What is the Best Video Marketing Strategy?


Visibility, Traffic, Leads and Sales. The cornerstones of every successful online business.

Let’s face it…getting traffic and standing out in the online marketplace is difficult at best.   As business owners, we’re focused on running our businesses. Who has time for an online video marketing strategy anyway?

In this article, you’re going to learn an easy video marketing strategy that takes less than a day to start implementing.


It will launch you, your business or product online and provide the kind of visibility you’ve been lacking as well as the traffic you crave to your online sales funnel. You’ll even learn how to set up an online sales funnel if you don’t already have one.

This video marketing strategy will work for ANY business, Global or Local, and especially Local businesses so pay particularly close attention to the importance of backlinks, and video marketing throughout this video attached and the actual article.

Ask yourself a question if you have a Local business or a niche product that you can market in your local marketplace, even Globally.  The question is “How many people are willing to create compelling videos and content and distribute them to multiple locations?”  If your answer is not many, you’re 100% correct.

We all know video marketing is growing rapidly on Google, Youtube, and other video sites and search engines.  The problem, however, is that you need a solid video marketing strategy to implement your content and ideas in order to rank well in the search engines.  Trying to understand how to be effective with video marketing without a proven strategy is like throwing darts at a moving target.  You might make a few videos and get lucky and reach your intended audience, but it’s exactly that…luck!


Video Marketing Strategies – Submitting Videos to Multiple Sites

Although Youtube is amazing, one video on one site is not enough exposure to get first page rankings on Google.   In order to achieve Top Listings in the Search Engines you need multiple pieces of content on several social bookmarking, article, and video sites to tell the search engines you are the most relevant site for your particular niche.

Backlinks from multiple authority sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Multiply and other video sites is a good start, but it’s also time consuming to get your content out – about 10 minutes to upload a video per site.



What if there was a way to get multiple videos submitted to multiple video sites, social bookmarking sites, podcast sites, and even article sites to submit articles to in a matter of minutes?  Do you think it would be worth investigating if I could show you one video marketing strategy that will change your business overnight?

I’m going to show you how I went from being a Novice online marketer 18 months ago with a 8 Million Alexa rating, to now being someone that gets leads every single day, affiliate sales, and increasing traffic daily to the point my Alexa ranking is hovering around 200K (that’s pretty good FYI).

This is my #1 Video Marketing Strategy that I personally use to help me rank for keywords Globally, but imagine the impact you can have on a local business or niche product to sell in your local or regional marketplace.    It’s called 10x10x4 Market Domination from Mike Koenigs and his company Traffic Geyser.   Watch my video as a very general overview of this strategy.


So What Does the 10x10x4 Video Marketing Strategy Stand For?


  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Your Business – You need the answers to these like the back of your hand.  You can speak about them immediately in 1-3 Minutes.  The goal is to create multiple pieces of content to get out to multiple locations.  Simply take a legal pad,  write down 10 FAQ’s and answer the questions in a brief manner that establishes you as an “expert in your field”. This will take about 30-60 Minutes to Write Down and Record the Videos.

    • 10 Should Ask Questions about Your Business – Start thinking of competitive advantages you have in the marketplace here.  Why are you better? What problems do you solve versus a competitor? Is your health supplement organic?  Do you as a realtor understand internet marketing better than others in the market?  

    Do you as small business have more experience than most in the industry?  Again, short simple videos that are 1-3 minutes long to establish you as an expert in your field.  Again, another hour or so to make these short videos.

  • 4 “Buy My Stuff” Videos –  These videos aren’t quite so literal as “buy my stuff”, but there is enough information to give your prospects “the next step”.  Go here to buy X, or for a free trial go here. Your goal is to get convert your prospects into customers by building a sales funnel, your email list, and start driving traffic to a conversion page.  Spend a little time laying these out and give them some thought.  About an hour of so again to make these as well as use a “next step” title on each of the above videos at the end.


So that’s the very Basics of the Strategy so think about it though like this – You have created 24 (or even 10 FAQ’s) Videos and with a Traffic Geyser trial you can submit those to 25-50 Websites instantly so that’s at least 500-1000 Links to your website in a couple of days work that will bring you traffic over and over completely free once they are submitted.  Traffic Geyser submits to approximately 20 Top Video Sites, 40 Social Bookmarking Sites, 10 Status Sites, 5 Podcast Sites, 17 Article Sites, and offers much more with their service than just content submission.

 You can often get on the front page of Google within a couple of hours depending on the keyword you are targeting because 99.9% of your competitors either don’t know how to do this, or are not willing to invest the time to implement this video marketing strategy.  Quite simply – it works!


Getting Started with 10x10x4 Video Marketing Strategy – Full Video from Mike Koenigs to the Right

The only equipment you need is a computer and an inexpensive camera like a good Smartphone, HD Camcorder, or a professional camera with a good quality mic for best results.Traffic Geyser Trial,Video Submission, Video Marketing Strategy,10x10x4  Capturing your personality on video is powerful because you want people to get to know you and connect with you.  This is critical for establishing your credibility, authority and trustworthiness. 

Your best customers are educated customers who buy from you because they like and trust you.

It might sound too good to be true but when you see how incredibly simple this process is, you’ll want to drop this article and run to your computer to start your own 10x10x4 Campaign! If you have any questions whatsoever, watch the full 37 Minute Video Directly from Mike Koenigs click on the link to the right.   

You can also download a 10 x 10 x 4 Traffic Formula outline for setting up your campaign.  This campaign works great on just Youtube alone for getting your brand out there, but it can amplified by submitting to multiple video sites.  Take your time, plan your strategy, and work your plan.  Have an  awesome day!

10x10x4 Video Marketing Strategy

10x10x4 Video Marketing Strategy

10x10x4 Video Marketing Strategy