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Website Builders for Small Business Owners

  • Scalable – Your small business can grow into something more customizable & robust later, but for now, each of these website builders will do the job.
  • Attractive Designs – Content is still king online, but an attractive website design has its advantages. You have .7 Seconds to make a first impression, in person or online, so minor tweaks can make a big difference. Some website builders look like they are still stuck in the 90’s, and I would stay far away from them.
  • SEO Friendly & Why – You may not understand SEO yet, but ranking in the search engines is the primary battle for getting found online.  Many web design companies make “pretty websites” but have no clue on how to get traffic, leads & conversions themselves 99% of the time.  Zero. Crazy huh?
  • Content Management System – You can no longer simply put up a website, add some content and expect to get any traffic at all.  You need a CMS that can add fresh content that Google loves these days. Blogging is THE best way to beat your competitors online.
  • E-Commerce Options based on Niche – Most small business owners truly just need something “decent” for the company to display what they offer.  There are ranges of what is available for selling products online, and most are easier to use than you think.
  • Ease of Use of All the Above – I work with small business owners to develop successful strategies very affordably, and it makes a lot of sense for them financially so they can focus on what they do well.  However, many small business owners today are wanting to create content themselves (highly recommended) and post it onto their website personally.  They need a simple website builder to use in their business.

My Picks for the Best Website Builder for Small Business Owners (Varies again on Application & Scale)

(Note: I don’t have IM Creator, Jimda, Typepad, GoDaddy, etc because I don’t think they are as good as the ones I have listed for very specific reasons. I simply can’t recommend them)

  • WeeblyWeebly is a good website builder for a small business in that it has some attractive themes to choose from, built in small business marketing,website builder for small business,small business marketing consultantSEO that is easy to implement, E-Commerce options for smaller operations, huge library of images, a blogging option (a must for any business imo) and an extremely simple drag and drop editor that anyone can use in minutes.  They have some attractive templates, though somewhat limited in number.  Focus is on quality not quantity, but you can add custom code to their sites if you want to pay a designer to help you with small improvements. It’s a great starter option
  • WixWix has done a really nice job of creating polished themes and a larger selection for a variety of small business website builder,website builder for small businessbusinesses.  They have a solid E-Commerce option for small businesses, blogging feature, more SEO features than Weebly, huge library of images, and actually quite scalable for future growth.  I put Weebly and Wix on about the same level honestly.  I would simply say it depends on which themes you like from both website builders and start building your site.  We use them both website builders for small business owners as they are very affordable, and you can have a great looking site up in less than an hour.  You can have an E-Commerce and good content loaded very quickly as well.
  • Squarespace – Squarespace is one of the newest website builders for small businesses and I actually like them a lot.  The squarespace-website-builder-logothemes are more limited, but they are very polished.  They aren’t as “whimsical” as some of the Weebly and Wix templates if you’re looking for something fun and creative.  They have excellent SEO features, beautiful designs, and the software is fairly simple to use.  One weakness though is there is a small learning curve that isn’t as easy as Wix or Weebly.  For that reason alone, I don’t always recommend this for beginners.  Their domain hosting options could be a little simpler imo, but it’s a solid choice.
  • WordPress – WordPress is probably the leader for me if you have a budget to pay a designer to build something attractive or if you purchase a nice premium theme, and you are committed to putting up consistent content on your site.  Hosting really matters with WordPress too, and I highly recommend Bluehost Hosting beginners, but also wordpress for small business,bluehost hosting,best hosting for wordpresslarger sites because they can scale with dedicated hosting options not available on GoDaddy, Host Gator or other cheap hosting companies.  WordPress is what most serious marketers use when they launch affiliate marketing sites, blogs, hybrid E-Commerce sites, and many top companies use the WordPress content management system for their sites.  There is a huge learning curve however when it comes to learning how to use plugins, which plugins to get, email forms, and it is a pretty big process to get started.  We build nice WordPress sites for people for $299 and up depending on what all they need, but I recommend hiring someone to build the frontend of WordPress for design (if you’re new and have a small budget to work with) and then start posting consistent content on your site.  There are thousands of themes to choose from, thousands of plugins for flexibility, and WordPress is built to scale for any size business.  Very important note: If you’re not committed to posting consistent content or not willing to hire someone to post updates for you, WordPress isn’t the best option.  There’s simply too much to learn to have an effective, nice looking website that will help you get results in my opinion.
  • Shopify – Shopify is primarily an E-Commerce solution, but also has a built in blogging platform and the ability to createshopify-ecommerce-for-small-business new webpages.  Blogging is a must these days for SEO and ranking in the search engines, and one key to all the website builders I’ve mentioned is their ability to blog and use key SEO components such as Titles, headings, descriptions, etc.  Shopify is extremely robust for an E-Commerce solution and will scale to any size company.  However, it is an awesome E-Commerce solution for a small business as they have great looking themes, it helps you manage your E-Commerce solution in many locations online such as Ebay, Shopzilla, Amazon, Facebook (all managed in one place), has a POS you can even use in an offline store, it’s simple to use and you get a free trial to check it out.  They have true 24/7 support, and Shopify is just an amazing website solution for a small business.  It’s more monthly than the above options, but imagine if you sold $2K a month online.  Do you mind spending $29 to $79 a month to get an E-Commerce solution you don’t have to worry about?  Shopify is awesome, though getting some help from a designer on the front end to make your site look good (ask me about that) is recommended.  Get a Shopify Trial Here
  • Big Commerce – Lastly, Big Commerce is an incredible E-Commerce option for small business owners that takes all the ecommerce for small business,big commerce reviewshard work out of building a robust shopping experience for a small business website, or ANY size business for that matter.  Big Commerce runs over 50K store owners, and have reasonable plans from $34.95 a month for Silver to $79.95 for the Gold version.  Like Shopify, you can sell online in multiple places such as Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, Nextag etc and manage those sales from one easy to use portal.  Big Commerce has over 150 apps for full flexibility and scalability and gorgeous themes that are best in class in my opinion.  Big Commerce has a built-in blog, and can scale to the largest of companies with loads of features.  They even have affordable consultants that can help you set up a game plan for your business to get you selling online.  You can try out Big Commerce for a Free Trial Here.  It’s an incredible E-Commerce solution for any small business.

So these are my best recommendations for the best website builders for small business owners.  With websites, and how profitable you want them to be,  you can start small with either Wix or Weebly as they do a great job for most small businesses that want to build their own websites.  I use their software too to make some nice sites for clients that they are very happy with as am I.  Wordpress isn’t terribly demanding, but there is a learning curve.  Big Commerce and Shopify are the most expensive, but awesome website platforms if you are wanting to sell anything online.

If you have any other suggestions on a good website builder for small business websites please leave a comment down below.  Also please like or share this post with your network.  You never know who you might help that is looking for a good website solution for their business.

Be Blessed,


Building an Email List Opt-In Tips

building an email list,email marketing tipsBuilding an email list is one of the most profitable ways to make money as an internet marketer, and/or the best way to build a relationship with your intended audience for any type of business.  Building an email list will allow you to keep in constant contact with your subscribers and promote to them whenever you want (within reason).
To build an email list and capture name and email addresses, you’ll need an opt in form for your website.  Rather than letting readers visit your site and leave, think of a compelling reason for them to get more information from you, use an opt in form to build a list , and you’ll have a much better opportunity to turn those web site visitors into buyers.  Use these tips for building an email list to build a massive, targeted list in the shortest time possible.
In this post on building an email list, I’m going to cover the rules of thumb when it comes to best practices when marketing to your list, and how you can increase your conversions by as much as 20% if you implement these tips for email list building.

Building an Email List Tips – What is a Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is one of the most important aspects to building an email list.   A funded proposal where you sell, or give away, an inexpensive information product to your target market in exchange for an email address or a small ticket item for $9-39 for example.

A funded proposal serves two purposes in your marketing strategy if positioned properly:

1. You capture highly targeted and motivated leads that have basically raised their hand and said, “I’m interested in what you do or what yourbuilding an email list,funded proposal,email marketing tips company offers!” and/or they have further qualified themselves by pulling out their credit card and BOUGHT something from you.

2. You make immediate income that pays for your advertising while you position yourself as an expert to sell higher ticket items later once you have established a relationship with your audience.

Hence the term, Funded Proposal, you are funding your advertising (with low end products) and building an email list at the same time.  Pretty cool concept that sadly most people don’t understand.  Most people think, to their detriment, that you can start a site and just “sell stuff”.

People buy from trusted brands like Best Buy, Publix, etc or they buy from people they develop trust for over time.

How a Funded Proposals Helps in Building an Email List

You advertise an information product, such as “7 Tips to Lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks”, “5 Tips to Eliminate Credit Card Debt”, “Free Step by Step Small Business Marketing Course” that people in your niche market are looking for. In your specific niche or area of expertise, your target market is people that need solutions to a specific set of problems.

The Best Tip I can give you for building an email list effectively is to really think long and hard about how you (specifically) can solve problems for your particular audience.

7 Success Tips for Building an Email List

  1. Short, Sweet & Simple – A short, to the point opt in box usually works best. Visitors will get turned off if there’s a lot to read or too much information to fill out. In most cases just asking for their first name and email address is all you need.
  2. Your Funded Proposal is SO Key – The best way to get people to sign up to your opt in is to create a high quality giveaway or “bait”. The most popular giveaways are a short report, ebook or video trainings.  I’m working on mine as we speak, but it will be a full blown small business marketing course for example.  Make it something you’d normally sell for money, but give it away for free.  Just make sure that the giveaway is something your target market is interested in and that it also provides real value.
  3. Don’t Ask for Too Much – An email address is fine for building a list, but their first name is about all I would ask for outside of that.  Unless you’re mailing something or asking for a small purchase, keep it simple by only asking for name andbuilding-an-email-list-tips email address.
  4. Make Your Opt-in Form Stand Out – Make it a different color, pretty, “above the fold” and readily visible on your site.  The right sidebar on the top right of all your pages is the most popular place to include an email opt in form.  Be creative as well with your Call to Action Button.  While “Submit or Join Now” is ok, “Get Instant Access” or “Download Your Free Report Now” is more attention grabbing.
  5. Match Your Offer with Your Audience – Make sure you’re attracting the right subscribers with your giveaway. If your giveaway isn’t directly related to who you will be targeting in your email marketing, you will end up building an unresponsive list.  Offering weight loss tips on a credit repair site won’t work well for example.
  6. Write a Powerful Compelling Headline – The headline is one of the most important elements of the opt in. Take the time to write an attention grabbing headline that gets noticed.  I’m not the best at headlines but you can get some great tips on writing compelling headlines here.  Normal, plain headlines could be “Tips to Building an Email List”, “Subscribe to my Newsletter”, “Get a Free Report on Making Money Online.”   More compelling headlines would be “Who Else Wants to Earn 5K a Month in 90 Days?”, “10 Ways to Make Money with Video on Youtube”, Download my “7 Secrets to Eliminating Credit Card Debt & Raising Your Credit Score”.
  7. What your Funded Proposal and Good Opt In Email Form Should Include:
  • Catchy Headline – A short, catchy phrase that grabs attention.
  • Focus Benefits – List some benefits of the giveaway. Don’t list features, just benefits.
  • First name and email submit boxes – This is the only visitor info you’ll need to ask for.
  • Submit button or “Get Access Now”? – Tell Your Visitor what to do with a call to action button.
  • Guarantee Email Privacy – Put your audience at ease with a privacy disclaimer that you won’t give out their info.
  • Well Designed Graphic Form – Making your email opt-in form more attractive increases visibility and conversions.  Pay someone on Fiverr or Elance to design it for you for a couple of bucks if you’re not great at graphic design.  It’s that important!

Building an Email List Tips – Best Place to Get Great Web Forms

The best email marketing service today for new or experienced marketers, by a landslide in my opinion,  is GetResponse.  They get-response-best-email-marketing-servicehave a very easy to use interface for email marketing, but more importantly for this post, they have an awesome web form designer.  You won’t need a graphic designer unlike most of the other email marketing services, and the web forms look amazing.  You’ll get a 30 day trial of the premium version so you’ll know what to expect from the software.  You can get your free trial of GetResponse Email Marketing service here to check it out.

Get Started Building Your List Today

So these are my best tips on building an email list for either a beginner or even an experienced internet marketer.  The other thing that is important to do is ask some of your peers what they think or join a community like Wealthy Affiliate where you can get consistent feedback and support from other internet marketers.

wealthy affiliate member,join wealthy affiliate

The other thing to try on list building is to test and sometimes retest your results with different variations of saying the same message.  Numbers don’t lie when it comes to testing and you’ll have some solid data in just a couple of weeks if your site has very much traffic.

Test your forms color, headline, funded proposal you’re offering, font style and size, location of the forms and frequency, graphic and overall benefits you are offering.  You’ll have it worked out in short order with some minor data feedback.

Internet marketing and list building is all about conversions.  Traffic is great, but increasing your conversions by as little as 1% can make a huge difference in your profit potential online.

I wish you all the best in your goal of building an email list for your website (s).  Please leave a comment below if you have more list building tips and likes or shares are always appreciated.  Make it a great day!

Be Blessed,

Dean Ethridge